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The dark knight marketing 2012


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The dark knight marketing 2012

  1. 1. Distributing a BlockbusterCase Study : The Dark Knight
  2. 2.  Cross Media – different medias (radio/tv/print/film) or different media institutions (studios/newspapers/TV networks) Convergence - The joining of two or more media companies or technologies to form a new object/promote a new product In Cross media convergence – more than one company benefits from working in a partnership.
  3. 3.  Both cross media convergence and technological convergence play a huge part in the distribution and the marketing of both mainstream “blockbuster” films and smaller “independent” films. Developments in new technologies and changing audience behaviour has meant that distribution and marketing strategies have changed radically over the last 10 years.
  4. 4.  Produced by Legendary Pictures (with Warner Bros) Distributed by Warner Bros Directed by Christopher Nolan
  5. 5.  The distribution of a film includes: The release strategy The marketing strategy This film had has one of the most elaborate marketing strategies to date. Warner Bros made use of all kinds of media and without “cross media convergence” this strategy would not have been as successful. “cross media convergence” ensures that the film reaches the widest possible audience.
  6. 6. wasthe first of a long line of websitesdedicated to generating interest in“The Dark Knight.
  7. 7. “I Believe in Harvey Dent”Promotional Packs were sent tothose who had registered on theway page.
  8. 8. The page was defaced in order tobuild suspense as the firstimages of Heath Ledge as “TheJoker” were released. This is agood example of modern viralmarketing and traditional printbased marketing working welltogether.
  9. 9.  During the 2007 San Diego Comic-Con International, 42 Entertainment launched, sending fans on a scavenger hunt to unlock a teaser trailer and a new photo of Heath Ledger as The Joker.ker.[111]
  10. 10.  During the 2007 San Diego Comic-Con International, 42 Entertainment launched, sending fans on a scavenger hunt to unlock a teaser trailer and a new photo of Heath Ledger as The Joker.ker.[111]
  11. 11.  Teaser trailers are the first form of cinematic marketing. They are incredibly important as they are one of the first elements of the marketing strategy to reach the mainstream audience at the cinema. Interestingly , teaser s often do not reveal anything about the plot or the key characters but are still a source of great excitement to fans and film experts.
  12. 12. More and more websites appeared urging fans to get involved in the worldof “Gotham City”. This site allowed fans to upload an image of themselvesin “Joker” makeup. This ensured that the audience can engage directly withthe campaign and will help to promote the film through “word of mouth” –perhaps via social networking sites.
  13. 13. Fans who sent photos weremailed a copy of a fictionalnewspaper called The GothamTimes, whose electronicversion led to the discovery ofnumerous other websites.
  14. 14. Hundreds of fans looked for clues all across major cities inAmerica until the climax of the campaign came with the sight ofthe Bat symbol projected onto the side of a New York skyscraper. The fans flocked to the symbol just as Batman follows as a sign to meet Commissioner Gordon in the film. Their prize was a preview of the first full length trailer. Publicity stunts like this are vastly important in creating hyper about an up and coming release.
  15. 15. Offline Marketing
  16. 16. The three small tokens you see in this poster were manufactured by WarnerBros and were available for audiences to collect.
  17. 17. A range of different posters were produced, each toentice a different audience members
  18. 18. Cross Promotion
  19. 19. Batman is the onlyfictional character everto appear in the “GotMilk?” advert.
  20. 20. Media
  21. 21. Merchandising
  22. 22.  Warner Bros are a horizontally integrated company. That means they only more than one company at the same level of the production chain. They own: Warner Bros Studios, Rock Steady Games and DC Comics The success of a film like The Dark Knight will influence sales of related games and comics. The success of those related items might encourage new audiences to watch the film
  23. 23. •The game “Batman: ArkhamAsylum” by Rocky SteadyGames was the biggest sellinggame of the year.•It took the “new look” Batmanand particularly “The Joker”from the film and made a gamethat directly benefited from thesuccess of the film
  24. 24.  The death of Heath Ledger just months before the planned release of the film meant that a host of new attention was given to it.
  25. 25.  A unique feature of The Dark Knight is that the opening sequence was shot using IMAX technology. It was the first time ever that a major feature film had been even partially shot using IMAX cameras. This use of a new technology (new to feature film) allowed the film to be distributed in a different way to a standard feature film.
  26. 26.  The Dark Knights opening sequence and closing montage of other scenes from the film, was screened with selected IMAX screenings of I Am Legend, which was released on December 14, 2007 A theatrical teaser was also released with non-IMAX showings of I Am Legend, and also on the official website.
  27. 27.  Christopher Nolan talking about using the IMAX camera
  28. 28.  Warner Bros. held the world premiere for The Dark Knight in New York City on July 14, 2008 It was held in an IMAX cinema with the films composers James Newton Howard and Hans Zimmer playing a part of the film score live. The film was released July 24, 2008 in the United Kingdom – right at the start of the summer holidays.
  29. 29.  In the United States and Canada it was distributed to 4,366 screens, breaking the previous record for the highest number of cinemas held by Pirates of the Caribbean In the UK it was released on 502 Screens Warner Bros. re-released the film in traditional cinemas and IMAX cinemas in January 2009 to further the films chances of winning an Oscar.
  30. 30.  The film cost in the region of £185,000,000 Overall all it took $158,411,483 on the opening weekend It broke box office records for IMAX, taking in about almost £6.3 million from the 94 IMAX theatres in the U.S. and Canada over the opening weekend. It took £11,191,824 on the opening weekend in the UK
  31. 31.  Included: a one-disc edition DVD a two-disc Special Edition DVD a two-disc edition BluRay a Special Edition BluRay package featuring a statuette of the Bat- a four-disc Batman Begins/The Dark Knight pack on DVD
  32. 32.  How did Warner Bros distribute the film “The Dark Knight” to ensure that it reached the widest audience possible?