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280EdTech May13


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280EdTech May13

  1. 1. SCalifornia State University,FresnoEDL 280THangout, May 13, 2013Rob Darrow, Ed.D.
  2. 2. Agenda for TonightS General Schedule for this CourseS To Do this weekS To Prepare for Saturday’s classS Readings for this courseS Topics for this CourseS Any pressing issues?
  3. 3. Quick Roll CallS Who is in this course?
  4. 4. General ScheduleS When is the best night to meet via Google Hangout?S First four weeks are most important to get the flow going.S Not sure we need to meet in person in July.S This Saturday, May 18, may be our only face-to-facemeeting.S How can we address when people cannot attend?
  5. 5. To Do This WeekS Priority 1: Complete Assignment 2, Technology andLeadership Journey / Personal Learning Network (prior toclass on Saturday)S Priority 2: Assignment 1, Set up blog and post your firstblogpost. Could Google Plus work for this?
  6. 6. Saturday ClassS Bring your printed Assignment 2, “Technology andLeadership Journey”S Can we bring in food for lunch?S Bring your computers – will do some wiki and other techwork togetherS Discussion of syllabus and assignmentsS Any other logistics?
  7. 7. Readings for this CourseS Could not find a “book” for this courseS We will “write” the book via our class wikiS Together, we will identify the key reports to readregarding technology, online and blended learningS Discussion Board will primarily be used for examininglandmark documents related to Ed Tech, your chosentopics, etc.
  8. 8. Topics for this Course:Anything missing?S What is educational technology – what has it been, what is it now, whatwill it be in the future?S Continuum from textbook enhanced to online teaching and learningS Connectivity / Hardware (Networks, computers, tablets, mobile devices)S Software / ToolsS BlogsS Brainstorming ToolsS Online Collaboration/Video ConferencingS Creation ToolsS Photo/Image/Slide SharingS Audio Creation/SharingS Video Creation/SharingS Social NetworkingS Social BookmarkingS Storage/SharingS WikisS Online LearningS Learning Management System (LMS) / Course Management System(CMS)S AnalyticsS ContentS Organization of Digital Content / Learning Object RepositoriesS Blended LearningS Mobile LearningS Open Educational Resources (OERs)S Gaming
  9. 9. Any pressing issues?S How do you manage all of the information that floodsyour physical and digital in box?S Managing information. Check out this blogpost:
  10. 10. Rob’s Contact InfoS Almost always online at -available for chat most times – Google Plus: RobdarrowS Email – prefer: (helps tosegment out my emails for this course to one emailaccount)S Phone Call or Text: 559-351-5928S Who are 2-3 people in this course who I can call/text if Ihave problems?S Weekly Google Hangouts / Online Office Hours