30 march AS media


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30 march AS media

  1. 1. Learning objective To understand the theoreticalterms used to analyse TV drama and how to apply them in your exam answer
  2. 2. HegemonyAccording to the theories of Karl Marx: The dominant ideas (which become‘common sense’) of any society are those which work in the interests of the ruling class to secure its rule or dominance.
  3. 3. Prime minister: David Cameron, 43, ConservativeDeputy prime minister: Nick Clegg, 43, Liberal DemocratChancellor: George Osborne, 38, ConservativeHome secretary: Theresa May, 53, ConservativeForeign secretary: William Hague, 49, ConservativeDefence secretary: Liam Fox, 48, ConservativeJustice secretary: Kenneth Clarke, 69, ConservativeHealth secretary: Andrew Lansley, 53, ConservativeEducation secretary: Michael Gove, 42, ConservativeBusiness secretary: Vincent Cable, 67, Liberal DemocratChief secretary to the Treasury: David Laws, 44, Liberal DemocratWork and pensions secretary: Iain Duncan Smith, 56, ConservativeEnergy and climate change secretary: Chris Huhne, 55, Liberal DemocratLocal government secretary: Eric Pickles, 58, ConservativeTransport secretary: Philip Hammond, 55, ConservativeEnvironment secretary: Caroline Spelman, 52, ConservativeInternational development secretary: Andrew Mitchell, 54, ConservativeNorthern Ireland secretary: Owen Paterson, 53, ConservativeScotland secretary: Danny Alexander, 37, Liberal DemocratWelsh secretary: Cheryl Gillan, 58, ConservativeCulture, Olympics, media and sport secretary: Jeremy Hunt, 43, ConservativeLeader of the Lords: Lord Strathclyde, 50, ConservativeMinister without portfolio: Lady Warsi, 39, Conservative
  4. 4. The Cabinet23 members4 women1 ethnic minority0 disabled0 working class37-67 yrs age range? gay
  5. 5. Hegemony?? PastiesJerrycans Double garages
  6. 6. Binary OppositionAccording to the theories of Levi-Strauss:What drives a story is conflict between two opposing forces – creating binary opposition.Stories can be organised through the binary opposition of stereotypes
  7. 7. What are the binary oppositions in these TV dramas?• Upstairs/Downstairs• White Heat• Skins• Dr Who• Titanic• Waterloo Rd
  8. 8. Opening paragraphIn this essay I will be analysing the extract from <titleof TV drama> and identifying how <element ofrepresentation> is represented. I will bedemonstrating if, and how, the extract usesarchetypes, generic types and stereotypes andapplying Levi-Strauss’ concept of binary oppositions.Finally, I will determine if the extract conforms to orchallenges hegemony. I will be doing this withreference to camera, sound, editing and mise-en-scene.
  9. 9. Archetype• This literally means: ‘the original model’• This refers to characters such as hero, villain, princess, wise man etc• These characters are well established in traditional stories and transcend history or culture
  10. 10. Generic type/Stock characters• Generic types are characters found in particular genres (comedy, crime, horror)• They are more narrowly defined than archetypes e.g. the coward, the fool, the absent minded, the charmer
  11. 11. StereotypesA stereotype is created by using a set ofgeneral characteristics to describe a group of people, usually in a negative way, based on assumptions rather than fact. Stereotypes are usually created by the dominant culture in society
  12. 12. Create a new blog on your current blog site2. Go to your coursework blog site3. Set up a new blog by adding a 2 to the existing blog. For example: Charlie Spiers Coursework blog is: http://charliespiersrc.blogspot.com Create new blog called: http://charliespiersrc2.blogspot.comAny work you are asked to do in preparation for this exam should be posted on this second site.Blog for this course: http://rctvdrama.blogspot.com
  13. 13. Finish writing up your answer to the exam question – there should be five paragraphs in total Post to your blog by Monday 16th April