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Session II of our Business writin

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  • Use the useful phrases handout to edit this.
  • Notice: Useful Phrases, bullets make things clearer
  • Business email writing course 2

    1. 1. Business Email WritingSession II: Sentence Construction Part II
    2. 2. Situation 1: Confirming a booking Events has booked a room with a client, Robert The booking was made over the phone Robert requested a confirmation
    3. 3. Hi RobertKindly remind the Tower Function Room 10 is block for your training thisafternoon upon your request.Should you have any other problem, please do not hesitate to let me know.Thank you.Best sincerelyMama Mia Your Task: Fix this
    4. 4. Dear Robert,I am writing to confirm Tower Function Room 10 is blocked for yourtraining this afternoon according to your following requirements:1. Time: 2:30pm – 4:00pm2. Equipment: Projector, pencils, paper3. Seating arrangement: Round table4. Total number of participants: Around 25If I can be of any further assistance, please let me know.Sincerely,Mama Mia Corrected.
    5. 5. Situation 2: Confirming PricingSales has made previous contact with guestGuest requested basic information regardingpricing and packaging via email
    6. 6. Dear Carter,Warm greetings from Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai.Further to your Request, ACME corporate rate is RMB 1350+15% aboutUSD 213.34+15% for Deluxe Room; and our Club Room is RMB1700+15% about USD 268.65+15% both including one persons breakfastand free wifi and free mini bar upon check-in.Should you need any further assistant and details information please feelfree contact me.Warm Regards,Mama Mia
    7. 7. Dear Mr. Carter,Greetings from the Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai!Thank you for your letter regarding our corporate rates. Our rates andfeatures are as follows:ACME Corporate Rates:Deluxe Room:RMB 1350+15% (about USD 213.34+15%)Club Room:RMB 1700+15% (about USD 268.65+15%)Both rooms include: Breakfast for one Free wifi Free mini bar upon check-in.If you require more information, please feel free to contact me any time.Warm Regards,
    8. 8. Writing a meaningful subject line:
    9. 9. Writing a meaningful subject line:
    10. 10. Comma SplicesIncorrectly uses a comma to divide twoindependent sentences.I am tired today, I will take a nap later.
    11. 11. Subject-Verb AgreementSingular subjects should have singular verbsPlural subjects have plural verbs.This is called agreement in numberRefers specifically to verbs in the present tense.
    12. 12. Subject VerbThe dirty dishes sitting in the kitchen sink needs to be washed.The dirty dishes sitting in the kitchen sink need to be washed. Verb now matches the subject in number
    13. 13. Pronoun Antecedent Agreement
    14. 14. What is a pronoun?A pronoun takes the place of a nounand sometimes refers to a noun.“He is riding a bike through thepark.”
    15. 15. What is a pronoun?The weather is great today; let’smake the most of it by having apicnic.
    16. 16. What is an antecedent?Even though the party was fun, itwas crowded.
    17. 17. What’s the problem?When an employee does not agreewith his/her boss’s decision, theemployee should not support thatdecision.
    18. 18. Corrected.When an employee does not agreewith his boss’s decision, theemployee should not support thatdecision.
    19. 19. Homework:Complete both handout worksheetsWrite an example of an “incorrect”: Comma splice Subject-verb DISagreement Pronoun-antecedent DISagreementFix the sentences.Take the quizzes on schoology.