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  1. 1. Eco-tel: A Sustainable Model for Urban Hotels 12
  2. 2. Senior Thesis: Eco-tel Ecotourism “Environmentally responsible travel to natural areas, in order to enjoy and appreciate nature (and accompanying cultural features, both past and present) that promote conservation, have a low visitor impact and provide peoples.” The Nature Conservancy The Problem Over time ecotourism has become a marketing tool for most travel agencies who promote their hotels and resorts as ecotourism when in reality they follow little to no guidelines set out by it. 13 Problem
  3. 3. Senior Thesis: Eco-tel Vacation Exploration Vacation Generic Ecotourism began with The 1980’s started early explorers who the modernization of “ Eco” Friendly traveled to learn more ecotourism which became Travel about wildlife and other vacation oriented. cultures Today it has become particularly a marketing gimmick. However there is still authentic eco lodging and tourism. Objective Create an ecolodge in an urban environment Sustainable Technology Eco-Lodging Transportation My Site Biodiversity Statement from the sustainable, community based ideals of ecotourism. 14 Thesis Statement
  4. 4. Senior Thesis: Eco-tel Community Ecology Function Interest Science Criteria Research Impoverished Country US City The decision to place this hotel in Seattle was based on its surrounding ecology, rich histroy with sustainability, and local community. Arts Scenery Ecology Sustainablilty Weather History Life Architecture Site Community Columbus Seattle Decision Making 15
  5. 5. Senior Thesis: Eco-tel Sustainable Low Impact Expansive Community Based Relieve Nature Noise Educational Green Building Conservation Local Disconnection What Ecotourism Is What Ecotourism Will Be 16 Decision Making
  6. 6. Senior Thesis: Eco-tel The Site: Seattle WA Interstate 5 1 Interstate 520 Seattle 7 2 3 Interstate 90 5 4 8 6 Site Parking 1. Site Surrounding Buildings 2. Space Needle 3. Smith Tower 4. Urban Hardwood 5. Ecohaus 6. Second Use Building Materials 7. Seattle Shirt Co. 8. Lake view Stone & Garden Site Analysis 17
  7. 7. Senior Thesis: Eco-tel University Way NE NE 52nd St 7th Ave NE 11th Ave NE 15th Ave NE 19th Ave NE Interstate 5 Roosevelt Way NE Brooklyn Ave NE NE 47th St NE 45th St NE 43rd St St ev en s W ay Site Theatre Museum Restaurants Galleries Existing Structure 18 Site Analysis
  8. 8. Senior Thesis: Eco-tel University Way NE NE 52nd St 7th Ave NE 11th Ave NE 15th Ave NE 19th Ave NE Interstate 5 Roosevelt Way NE Brooklyn Ave NE NE 47th St NE 45th NE 43rd St St ev en s W ay Site Public Transportation Proposed Structure 19 Site Analysis
  9. 9. First Floor Cork Flooring Reclaimed Wood Flooring Marble Limestone Reclaimed Wood Flooring Concrete Flooring Tile Flooring 20 Floor Plan
  10. 10. 21
  11. 11. Second Floor Cork Flooring Reclaimed Wood Flooring Carpet 22 Floor Plan Floor Plan
  12. 12. 23
  13. 13. 24
  14. 14. 25
  15. 15. 26
  16. 16. 27
  17. 17. The Atrium is the heart of Eco-tel and draws from and feeds into every space and amenity inside. It houses lounge areas, a rock wall, and local plant life which makes it the most active space, and creates an ecosystem within the hotel. 28
  18. 18. The Plant life Lady Fern Nootka Rose Dogwood Sitka Spruce 29
  19. 19. The Restaurant 1 Perspective 1 Kitchen Bar Dining 2 30 Perspective 2
  20. 20. The Shop 3 Clothing 2 Artwork Cash wrap Rental Cone of Vision Perspective 1 1 Perspective 2 31
  21. 21. Perspective 3 Guest Rooms 32