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Coaching Doctoral Professors to Teach Online


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An online learning coach shares tips about how to coach doctoral professors to teach online

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Coaching Doctoral Professors to Teach Online

  1. 1. Coaching Doctoral Professors to Teach Online Rob Darrow, Ed.D. Sloan C, July 2012
  2. 2. Coaching• Start two months before start of course• Start with professor’s content• Ongoing dialogue/conversation• Face-to-face, email, phone
  3. 3. Start With Syllabus• Start “where they are at”• “Listen” to assignments• Ask what they would like to do
  4. 4. Professor Check List• What “tech stuff” do you know?• What functions in your course management system (CMS) do you know?• Anything you would like to do outside the CMS?
  5. 5. Be “Present” When Class Starts • Online with Professor (e.g. Bb Collaborate or Google Hangout or Online Discussion)• Attend class face-to-face if needed• Interact / Email with professor and students
  6. 6. Pedagogy: Community of Inquiry as Online Teacher • Social Presence • Cognitive Presence • Teaching Presence
  7. 7. Pedagogy: Community of Inquiry
  8. 8. Resources/Handouts • robdarrow.wikispaces.comDr. Rob Darrow - Consultant/Online Learning Coach California State University, Fresno Director of Member Services, International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL – )