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06.transform thinking and end.darrowschwirzke


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So You Want to Start an Online School?
Personal and Institutional Transformation

Published in: Education, Technology
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06.transform thinking and end.darrowschwirzke

  1. 1. Dr. Rob Darrow / Dr. Kelly Schwirzke June 2012 #Iste12 * San DiegoWorkshop Wiki:
  2. 2. Big Question:What caused you to be sittingin this chair in this workshop today?
  3. 3. Yogi Berra "Its tough to make predictions, especially about the future." But we can think about the past…
  4. 4. Transformation –It’s all how you look at it
  5. 5. What do you see?
  6. 6. Another VersionThis famous perceptual illusion in which the brain switches between seeing a young girl and anold woman (or "wife" and "mother in law"). This anonymous German postcard from 1888 depictsthe image in its earliest known form, For many years, the creator of this figure was thought to beBritish cartoonist W. E. Hill, who published it in 1915 in Puck humor magazine, an Americanmagazine inspired by the British magazine Punch.
  7. 7. What do you see?
  8. 8. Where do the stairs begin?
  9. 9. Transform Definition:to undergo a change in form, appearance, nature or character
  10. 10. Education, Technology and Teachers Transforming from…. Agrarian, assembly line mentality (left brain) to… Digital, hyperlinked world (right brain)
  11. 11. Pedagogy, Technology and Teachers “Let me teach you how to integrate technology with your students.” It’s about transforming thinking to learn how to use the tools tobecome an online or blended learning teacher
  12. 12. Technology and TeachersIt’s about transforming thinking to use technology, the Web, podcasting, etc. Difficult to force another person to transform – it is a personal decision
  13. 13. Transforming Thinking Transforming Activities of Teachers Transforming Activities for Students
  14. 14. What are transformational events in education? (accidental – it just changed) Paper/Pencil – Computer Floppy Disk – Flash Drive Others?
  15. 15. What are transformational activities?(intentional – a decision to change) Things that cause people to think and do things differently – A book – An interaction – Others? My transformation
  16. 16. My Transformational Journey Accidental  Intentional
  17. 17. Your Transformational Journey and What is your PLN? Accidental  Intentional
  18. 18. Growing Up Digital (Tapscott, 1998) N-Gen Learning Opportunity to shift (transform) to a new, more powerful, and effective learning paradigm….
  19. 19. Growing Up Digital (1998) N-Gen LearningParadigm shift from... Linear sequential to hypermedia Instruction to construction/discovery Teacher-centered to learner-centered School as torture to school as fun Teacher as transmitter to teacher as facilitator
  20. 20. Contrast this with A Whole New Mind PINK (2005) TAPSCOTT (1998) Design  construction/ Story discovery Symphony  hypermedia Empathy  learner-centered Play  school as fun Meaning  teacher as facilitator
  21. 21. Dan Pink, A Whole New Mind “’Learning isn’t about memorizing isolated facts. It’s about connecting and manipulating them”
  22. 22. Institutional Change
  23. 23. Concerns Based Adoption / Self Assessment
  24. 24. CBAM: Stages of Concern  Awareness  Informational  Personal  Management  Consequence  Collaborative  Refocusing
  25. 25. Big Question:What is the first thing you will do with this knowledge when you return to your school or institution?
  26. 26. Hot Topics in Online Learning See wiki See Wall Wisher
  27. 27. Final Comments/Whip Around One comment / question from each table
  28. 28. Contact Information Rob Darrow, Ed.D. Kelly Schwirzke, Ed.D.Director of Member Services Instructor, Oasis Independent Study / Coordinator of Online LearningiNacol Alternative Education Programs559-838-6151 Santa Cruz County Office of Education P 831-466-5655Rob’s Wiki: C 831-359-1778 