Media studies 23 march


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Media studies 23 march

  1. 1. Learning objective:To learn how to analyse a TV clip focusing on gender.
  2. 2. Gender Stereotypes: Masculine• Professional• Strong• Rational• Competitive• Independent• Aggressive• Ruthless• Ambitious
  3. 3. Gender Stereotypes: Feminine• Domesticated• Weak• Emotional• Co-operative• Sexual object• Passive• Sensitive• Supportive
  4. 4. Section A: Textual Analysis and Representation (Unseen Moving Image Extract)Question:Discuss the ways in which the extract constructs therepresentation of gender using the following:• Camera, shots, angles, movement and composition• Editing• Sound• Mise-en-scéne
  5. 5. Section A• You will be analysing an unseen extract from a television drama series• The extract will be about five minutes long and you will see it four times• You will be allowed to take notes but only when prompted to by the screen
  6. 6. Section ACamera EditingMise-en- SoundScene
  7. 7. AS Media Studies Key Media Concepts (TV Drama)Section A: Textual Analysis and Representation(Unseen Moving Image Extract)Worth 25% of ASTotal of 50 marksMark breakdown:Quality of examples from text 20 marksTerminology used 10 marksQuality of written work 20 marks_______________________________________ 50 marks
  8. 8. Finish writing up your answer to the exam question.Post to your blog by Wednesday 28th March