Leaky Funnel Forensics


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How to discover what is killing your conversion rate. Presentation given at Conversion Conference West 2012 in San Francisco.

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Leaky Funnel Forensics

  1. 1. Leaky Funnel Forensics Robert Brady Trafficado.com @robert_brady #convcon
  2. 2. About Me• Managing PPC accounts since 2005• Google AdWords Certified Partner• Microsoft adExcellence Member• MarketingExperiments certified in LPO and Online Testing• Director of PPC & Conversion at Trafficado @robert_brady #convcon
  3. 3. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation • 12 seasons • 2 spinoffs • 28 Emmy nominations • Typical episode format – Discovery of crime – Initial evidence collection – Evidence processing – Resolution of crime (whodunnit)@robert_brady #convcon
  4. 4. Discovery of Crime@robert_brady #convcon
  5. 5. Discovery of Crime• Something killed traffic @robert_brady #convcon
  6. 6. Discovery of Crime@robert_brady #convcon
  7. 7. Discovery of Crime• Something killed conversions @robert_brady #convcon
  8. 8. Evidence Collection• Start at the crime scene – Is the landing page broken? • Run a start-to-finish test conversion on a Chrome Incognito browser • Call your own phone number • Is the CTA clear? • Are there multiple CTAs on the page? • Check page load time @robert_brady #convcon
  9. 9. Evidence Collection• Broaden your suspect list – Message match • Keyword -> Ad Copy -> Landing Page – Run clean searches on top keywords • Take screenshots – Run reports on average position – Run placement reports – Run search query reports @robert_brady #convcon
  10. 10. Evidence Processing• Page Load Time – How long before you lose someone? http://blog.kissmetrics.com/loading-time/ @robert_brady #convcon
  11. 11. Evidence Processing• Message Match – Keyword – Ad Copy – Landing Page @robert_brady #convcon
  12. 12. Evidence ProcessingSearch Query - “tamper evident labels”Ad in position #3 (topplacement)- No mention of UPS- “Free Shipping” in header, but not clickable.- Tons of competing CTAs @robert_brady #convcon
  13. 13. Evidence ProcessingSearch Query - “property tags”Ad in position #5 (right side, 2nddown)- “Call for a FREE sample” doesn’t stand out- Phone number isn’t nearby- Lots of competing CTAs @robert_brady #convcon
  14. 14. Evidence ProcessingSearch Query - “seo tools”Ad in position #1 (topplacement)- “SEO tools” in ad copy & landing page title- 30 Day Free Trial is prominently featured- Single, focused CTA @robert_brady #convcon
  15. 15. Evidence Processing• Average position report – Are there new competitors? – Have current competitors changed their bidding/position strategy? @robert_brady #convcon
  16. 16. Evidence Processing• SERPs – How is personalization affecting the SERP? – How is geography affecting the SERP? – How is time of day affecting the SERP? – Are you being pushed out by “other” stuff? @robert_brady #convcon
  17. 17. Evidence ProcessingPaid results Maps resultsOrganic result Paid resultsMaps results @robert_brady #convcon
  18. 18. Evidence ProcessingPaid results Maps resultsRelated searchesOrganic result Paid resultsMaps results @robert_brady #convcon
  19. 19. Evidence ProcessingPaid resultsOrganic results Paid resultsNews resultsOrganic results @robert_brady #convcon
  20. 20. Evidence Processing• Search Query Reports – Has the vernacular changed? Did your keywords get associated with something unrelated? • “King James” @robert_brady #convcon
  21. 21. Evidence Processing• Placement Reports – Did your top placements change layouts? • Redesign • Google “Top Heavy” update • Change of ownership – Are they no longer on the network? • Managed placement campaigns @robert_brady #convcon
  22. 22. Catch the Killer• Design a Test – Isolate the suspected factor – Run a valid test – Let the data do the talking – Render a verdict @robert_brady #convcon
  23. 23. Solve the Crime• Conversion Killer – Programmers pushed update live on Friday; dropped analytics code @robert_brady #convcon
  24. 24. Solve the Crime• Conversion Killer – Automated bidding was turned off; old default CPC bids were too low @robert_brady #convcon
  25. 25. Case Solved Robert Brady Email: robert@trafficado.com Twitter: www.twitter.com/robert_bradyLinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/robertallenbrady Blog: www.RighteousMarketing.com @robert_brady #convcon