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Medical isotopes need robust packaging


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Medical isotopes need robust packaging

  1. 1. Packaging technology:Medical isotopes needrobust packagingBy Marc Martens
  2. 2. Medical isotopes need robust packagingOne of CurTec’s customers produces medical isotopes for diagnostic research on cancerpatients. Medical isotopes are radioactive with a short life span. With production incentral Netherlands, robust packaging is crucial to ship them to users safely at speed.CurTec’s Click Pack adds value to this supply chain challenge. 2
  3. 3. One of CurTec’s customers produces medical isotopes for diagnostic research on cancerpatients. These so-called PET radiopharmaceuticals are injected into patients where theyaccumulate in tumours and metastases. They produce radioactive spots in the bodywhich are traced with a PET scanner to diagnose the patient.PET radiopharmaceuticals are radioactive and can only be used for short periods of time.The short life span benefits the patient, limiting their exposure to radioactivity, reducingany damage to the body and letting them return home relatively fast after tests. Butthis short lifespan also limits the time between production and treatment, and for acustomer producing them in Central Netherlands, the isotopes can face a long journey topatient. 3
  4. 4. Robust packaging is crucial to ship the PET radiopharmaceuticals safely and quickly. Theradiation dose is carefully chosen during production so that by the time it reaches thehospital there is still enough radiation left to treat the patient effectively. Packaging andtransport are therefore timed precisely.The PET radiopharmaceuticals are packed in a plastic primary container with a leadinterior which blocks radiation. The primary pack is placed into a Click Pack with apolystyrene interior, closed, sealed, labelled and shipped to hospitals where patients arewaiting. 4
  5. 5. PET radiopharmaceuticals are classified as hazardous goods and need packaging with aUN marking. Click Pack bears this required UN marking and was chosen above otheralternatives as secondary packaging. The container has a smooth interior and a conicalshape enabling the polystyrene interior to be removed easily. Both primary andsecondary packaging are reused and empty Click Packs stack into each other to protectprecious hospital space.CurTec packaging adds value to pharmaceutical supply chains. A number of theseapplications have been bundled. To discover more, apply for the FREE guide ‘The bestpharmaceutical packaging solutions’. Click here to download this FREE guide 5
  6. 6. About CurTecCurTec designs, manufactures and distributes High Performance Bulk Packaging forpharmaceuticals, fine chemicals and food ingredients. All packaging products have tamper evident features and offer protection to your valuable content. Visit our website for more product info or contact the Sales Department: 6