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Group 1's assembly presentation.


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Here is the presentation we used to enhance our assembly talk about Italy.

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Group 1's assembly presentation.

  1. 1. IIttaallyy
  2. 2. Tourist attractions and capitalTourist attractions and capital
  3. 3. FoodFood
  4. 4. Ferrari and LamborghiniFerrari and Lamborghini
  5. 5. Mountains and riversMountains and rivers
  6. 6. Italian wordsItalian words
  7. 7. National AnthemNational Anthem  Please listen carefully to thePlease listen carefully to the Italian national anthemItalian national anthem
  8. 8. The EndThe End Hope you enjoyed!Hope you enjoyed! By Lewis, Paul, Nicola, MarshallBy Lewis, Paul, Nicola, Marshall