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Biometric Door Access Control for Food and Manufacturing Facilities


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Restricting access to areas of food production and the
maintaining of accurate entry records are not only critical
but can be legally mandatory. Using State-of-the-Art
access control products will simultaneously update your
facility's security while reducing many legal or
governmental liability concerns.

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Biometric Door Access Control for Food and Manufacturing Facilities

  1. 1. IBC Intelligent Biometric Controls, Inc. Biometric Access Control Solutions A TRUSTED BIOMETRIC PROVIDER SINCE 2001
  2. 2. Technology at work for you PROVIDING THE SECURITY RESOURCES YOU NEED Restricting access to areas of food production and the fobs and a reduction in security personnel. The simple to maintaining of accurate entry records are not only critical use management software features easy exportation of but can be legally mandatory. Using State-of-the-Art complete access logs used to create accurate payroll access control products will simultaneously update your data. Biometric identification door access can greatly facility's security while reducing many legal or enhance overall building security while being easily governmental liability concerns. IBC systems can deliver managed though a user friendly management interface solutions that will provide constant surveillance of every accessed by a web browser 24/7. access point, elimination of costly keys, proximity cards / ACCESS CONTROL FEATURES •Access: Fingerprint, Card, Pin Code, and Facial Recognition flexible solutions for your facility needs •Web-Based Any Time - Anywhere Access • SSL Encrypted Communication between Units & Browser ACCESS CONTROL SOLUTIONS • Operates In Standalone or Network Modes • Multilingual Web Pages and Message Display • Optional Built-In Video and Still Camera IBC provides an ever growing list of products that range from simple card readers to units that combine fingerprint and facial recognition for maximum access security. All models are IP based for easy installation and expandability. • Display on Full-Colored LCD Screens • User Capacity from 1K/3K/5K/10K/15K/30K Since all the units can work together in a network, you have the flexibility to incorporate exactly the technology that is necessary for each secured area. • Expert Reports as CSV / Text Files • Less than 1 Second authentication time  Secure Records and Product Design Data  Restrict Access bases on Dates & Times  Secure Storage Facilities and Rooms  Restrict Access during Emergency  Secure Front Entrances and Exits  Secure Property Gates SOFTWARE SERVICES Information can be gathered from any location, at any time, just by logging onto the browser via the web. Adding/editing users along with managing access groups/ departments, selecting open door schedules, and creating reports is as easy as pointing and click a mouse button. IBC Intelligent Biometric Controls, Inc.
  3. 3. ACCESS Access can be granted in a wide range of options. User access can be achieved by fingerprint, proximity cards/fobs, codes, and facial recognition. Dual form authentication can also be required. All accepted and denied attempts to enter an access point are automatically recorded and logged. compete control over your facility SOFTWARE System management software is SOFTWARE MANAGEMENT designed to be networked but can run standalone per device. The IBC has a wide variety of product options available to fit almost any security or employee tracking need. Once access control door hardware and administrative software are in place management of different software platforms are Web-Based for easy accessibility and real-time monitoring. employees, as well as temp workers, and guests is quick and easy. The software offers readily available reports on who has accessed which doors and when. These reports can be accessed via a web browser. Management staff is then able to determine exactly who has entered the facility and can control when these users are able/ unable to gain access in the future. • Customize User Levels and Departments REPORTING A facility can use biometric devices as Time-Clocks, requiring employees to scan a finger rather than punch a card. This prevents “buddy punching” thus saving the company on payroll. An audit trail is created per user every time the • Set Door and Access Schedules • Anytime Reporting and Roll Call scanner is used. This tracks users by date & time automatically. Reports can be generated anytime via web server. • Set Holiday and Leave Schedule • Receive Work Hour Calculations IBC Intelligent Biometric Controls, Inc.
  4. 4. BIOMETRIC CONSULTING Intelligent Biometric Controls, Inc. staff has over 35 years of combined experience in the design and implementation of biometric systems. We are here to help determine which systems provide the best solution for a customer's needs. We take pride in providing & supporting the best line of biometric products in the market today. Whether a company is big or small we have the right biometric solutions for their security concerns. IBC will help with tech support when integrating the new biometric system within an existing operational structure plus assist in helping set up a new security network when needed. Our staff maintains a constant support dialog at all stages of a projects development. IBC Intelligent Biometric Controls, Inc. 601 A Brooklyn Dr Milford, OH 45150 513.239.6322 ph 513.239.6328 fax