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Setting up your web space


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Published in: Education
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Setting up your web space

  1. 1. Setting up your web space<br />Introduction<br />Prior to creating web pages, you must consider where you will store them. File maintenance is crucial to having a successful site. Placing web pages, images, and other related files in the appropriate folders will help your sites run as they should. <br />When dealing with folders and files, it is essential that you use a standard naming convention. You may create your own with the exception of when I mention in directions to do this exact! Those are situations where a server is configured for certain files.<br />Mott’s server<br />At Mott, you have dedicated web space already. Under the “R” drive (the one with your name associated), there is a folder named “public_html”. That folder is available to the World Wide Web. You may connect directly to this folder when on campus as it is on the local network at that point. When at home, you can use an FTP client. We offer one called WinSCP for free. You may use other clients, but only WinSCP will be supported by Mott. Mott uses a Unix server. Therefore, the server is case sensitive. This causes some confusion for students. You may be creating something on your Windows computer where the pages link. You then copy the material to the Web and it doesn’t work. That may be because your Windows computer is NOT case sensitive and the school’s Unix server is. To a Unix server, filename.html is a different file than FileName.html.<br />Setting up your computer<br />Your computer must have a file structure that matches your web. This will make copying your files much easier and allow your site to work with little trouble.<br />On your computer or removable storage drive (iPod, thumb drive, etc.), create a folder named “public_html” (do this exact but leave out the quotes). Within that folder, create a folder named “comw100” (do this exact, but leave out the quotes).<br />To create a folder<br /><ul><li>Right-click and select “New”Select “Folder”Name your folder