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Presentation from the Intelligent Community Forum Master Class presented June 6, 2013 at the ICF Summit in New York City. The Intelligent Community Forum's Master Class is for decision-makers on community development including Mayors, members of Council, city managers, information technology managers and economic development officers. The Class identifies what the 21st Century community needs in order to be globally competitive, as well as the obstacles that stand in its way and how those obstacles can be overcome.
The content is based on a decade of study into how communities build pros¬perous inclusive economies and meet social challenges on a foundation of information and communications technology. It focuses on key areas including broadband, workforce development, innovation, digital inclusion and economic marketing and advocacy – a mix of traditional and non-traditional factors that power the success of Intelligent Communities around the world.

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Master class main 2013

  1. 1. SUMMIT 13 MASTER CLASS Innovation & Employment in the Intelligent Community The Intelligent Community MASTER CLASS
  2. 2. Broadband Knowledge Workforce Innovation Digital Inclusion Marketing & Advocacy Leadership Collaboration Intelligent Community Indicators
  3. 3.  New essential utility  Key factors:  Coverage and speed at affordable price  Incumbent response Broadband OULU TORONTO
  4. 4. PanOULU OULU  50,000 connected devices/month  Subscription model for organizations  Operating cost E1.16 per capita per year City of Oulu 8 Townships University of Oulu Oulu U App. Sci. VT Tech Research
  5. 5.  1-10 Gbps fiber  WT owns, Beanfield operates on open- access model  Deployment funded by developer surcharge  Driving demand TORONTO Developers Beanfield WT
  6. 6. Broadband Knowledge Workforce Innovation Digital Inclusion Marketing & Advocacy
  7. 7.  Building knowledge work capability…  For all ages  For all levels of the economic ladder  Revolutionizing how we educate Knowledge Workforce COLUMBUS
  8. 8.  Mastery-based STEM education at Metro  30% low-income; 25% special needs  Breaking barriers through C.O. Compact  Columbus 2020 strategy for talent pipeline COLUMBUS Metro High School Central Ohio Compact Columbus 2020
  9. 9. Broadband Knowledge Workforce Innovation Digital Inclusion Marketing & Advocacy
  10. 10.  Innovation triangle  Government, business & institutions  Attracting investment, creating businesses, creating quality employment & wealth Innovation TAICHUNG TALLINN
  11. 11.  Integrating digital into physical infrastructure to –  Increase efficiency of port and transport  Reduce traffic congestion & increase transit uptake  Focus “i-Parks” on business start-ups  Create shared services to make key industries more globally competitive TAICHUNG
  12. 12.  National investment in e-government systems drives birth of Tallin ICT industries  Growth of innovation triangle:  University of Technology  TECHNOPOL Science Park  Accelerators and start-up incubator  Internationalization priority TALLINN
  13. 13. Broadband Knowledge Workforce Innovation Digital Inclusion Marketing & Advocacy
  14. 14. Digital Inclusion  Fighting marginalization  Expanding the talent pool  Even unskilled jobs require online applications TAOYUAN
  15. 15.  Free WiFi in public-sector facilities  Convenience store network  Broadband to Every Village  Digital Opportunity Centers in rural areas  Let’s Get Online training  National computer subsidy and tutoring plan TAOYUAN
  16. 16. Broadband Knowledge Workforce Innovation Digital Inclusion Marketing & Advocacy
  17. 17. Marketing & Advocacy STRATFORD  Building vision of change for the future  Making citizens your best advocates  Telling your story to the world
  18. 18. STRATFORD  Steering committee of local leaders from city, utility, schools, major employers  Speaking to community groups  Top7 public information nights  Infrastructure as incentive  Technology pilots attracting global companies
  19. 19. Broadband Knowledge Workforce Innovation Digital Inclusion Marketing & Advocacy Leadership Collaboration
  20. 20. Leadership Collaboration EINDHOVEN EINDHOVEN
  21. 21. EINDHOVEN EINDHOVEN  Public-private partnership founded in employment crisis  Mayors, business, bureaucracies  Staff assesses opportunities, needs and goals, creates collaboration projects  Business-institutions-government solutions, business starts & growth Brainport Health Innovation
  22. 22. How do you get started on becoming an Intelligent Community?
  23. 23. Building the community of the 21st Century