Adding Value to Hosting Company Services


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Hosting websites are a commodity. Usually its not about who to go with as much as it is about how much do they charge. With Cinsay Smart Video you can create the stickiness needed to keep your clients.

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Adding Value to Hosting Company Services

  1. 1. Will help grow your revenues and your customers • How do you create value in a commoditized industry? • Offer greater value than your competition. Everyday the margins are getting thinner for hosting. Your customers are always going to be looking for new innovative products and/or services that can grow their business. So why wait any longer to offer them the worlds first patented proven video commerce platform. • How do you continue to meet your goals in terms of revenue growth? THE CINSAY SMART STORETM • Your customers will be able to monetize their products or services through their website, email and now Social Media, which will bring you and them more revenue and make them happier customers. • How do you capture your customers for life? • Your customers will experience the value of the CINSAY Smart Store, and they can only receive it through their relationship with you. This bond will be unshakeable. CINSAY Analytics
  2. 2. Why Video? According to: • Cisco: • 69% of all global internet traffic will be video by 2017. • Retail Touchpoints: • Shoppers that viewed video were 174% more likely to purchase than those who didn't. • ComScore: • Retail site visitors who view video stay two minutes longer on average and are 64% more likely to purchase than other site visitors. • Swell Path: • Consumers that watch video on ecommerce sites are 96% more likely to convert than non-viewers
  3. 3. Is the answer to “Why Video?” Watch Shop & Share: • Our conversion rate is 5 to 7 times better than static website banners, social media posts, or affiliate marketing. • After we drive more business to their store, we will increase their transactions, which will increase their profit. • Their desire for continued success will drive more upsells, which means recurring revenue for you. The industry average for ecommerce conversions is around 1.5% for traditional, static-page shopping experiences. Video and social media are two factors, which have shown to influence buying behavior into higher conversion rates. The CINSAY Smart Store™ technology uses both video and social media as well as offering shoppers the ability to purchase ‘inside the video’ thus reducing 'clicks'. While many of CINSAY’s clients experience higher conversion rates (which are derived from using CINSAY’s own proprietary software systems), the company and the technology itself does not guarantee the same results for all users. The success of ecommerce and ‘take action’ conversions are influenced by many factors including: incentives, price, product, service, brand, audience, value, design and presentation of the promotion as well as outside market conditions and events.
  4. 4. Recent Case Studies Clear results your customers can see!* Watch Shop *Actual data from two week client campaign Share
  5. 5. Smart Store Analytics: Jewelry Creations by Ruth 6.4% Conversion rate As by Conversions / Video Views Sold more product via Cinsay than Cinsay PR package got merchant additional press coverage
  6. 6. Smart Store Analytics: La Maa Goat Soaps 15.2% Conversion rate As by Conversions / Video Views Recently launched product sales on Cinsay High social shares
  7. 7. Smart Store Analytics: Chocoland 5.4% Conversion rate As by Conversions / Video Views Launched brand new ecommerce business on Cinsay Successfully targeting Venezuelan ex-pats in U.S.
  8. 8. Grow your Footprint and Revenues in New Markets facebook traffic As a global leader in Video Commerce, our footprint opens the door for new opportunities. LTAM is just one continent where you can expand your footprint to create a global presence Attract Interact Transact
  9. 9. We’ve already cracked the Social Media code for LTAM Your clients can monetize across cultures & continents. Our LTAM capabilities are helping drive traffic and sales and our DHL relationship will enable seamless international shipping between Venezuela and the U.S.
  10. 10. The Smart Store Platform at work for our clients ShopRisiComp Stuarts Paint & Body
  11. 11. How we work together Opt-Out: • If you want to control the customer billing for the Cinsay Smart Store, then you will be able to when you bundle it with your current product suite. Before you start including their Smart Store on your customer’s monthly statement, they will be given a grace period to opt-out. This will immediately increase your revenue and ensure higher adoption rates. Opt-In: • As you market directly to your client base, we will be with you every step of the way, educating your customers on the benefits of how to monetize video and social media or to increase conversion to lead generation or link outs to their site. Since the customer will be on-boarded through Cinsay, we will process the billing on our side. Agent Program: • We’ll train your sales force to sell the smart store, which will generate more revenue for you and more recurring commissions for your agents. Their continued success will lower turnover and increase your bottom line.
  12. 12. Cutting Edge Value for you and your clients Up-Sells: We have over 50 value added products we can bundle to customize marketing campaigns that increase SEO, SEM & conversion rates for your clients. We’ll monetize their Social Media Presence, and you will receive a percentage of all the sales. Email Campaign: Facebook SMB Boost: • We’ll drive traffic to the consumers your clients want to do business with. • Your clients will gain more exposure and higher conversions that transact business when we boost their post to over 20,000 fans. Cinsay PR: • Quadruple your business’ search engine results in both Google & Bing • Increase store views by up to 300% Direct Call Follow-up Campaign: • Our full service call campaign will give you the highest adoption rate, which means more money in your pocket.
  13. 13. What Your Customers Will Experience! Package: Customer Care: • 1 Cinsay Smart Store, Media Library: holds 5 videos and 25 products, customized web listing on A dedicated toll free number for all of your clients to call. Friendly, professional customer excellence with a seamless onboarding process. On-Demand eCommerce: • You provide the logo and we provide the inventory, fulfillment and shopping cart. Just choose from our vast warehouse of products. We’re your virtual sales agent. Smart Store Manager: • We know how important it is for customers to have an excellent experience. The store manager is simple, clean, and easy to use.
  14. 14. Who We Are We are the only multi-patented video commerce platform that allows you to watch, shop and share on any device which leads you to monetizing customer engagement. • 3.5 Million stores sold globally • Unique Payment Processor Partners • Very easy to implement platform • Service is embeddable in Websites Our Cinsay Smart Store Video player works inside Social Media and when shared within these networks every element of our video player reaches the new viewers so they can interact and buy without leaving the Social Media site! The Cinsay Smart Store lets shoppers enter their address and credit card details securely yet within the Social Media site they are already on. eCommerce has tried leveraging Social Media sites before but they always have you leave the site to complete the transaction. CINSAY, Inc. Founded: 2007 Headquarters: Austin, TX Offices: Dallas, TX & Los Angeles, CA Cinsay’s unique name has a lot of meaning behind it. “CINSAY” is derived from the “CIN” in Cinema for the video component and from Sensei, the Japanese word for teacher, which essentially says that VIDEO is the best teacher or deliverer of information!
  15. 15. Innovating the future of social commerce. Contact me today if you want to: ATTRACT more clients, INTERACT on any device & TRANSACT on the only video commerce platform Contact: Robert Reece 972-616-6050 Patents: 8,312,486 8,533,753 8,549,555 Patents Pending