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Are You A Streamer


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Are you a streamer? Find out now

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Are You A Streamer

  1. 1. 2012>>>>>>> ARE YOU A STREAMER? Click Here To Learn How To Start A Radio Station
  2. 2. Are You A Streamer?When Word Magazine launched in 1995, they featured the initial ever streamingsoundtracks on the world wide web. Using local downtown musicians the first music streamwas Big Wheel by Karthik Swaminathan and also the second being When We have beenPoor by Karthik Swaminathan with Marc Ribot and Christine Bard.Shortly after to start with of 1996, Microsoft developed a media player often known asActiveMovie that allowed streaming media and included a proprietary streaming format,that is the precursor to the streaming feature later in Windows Media Player 6.4 in 1999.In June of 1999, Apple also introduced a streaming media format in the QuickTime 4application. It is later also widely adopted on websites coupled with RealPlayer andWindows Media streaming formats. The competing formats on websites required each userto download the respective applications for streaming and generated many users beingrequired to will have three applications on their computer for general compatibility.Around 2002, the interest in a, unified, streaming format and also the widespread adoptionof Adobe Flash on computers prompted the development of a video streaming formatthrough Flash, the format employed in Flash-based players on many popular video hostingsites today just like YouTube.Increasing consumer need of live streaming has prompted YouTube to add their new LiveStreaming service to people. Presently the company even offers a (secured) link returningthe availabe connection speed of many user.These advances in computer networking together with powerful home computers andmodern operating systems made streaming media practical and affordable for ordinaryconsumers. Stand-alone Internet radio devices emerged to provide listeners a no-computeroption for following audio streams.As a whole, multimedia content features a large-scale, so media storage and transmissioncosts still are significant. To counter this somewhat, media are generally compressedincluding storage and streaming.
  3. 3. Increasing consumer requirement for streaming of high definition (HD) content differentdevices at your home has led the industry to develop a number of technologies, for exampleWireless HD or ITU-T, which are optimized for streaming HD content without forcingthe customers to deploy new networking cables.Today, a media stream might be streamed either live or on demand. Live streams aretypically provided by an approach called true streaming. True streaming sends theknowledge straight to the pc or device without saving the file to a hard disk drive. OnDemand streaming is provided by a means called progressive streaming or progressivedownload. Progressive streaming saves the file to a system hard drive after which is playedfrom that location. On Demand streams are usually saved to hard disks and servers forextended amounts of time; although live streams are merely bought at only once only (e.g.during the Football game).With all the increasing popularity of mobile devices just like tablets and smartphones whichare rely on battery life, the creation of digital media streaming is now geared towardformats that dont rely on Adobe Flash —known to its relatively high computer resourceusage and thus compromising a mobile devices battery life.Streaming is one of the most important aspects of running an online radio station. Clickhere to learn how to start your own radio station in less than 57 minutes.