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How to achieve better magazine distribution efficiency


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The sale and distribution of magazines is an increasingly demanding logistical process. Due to the increasing complexity of magazine distribution, many distributors are looking for ways to improve their processes and deliver greater efficiency.

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How to achieve better magazine distribution efficiency

  1. 1. Bright ideas:The best magazinedistribution solution
  2. 2. Magazine commissioning and distributionsolutionThe sale and distribution of magazines is an increasingly demanding logistical process. Anexpanding range of different magazine titles pass through distribution centres, fromwhich they need to be quickly shipped to a mass of retail outlets such as newsagents,bookstores, supermarkets and petrol stations. 2
  3. 3. Distribution centre staff must pick unique orders each day, dependent on the varyingrequirements of each of their retail outlet clients. Plus, retailers have the right to returnany unsold magazines and be re-credited for items returned in good condition.This complex flow of deliveries and returned stock places increasing demands onpackaging in the supply chain. The industry is searching for new efficiencies and betterhandling solutions, while keeping the product in prime condition. Traditional magazinestrapping methods no longer meet these demands, and increasingly plastic crates arereplacing them.This move towards more standardised packaging and application of ergonomicintelligence has dramatically improved efficiency, best working practice and health andsafety. Valuable magazines are protected in transit and arrive in a neat stack, helpingretailers and publishers.This is the second edition of ‘Bright Ideas’ in which improvements to the magazinedistribution process using plastic crates are explained. The following topics will beaddressed in other editions: Order picking Handling Returns Advantages of CurTec’s solutions 3
  4. 4. Packaging solution for magazine distributionDue to the increasing complexity of magazine distribution, many distributors are lookingfor ways to improve their processes and deliver greater efficiency. Drivers, who deliver tobetween 80 and 100 locations each day on average, need to know that their stock willremain stable in the van. Having to secure stacks takes up valuable time.In addition to these concerns, distributors need to be sure that their valuable productwill remain safe during transit. Traditional strapping does not provide adequateprotection from theft as bundles can easily be cut open. Nor does it protect the productfrom moisture during transportation, or rain in cases where the driver cannot parkdirectly in front of the retail outlet. CurTec has developed a lockable and sealable lidded crate specifically for the newspaper and magazine industry. The crate protects its contents from moisture, and its seals immediately tell the recipient whether tampering has occurred during transit. Different coloured seals can be used for sending and returning. 4
  5. 5. These crates also allow for better supplychain management. A barcode or RFIDlabel can be attached in a fixed location toeach crate, meaning deliveries can betracked and traced. Having such a facilityin place also means third party goods canbe distributed, offering valuable additionalrevenue streams. 5
  6. 6. Major advantages of the CurTec magazinecratesThis smart solution helps to create efficiencies and add value for the wholesaler. Majoradvantages of CurTec’s plastic lidded crates:  ‘Lego’ stacking gives greater stability  Quick and simple handling  Crates can be stacked by route, increasing the driver’s efficiency  Crate contents are protected from moisture damage  Easy and secure track and trace facility  Tamper evident seals give greater security during transitSmart and stable. Typical CurTec! 6
  7. 7. Selecting the best possible packaging foryour product is a real challenge...You need packaging that offers the right protection, safe and easy handling and smoothintegration with your operations, while boosting your product’s image and satisfying thequality requirements of your entire supply chain.CurTec offers a full consultation service, working with you to identify the best packagingsolution to meet your needs. We support your own in-house expertise with innovativesolutions that reduce costs and add value to your product.Apply for a FREEPackaging Requirement ConsultationClick here to applyor contact the Sales Department: +31 161 221 911 7
  8. 8. About CurTecCurTec designs, manufactures and distributes High Performance Packaging for variouslogistic applications.All Materials handling products add value to your supply chain. Visit our website formore product info or contact the Sales Department: 8