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Killing lincoln


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Killing lincoln

  1. 1. Killing Lincoln by Bill O’Reilly & Martin Dugard
  2. 2. • Split into 4 different sections – Total War – The Ides of Death – The Long Good Friday – The Chase
  3. 3. Total War( April 1, 1865) Start out with Lincoln watching the siege of Petersburg Virginia. Lincoln is tormented by nightmares and threats to his life. Ending the war is very important to Lincoln. Meanwhile John Wilkes Booth is still hoping the Robert E. Lee can still hold out and win the war
  4. 4. Booth & the Lincoln’s • This book along with being about the assassination of Lincoln shows that the Booth’s and Lincoln’s were connected prior to the assassination – Lucy Lambert Hale and Robert Lincoln – Edwin Booth
  5. 5. The Assassination(April 14, 1865) • For being the most beloved man in the country he is also the most hated • Lincoln receives over 100 death letters a day yet he only has one body guard with him at all times • The body guard on duty the night of the assassination was John Parker • He has a history of being a drunk and irresponsible (he leaves Lincoln the night of the assassination to drink at a bar)
  6. 6. The Chase • John Wilkes Booth escapes Ford’s Theater • He has a broken Fibula but his able to escape capture with a fellow conspirator, David Harold for 10 days. • Booth is finally shot down in a barn • 6 people will be hanged for plotting to assassinate Lincoln and other officals
  7. 7. What I have Learned… • The Lincoln assassination was a lot bigger and more complicated than just murdering Lincoln. As much as it was Booth’s plan, it could have been prevented….
  8. 8. My Recommendation • Very good read • Takes a new perspective on Booth • Shows the how stress Lincoln was before the assassination