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Tips for building shareholder value


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Tips for Building Shareholder Value

Published in: Devices & Hardware
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Tips for building shareholder value

  1. 1. Tips for Building Shareholder Value
  2. 2. • Previously an independent consultant in the San Francisco area, Robert Colaizzi currently serves as corporate controller and the vice president of finance at Talari Networks, and Adobe Inc. a San Jose-based software as a services (SaaS) provider. • Robert Colaizzi possesses significant experience in raising shareholder value.
  3. 3. • There are a number of ways to increase shareholder returns, starting with boosting revenue streams and gross profits. • Revenue streams can be grown through client optimization, product inventory expansion, and the delivery of superior customer service. • Identifying the ideal suppliers can help raise gross profits. • Shareholder value can also can be maximized by maintaining high sales employee productivity levels.
  4. 4. • Sometimes, short-term gains can be met by undercutting suppliers, ignoring customer complaints, and overlooking employee concerns. • Building shareholder value, however, is an effective long-term strategy. • For example, retailers can widen profit margins temporarily by reducing store inventory. • When the cutback in selection eventually catches up, the customer base will be diluted and customers then will seek out comparable outlets with more options.