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Tni brochure feb 2013

  1. 1. InspirationalwaysthfferentiationGlobDifferenattitude for changeRealizationealization ImmpacteationInnIgnitionalwaysthiGlobalDifferenAn attitude for changeRealization Immpactreationnnovation with attitudeIgnitionchanging the pastcreating the future
  2. 2. technologymanagementconsulting1 who we are2 what we do3 The creative process4 concept creation5 Interior Design7 Graphic Design9 Packaging design11 product development13 tni technology15 Marketing17 operations18 human resources19 social responsibility20 working for you
  3. 3. theNext Idea is an International restaurant and hospitality consulting group. We are based in Los Angeles,and have regional offices in United Kingdom, Dubai (UAE), and India. We work across theworld, specializing in concept creation, development and management – everything fromresearch, strategy, brand and product development, and franchising, through to design, execu-tion, systems and operations, and communication.We are highly specialized and stay close to our expertise in hotels, food service operations,restaurants, cafes, leisure and entertainment.We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by always beginning with the end user – TheCustomer Experience, The Employee Training Experience, and the Brand Experience; are giventhe upmost priority when we approach a project. We have opened and managed over 750restaurants across the US, Middle East, Asia and Europe, and developed 78 concepts.Our unique experience provides rare capability and expertise for our clients, given our abilityto bring together some of the advanced food and restaurant concepts presently found aroundthe globe. We retain the knowledge, experience, and ability to take account of regionalconsiderations such as local demographics and culture and tastes, therefore, our skill setbecomes invaluable when developing uniquely differentiated concepts adopted for integratedmarkets.The TNI team has consulted with some of the world’s most eminent Chefs, and upscale restaurantgroups, in addition to working with clients in: entertainment, casual dining, fast casual dining,resorts, theme parks and travel. In each project we have been involved in all areas of thebusiness, and have delivered programs and plans that have targeted the elevation ofconcept positioning, product and menu, operating standards, infrastructure, and overallquality.The Next Idea has experience in the following geographical markets : USA, Dubai & Abu Dhabi(UAE), Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Lebanon, Nigeria, Mexico, China, Qatar, UK, Bangladesh,and India.The Next Idea [TNI] When working with The Next Idea, clients canexpect to receive highly innovative yet practicalsolutions in all areas of their business.Our core areas of service are: STRATEGY CONSULTING CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS & SERVICES2
  4. 4. • RESEARCH• ANALYSIS• IDEATION• CONCEPT DIRECTION• RESEARCH• ANALYSISINSPIRATIONCREATIONREALIZATION• POSITIONING• COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGEDIFFERENTIATION• PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT• LAUNCHIGNITIONCorporate & Business Unit StrategyBusiness Plans & Marketing PlansConcept Creation & DevelopmentOperational FormsChecklists and ManualsOnline Market Research and QuestionairesFull Print ServicesCustomized Manager Daily Log BooksFulfillmentPerformance Measurement• RESULTS MEASUREMENT• STRATEGY REVIEWIMPACTFinancial assessmentOperational ReviewCustomer Service measurementTrainingFood & Beverage Operating SystemsCustom Restaurant SoftwareTraining & Management SystemsFood Service Kitchen Planning, Layout & Kitchen Equipment PurchasingRestaurant & Hotel Website Design, Development & ManagementE-commerce Ordering & Retail WebsitesBrand IdentityCustomer ProfilingMarket & Competitor AnalysisBusiness DiagnosticsRetail & Brand StrategySearch Engine OptimizationMenu engineeringNutrition analysis and food labelingBrand CreationInterior Layout & DesignDesign & GraphicsInterior DesignProduct DevelopmentMenu Engineering & PricingPoints of Difference in Service & FacilityMerchandisingthecreative processTNI transforms ideas into modern, workable operations usingour proprietary process that is summed up in six simple steps:Inspiration, Creation, Realization, Differentiation,Ignition and Impact.TNI uses state-of-the-art research and analysis to formulatestrategies and concepts that achieve remarkableresults for our Clients.IdeassupportedbysolidexecutionCONCEPTCREATIONThe Next Idea is unique in ourability to execute the followingareas of concept development CONCEPT STORY BOARDS GRAPHIC ILLUSTRATIONS & 3D MAXRENDERINGS AUTOCAD DRAWINGS & 3-D SIMULATEDWALK-THROUGHS WEBSITE DESIGN EXTERIOR AND FACADE REMODEL INTERIOR LAYOUTS PROMOTIONAL COLLATERAL CULINARY CONCEPTS AND MENUS PROJECT MANUALS4The Next Idea team has collectively overseen 750+ start-up,re-position and remodel developments. Our internationalteam of in-house architects and designers develop originalinterior layout and designs, providing creative graphics andenvironments that establish differentiated brand identityand unique propositions. We employ extensiveevaluation to offer expert advice on the feasibility anddevelopment of original brands and products.By providing a combination of business consultation within-house design and culinary expertise TNI is able to provideefficient, seamless creation and delivery of concept plansand objectives.
  5. 5. InteriordesignThe Next Idea design team has the ability and expertiseto produce a custom interior design that will be relevant,compelling and engaging with the target customer profile.Designs begin with hand-drawn illustrations to becomestate-of-the-art graphics in the form of static renderingsor 3-D walk-throughs.Our team has delivered many highly successful restaurantprojects, designed and implemented internationally. Servicesrange from restaurant concept design, complete interior andoutside facade packages, layouts and detailed plans, signagepackage, furniture and layout, and contractor plans.Our restaurant design capabilities include: restaurant decortheme creation, complete exterior restaurant façade designor upgrade, exterior restaurant marketing display design andmanufacturing, interior restaurant marketing display design,furniture design, and final detailed drawings FULL INTERIOR DESIGN – FRONT AND BACK OFHOUSE AREASFURNITURE AND SEATING LAYOUT KITCHEN / BACK AREA LAYOUT EQUIPMENT LAYOUTS MEP PLANS FURNITURE DESIGN COUNTER DESIGNADDITIONAL INTERIORSERVICES Full autocad plans Detailed 3d Max renders Equipment specifications Kitchen Layout & service plans section drawings6
  6. 6. Inspirationalwayst hinkingfferentiationGlobalGlobalDifferentiationAn attitude for changen attitude for changeInspirationRealizationRealizationImpactmpactCreationInnovation with attitudeInnovation with attiIgnitionCreatioIgnitioInspiratioGlobalDifferentiationAn attitude for changeInspirRealizationImpactCreationnnovation with attitudeInnovation with attitudeIgnitionCreationIgnitionGRAPHICdesignGraphic design is often the starting point to any brand. At The Next Idea,all our graphic designers are artists, we hand draw all illustrations and thendigitalize to create unique and differentiated identities. To support ourdesigns we provide a unique combination of target demographicand cultural understanding with proven experience and a naturalaptitude for crafting strong creative content. This fusion of psychologicalexpertise and our history of producing winning collateral enables usto deliver extremely compelling design content for all types of businessesand organizations.Our capabilities include LOGOS AND INDENTITY PACKAGES WEBSITES PHOTOGRAPHY AND VIDEO FOOD PACKAGING MENU DESIGN INTEGRATED IN-STORE DIRECTIONAL SIGNAGE PROMOTIONAL BROCHURES AND COLLATERAL8CafeDesign is everything – It’s the first impression a potential customer will haveof an organization. Therefore, the importance of possessing dynamicgraphics in all advertising material; including print production, websitedesign and even ecommerce stores, cannot be emphasized enough.An engaging corporate image will attract potential clients to use & buyproducts and services. By integrating captivating imagery and creativeideas, a company’s marketability and relationship with the end userelevates exponentially.The Next Idea design team is one of the most creative design teams in therestaurant and retail industries. Our methodology is to take a holisticapproach to design and then apply consistency in application to producea comprehensive design package that harmonizes appearance,environment, products, and services - the overall brand imagery.
  7. 7. Packagingdesign10We design packaging with two priorities in mind: the needs of the customer and the needsof their target audience.We take a customized approach to each element, ensuring the branding and design fits the targetaudience.We create packaging that makes a person stop and take notice. The creative content, design andart work compells people to learn more about the item, ultimately encouraging them to buy andtry the product.TNI always has our customer’s needs in mind: eco-packaging, space-efficient packaging,containers that are durable. Whatever the special need is, TNI will meet that need and exceedexpectations.
  8. 8. PRODUCT DEVELOPMENTConcepts requiring expertise in creative menuand product development can rely on The Next Idea’sculinary expertise in creating products to fit market,cultural and economic requirements. TNI creates menusand product lines from scratch, and possessescapabilities in all culinary areas to align with businessimage and objectives.Culinary services include:MENU CONCEPT DEVELOPMENTRECIPE GENERATION WITH INGREDIENT AND COSTINGSPECIFICATIONSPRODUCT PRESENTATIONPLATE AND TABELTOP PRODUCT MATCHINGPACKAGINGBRAND MERCHANDISECOMPREHENSIVE FOOD AND BEVERAGE MENUS TOMEET ETHNIC AND DIETARY PREFERENCEPRODUCT TESTINGPRODUCT MANUALSMENU COSTING & RELATED ENGINEERINGINGREDIENT SOURCINGPROCESS AND EFFICIENCY MODELING12
  9. 9. 14TNI Technology has expertise inthe development of SaaS applications to maximizethe potential of any organization. With theirinnovative SaaS applications, TNI Technology cansupport SME’s in reducing their investments onvarious crucial IT implementations.Given our exclusiveness, creativity in workaccomplishments, and customer focused approachTNI Technology has acquired a prestigious placein the world of online programming and design.In essence TNI Technology represents a one stopIT solution provider.As it may fit client needs, The Next Idea provides aspan of technological services designed to optimizenew and existing businesses. Rather thanout-sourcing our services, project quality andconfidentiality are ensured by our in-houseapproach.Our technology team and consultantsrecommend ways to optimize: INTERNET PRESENCE AND WEBSITE EFFECTIVENESS ONLINE MARKETING POINT-OF-SALE SYSTEMS SOCIAL NETWORKING SOLUTIONS SAASTNI technology solutions are used worldwide helpingindividual businesses become more efficient and effectiveusing the latest technology to manage daily operationsand long-term objectives.14www.tnitechnology.comTNItechnology is informationcentric and driven by the massive technology advances of thepast 20 years. Nowadays everyone needs comprehensivesolutions for their everyday needs. Small to Medium Enterprisesand large corporate organizations need robust IT applicationsand other technology services to both manage and maximizetheir revenues.The Next Idea’s Technology company (TNI Technology) providesnext generation Web and IT solutions to ser ve thecomprehensive organizational needs of modern corporationsalong with small to medium enterprises.TNI Technology provides advanced web applicationdevelopment, e-Commerce solutions, and web and graphicdesign services. We employ a team of highly trainedand experienced technical professionals with diverse set of ITskills. Professionals working at TNI Technology focus ondelivering robust and reliable IT solutions for our global clients.ourmodern world
  10. 10. 16MARKETINGRestaurant and hotel marketing is an art as much as it isa science. The Next Idea consults clients on creating internaland external marketing strategies, using positioning anddifferentiation tactics to produce results in brand visibility andawareness, greater sales per transaction, enhanced onlineidentity, and e-commerce capability.TNI marketing services and consultation provides clients withComprehensive marketing program solutions to maintain thecompetitive edge.The Next Idea provides thefollowing marketing services • MARKETING COLLATERAL • WEBSITE DESIGN AND• ONLINE MARKETING • BUSINESS CARDS& LETTERHEAD • POP/POS MARKETING • POSTERS • MENUS & MENU COVERS • CUSTOM PRINTING • PHOTOGRAPHY SERVICES • BANNERS • LOCAL UNIT MARKETING • LOYALTY PROGRAMS • E-BLASTS• SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIESFor first timec u s to m e r sFor first timec u s to m e r sCutting edge without the cut
  11. 11. The Next Idea consults on general HR needs. With ourexperience in start-ups and brand creation we developspecialized HR protocols that support and foster a cultureof success. Our particular background in diverse and emergingmarkets provides us with the experience to consult onHuman Resources matters affected by law and culture.TNI offers an advantage when it comes to Human Resourcesand Training because of this insightful experience.RECRUITMENT PLANS FOR STAFFING INITIATIVESMANAGER & EMPLOYEE ON-BOARDING & INDUCTIONESTABLISHMENT OF HR POLICY AND PROCEDURETIMEKEEPING AND PAYROLL SOLUTIONSCOMPREHENSIVE TRAINING PROGRAM COVERING ALLAREAS WITH FOLLOW-UP PROTOCOLS IN PLACECOMPREHENSIVE AND SPECIALIZED TRAINING PROGRAMSPRE-LAUNCH TRAINING OF MANAGERS – INDUCTION TO CONCEPT AND SYSTEMSPRE-LAUNCH TRAINING OF EMPLOYEES – ALL POSITIONSPOST-OPENING TRAINING & SUPPORT WHILE OPENINGNEW CONCEPTPERFORMANCE DIAGNOSTICS AND STRATEGY EVALUATIONSLEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT – MANAGEMENT ANDTRAIN-THE-TRAINERhumanresources& training18The Next Idea gives maximum priority to the experiential elements of the customer and employeeexperience. The satisfaction of each bears its own benefits. Each must have an engaging experienceto promote and foster satisfaction which results in repeat business and greater employee productivity.TNI analyzes The Customer Journey, how the customer progresses through their experience, to developsupply-chain systems and customer service steps. By using the TNI approach that begins with thecustomer experience, companies enjoy a trained staff with engaging customer relations while minimizingcosts related to high staff turnover, loss and damage to equipment, and inventory losses dueto employee misuse. Innovative solutions supported with operational tools.TNI provides operations consultation and services to provide:STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES (SOPS)OPERATING SYSTEMS AND SUPPORT MANUALSDEVELOPING OPTIMAL PRODUCT LINE AND PRODUCT MIXTRAINING MATERIAL – CUSTOMIZEDTO EACH CLIENT AND BRANDQUALITY CONTROL SYSTEMSMANAGEMENT SYSTEMSQUALITY ASSURANCE SYSTEMSCASH MANAGEMENT SYSTEMSPOS SYSTEMS AND REPORTINGHEALTH & SAFETY PRACTICESBRAND ANALYSIS AND POSITIONINGINVENTORY, SUPPLY, AND LABOR COST MANAGEMENTPROFIT PERFORMANCEPRODUCT QUALITY ASSESSMENTHUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENTSERVICE PERFORMANCE – ESTABLISHING‘BEST PRACTICES’VENDOR SELECTION AND PRICINGPAYROLL MANAGEMENTLEASE & RENT NEGOTIATIONSEXPENSE REDUCTION INCLUDING A COMPREHENSIVE P&L ANALYSISOperations
  12. 12. Having TheNext Ideawork for youGiven our global and unique experience,The Next Idea accepts a broad rangeof engagements. We specialize in creating new concepts, merging thecreative and operational elements to create existing new brands andre-evaluate existing concepts.Our experience with new and emerging markets enables our clients toevaluate and pursue business opportunities in the international marketplaceproviding world-class analysis, strategy, direction, and services.Strategies are built using precise and insightful data and executed with clearvision and firm resolve.The results are having an approach with a strong senseof involvement and ownership, and focused operational decision making.The Next Idea team continuously seeks out the best and most effectivemethodology and systems to assist clients execute new and existingconcepts with precision and consistency. Our experienced consultants useour systematic approach towards project management.By providing creative and technical consultation along with projectmanagement services, The Next Idea is positioned to provide businesseswith elevated product, service and operational excellence.The Next Idea has benefitted companies in all stages of developmentin countries all over the globe.2021300 Victory Blvd Suite 680Woodland Hills, CA 91367Tel 818.887.7714www.thenextidea.net12SocialResponsibilityThe Next Idea is committed to supporting global causes thatpromote our mission of fostering individuals andcommunities with challenges. In fact, we gauge our successand well-being by how much we help others as much as howwe grow as a company.Through our nominated Partner Charity, Plan International,The Next Idea is able promote community well-being tounderdeveloped areas across the globe. Founded over 70years ago, Plan International is one of the oldest andlargest international development agencies in the world.The organization works in 49 developing countries acrossAfrica, Asia and the Americas. Plan directly supports morethan 1,500,000 children and their families, andindirectly supports an estimated further 9,000,000 peoplewho live in those communities where Plan International ispresent. Plan International is independent, with no religious,political or governmental affiliations. TNI has several childrenunder sponsorship with Plan International, and has a goal toadd 2 children a year to it’s sponsored children’s program.TNI is also a long-time supporter of Autism Speaks by raisingthousands of dollars to support the organization and it’smission to help families affected by autism.GLOBAL SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY ISA HALLMARK OF OUR EXISTENCE
  13. 13.