In2Lex 2011: Traction and Exit (The End of the Beginning)


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Presentation at In2Lex conference in Lexington, KY 4/18/2011

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  • I am an operatorMy experience, my opinion2-2-1; 10 yr results from the VC fund of “me”
  • Think thru what you want to do, then start doing it. Pivot is not a point of pride. Iterate and learn but if you are not focused/knowledgeable on a problem out of the gate, then it will be a rough rideMarketing success is best viewed thru the sales pipeline regardless if you have sales people on staff or not – actually your goal is to close customer without a single touch – then swarm them with support. Sales = supportKnow the players, the pieces and the dynamics. When Co A buys B, see if your landscape provide a frame of reference and justificationThis is not about starting a business (startup) this is about running a business and one path out is to become part of someone else. Other paths include a brick wall and doing it alone. Do not be obsessed with exit.
  • Have a plan and make changing it painfulKnow it and recite it
  • When you start you have hypothesis and assumptionsYou will overstate your successYou will learn as you goYour forecasts will become better based on your operational knowledgeStartups are hard…
  • Technical Risk – does it work?Market Risk – does anybody care…and will they pay for it?
  • Talk to them oftenThey won’t want to hurt your feelingsBefore->During->AfterWrite a narrative…That people care aboutAnd you can cost-effectively reach themIdentify and plan for latent vs. realized demand
  • There is only 1 silver bullet and it is coors light – marketing will not save youLaunch is a process not an eventIf you product sucks, your product sucks and users will vote with their attention
  • This ad first appeared in 1958Business fundamentals do not changeDon’t think this time is differentThe tools, tactics, and technology may be but people still make buying decisions
  • InternalSpread the word – deal team + knows you..Who can you help, what is your expertise, don’t want to be toldYou will have more process than you had before
  • In2Lex 2011: Traction and Exit (The End of the Beginning)

    1. 1. Traction & Exit…The End of the Beginning<br />In2Lex Startup Advantage Conference<br />4/18/11<br />Robert Pease, VP Marketing @Gist -> Marketing at Research In Motion<br />@ReplyToAll<br />
    2. 2. Last Slide First<br />Have a plan, make changing it painful, realize it will be wrong<br />Master your funnel mechanics – get traction, scale follows<br />Know your strategic landscape<br />The deal is just the beginning (not the end)<br />#suadv<br />Robert Pease/@ReplyToAll<br />You can thank Zach Nelson CEO of Netsuite for this slide<br />
    3. 3. Plan vs. Reality<br />#suadv<br />Robert Pease/@ReplyToAll<br />
    4. 4. 2x.5 – Twice as long, half as much<br />User growth plans – forecast vs. actual<br />#suadv<br />Robert Pease/@ReplyToAll<br />
    5. 5. Mitigate technology AND market risk<br />#suadv<br />Robert Pease/@ReplyToAll<br />
    6. 6. Know your target customer….by name<br />#suadv<br />Robert Pease/@ReplyToAll<br />
    7. 7. Rev the Engine<br />#suadv<br />Get Attention<br />Keep Attention<br />Get Paid<br /><ul><li>Press & Influencer Coverage
    8. 8. Social Engagement
    9. 9. Sponsored Content
    10. 10. Paid Distribution
    11. 11. Events
    12. 12. Affiliates
    13. 13. Direct Outreach
    14. 14. Ads*
    15. 15. Pony Giveaway
    16. 16. Referrals
    17. 17. Conversion rates (throughout)
    18. 18. Daily active users & week over week % growth
    19. 19. Engage & promote
    20. 20. Make referrals easy</li></ul>$<br /><ul><li>Free to paid
    21. 21. “Choke points”</li></ul>Robert Pease/@ReplyToAll<br />*See me later for a rant on ads<br />
    22. 22. Meet the man in the chair…<br />What was it you wanted to sell me?<br /><br />#suadv<br />Robert Pease/@ReplyToAll<br />
    23. 23. EXAMPLE<br />Strategic Landscape – (S)CRM<br />Contacts<br />Content<br />Context<br />Source<br />Search<br />Inform<br />Engage<br />Report<br />Aggregate<br />“Collect”<br /><ul><li>Content sources
    24. 24. Across traditional & new
    25. 25. Across contact sources</li></ul>“Who”<br /><ul><li>Keywords
    26. 26. One off person search</li></ul>“Lists”<br /><ul><li>Inbox
    27. 27. CRM
    28. 28. .csv</li></ul>“Profile”<br /><ul><li>Consolidate personal/company information
    29. 29. Push to user in context</li></ul>“Message”<br /><ul><li>Email
    30. 30. Tweet
    31. 31. Comment
    32. 32. Call
    33. 33. Share public profile</li></ul>“Log & Publish”<br /><ul><li>Pipeline
    34. 34. Activity report
    35. 35. Stage of development
    36. 36. Show your work
    37. 37. Reference contact history</li></ul>#suadv<br />Robert Pease/@ReplyToAll<br />
    38. 38. Use partner’s product roadmap to qualify the opportunity…<br />#suadv<br />0 – 12 months<br /><ul><li>Build or license
    39. 39. Qualify quickly</li></ul>18 months + <br /><ul><li>“Important”
    40. 40. Lots o’ meetings</li></ul>12– 18 months<br /><ul><li>Strategic interest
    41. 41. Opportunity</li></ul>…and to make sure you are talking to the right people (product).<br />Robert Pease/@ReplyToAll<br />
    42. 42. Let’s make a deal…<br />#suadv<br />This is is not the end.<br />Do or do not. There is no try.*<br />Deals die at least once<br />Plan for it not to happen<br />Keep your team focused.<br />Be as transparent as possible.<br />It will (probably) leak<br />Keep customer & vendor agreements plain vanilla<br />Trust your lawyer or get a new one.<br />It will take longer than you think.<br />Robert Pease/@ReplyToAll<br />*Yoda<br />
    43. 43. Closing!<br />Celebrate your success…<br />…but don’t forget about retention, integration, alignment and many, many other things.<br />#suadv<br />Robert Pease/@ReplyToAll<br />
    44. 44. A whole new world…<br />#suadv<br />WHO<br />ARE<br />YOU<br />?<br />Robert Pease/@ReplyToAll<br />
    45. 45. Your questions?<br />Robert Pease, VP Marketing @Gist -> Marketing at Research In Motion<br /><br />206.237.0397<br />@ReplyToAll<br />Slides available:<br />#suadv<br />