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23 Sports Analysis Apps


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Check out the best 23 Sports Analysis Apps for Android & iPhone

Published in: Sports
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  • Nice collection indeed, thanks for this. @NickSan1 I have been using Video Coach lately. Up to 4 views with 4 different delays, really great.
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  • Very nice collection, thanks!

    As an athlete I very much like the O'See Video Delay app:
    It gives faster and more easy video feedback during training, especially when my coach has no time for doing analysis during training.
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23 Sports Analysis Apps

  1. 1. 23 of the best sports analysis
  2. 2. Name: Four Four Two Category: entertainment IOS: YES Android: No Cost: FREE Four Four Two Stats Zone: Powered by Opta's most in-depth football database, Stats Zone will change the way you watch football. You can analyse every match in amazing detail, including: - LIVE MATCH STATS: See every pass, shot, tackle, interception, foul, assist and the top match pass combinations - ANALYSIS: compare player v player, team v team including all event dashboard views - PLAYER INFLUENCE: See how each player's influence changes through the game and how a match changes after key events - GOAL BUILDUPS: Find out more than just who scored with assist information and goal buildup chalkboards - INSIGHTS: Use the app to help create the perfect Fantasy
  3. 3. Name: Squawka Category: entertainment IOS: YES Android: Yes Cost: FREE Squawka Features; “Like having a mini Gary Neville in the palm of your hand.” • The most in-depth hand-held football companion around. • Real-time stats on leagues from all over the world including the EPL, La Liga and the UEFA Champions League. • All the stats, photos, news and more on your favourite team or player LIVE • Ground-breaking animations of key in-game events minutes after they happen. Instant stats on your favourite team or player in seconds with our incredible navigation system.
  4. 4. Name: Vodacom rugby stats Category: entertainment IOS: YES Android: yes Cost: free Vodacom Rugby Stats Features: Vodacom Rugby Stats app delivers all the detailed player and team stats – updated live – for every 2014 Super Rugby game! Together with live scoring for every game, the App brings you Points scored, Metres run, Tackles (made and missed), Clean breaks, Handling errors, Turnovers won and 18 more categories!
  5. 5. Name: Dartfish Note Category: Game Analysis IOS: YES Android: YES Cost: FREE with Dartfish TV Dartfish Note Features: Subscription • Describe events in your sport with up to three keywords or phrases • Mark favourite events for later review. • Make your panel relevant – you decide what to add. • Configure button label, function, colour and layout • Assign team and player to a button from pick lists. • Easily create panels from the provided templates • Create templates for others and share them via • Notes and panels can be edited … even during the game. • After the game, share Notebooks using – small files and rapid upload
  6. 6. Name: Dartfish Easytag Category: Game Analysis IOS: YES Android: YES Cost: €2.69 Dartfish Easytag Features: With EasyTag, notational analysis comes to iOS. Start the timer at the beginning of the game then a fully customizable tagging panel is used to time-stamp the key performance indicators (KPI) of your sport and display instant statistics of their frequencies. EasyTag creates a .csv file which can be further analyzed by spreadsheet software or tagged events can be related to a video recording by import into Dartfish video analysis software (TeamPro and Connect+ editions).
  7. 7. Name: performa sports Category: game analysis IOS: YES Android: No Cost: License approx. €600 per year Performa Sports Features; • Create your own tagging system. • Setup and manage your players performances. • Save and share your performance data and video online. • Capture your teams and players performances in real-time. • Visualise your performances through graphs and statistical analysis. • Add post-game analysis data to the video of your games. • Export the playlists as video complications for sharing. • Export your library of data as a CSV file to create
  8. 8. Name: Sportstec gamebreaker Category: game analysis IOS: YES Android: No Cost: free Key Features: *Import performance (video) for analysing. *Code the moments that are important to you for seeking improvement. *Review the key moments. *Use the Movie dock for powerful feedback. *Drawing tools to highlight moments of improvement ..... moments of potential.
  9. 9. Name: pocketcoder Category: game analysis IOS: YES Android: No Cost: $13.99 Features: - Create notational analysis templates in minutes on your iPhone or iPad. - Lead/Lag times: Create 'one touch' events with pre-defined lead and lag times. - Create colour-coded events with customised labels. - Record time-based occurrence of events with 'two touch' start and finish times. - Save and load templates, and share with other users through iTunes File Sharing. - Save coding output, and either share using iTunes File Sharing or E-mail direct to your computer.
  10. 10. Name: tag&go Category: game analysis IOS: YES Android: No Cost: free Tag&go Features: Data is collected with a button template created by the user or imported from the following Nacsport software: Basic, Basic Plus, Scout Plus, Pro Plus y Elite. Once the event has finished the resulting database can be exported to the before mentioned Nacsport software or as an XML file for other video analysis timeline based products (such as Gamebreaker © or Sportscode ©). The database will be linked to a video of the corresponding event.
  11. 11. Name: icoda 2 Category: game analysis IOS: YES Android: No Cost: iCODA Features: CODA 2 allows you to be a part of the event you are coding, instead of being trapped behind the computer. Capture information, code and add tags to the live event, saving you valuable time instead of waiting for the events to be logged. Use live counters to get stats and feedback in the field. An addition to the Sportstec suite of products; iCODA 2 is designed for existing CODA customers.
  12. 12. Name: video tagger pro – video highlight maker Category: game analysis IOS: YES Android: yes Cost: €2.69 Video Tagger Features: Video Tagger is a unique and powerful video analysis and assessment tool that makes it possible to capture and tag sports performance. Start recording and tap the customisable buttons to tag performance as it happens. The app will record a few seconds either side of the tap. Continue this for the duration of the performance and when finished two video montages will be compiled with the highlights you identified.
  13. 13. Name: Tagit (Multi sport options) Category: game analysis IOS: YES Android: no Cost: €3.59 Tagit Features: Key Features - Simple & flexible design allows you control your own data & define the events you want to record. Create a game & start analysing your team with 2 quick touches. View general reports; a Summary report, Time-line & Event Type reports. Save up to 30 Games and view reports from your archive- Generate Full Match Report in Pdf format with option to purchase and email
  14. 14. Name: focus x2I Category: game analysis IOS: YES Android: no Cost: free Focus X2i Features: The simple design enables you to very quickly create your own ‘tagging templates’ and our unique video technology allows you to; - instantly view and ‘tag’ video that is being directly captured using your iPad camera - carry out your analysis later by using a video that has already been captured and stored in the ‘Photos’ or ‘Videos’ folders on your iPad - analyse the performance at any time using video that you have initially stored on your laptop/desktop and have imported from iTunes
  15. 15. Name: Dartfish Express Category: Skills Analysis / Video Review IOS: YES Android: No Dartfish Express Features: Cost: €5.99 • RECORD videos using your iPhone or iPad’s built-in camera. • IMPORT them from your camera roll or from any app, including email. • Replay the video FRAME-BY-FRAME or play it in SLOW MOTION. • Use DRAWINGS, LABELS, ANIMATED ARROWS and ANGLES to underline what the video reveals. • Ensure that what is learned is not forgotten - share your opinion using VOICE or TEXT NOTES. • SHARE YOUR ANALYSES online with the people you
  16. 16. Name: Coaches Eye Category: Skills Analysis IOS: YES Android: Yes Cost: €4.49 Coaches Eye Features; • Instantly review video with slow-motion playback and drawing tools. • Compare two videos with side-by-side video analysis. • Slow-motion video review is easy using our flywheel for precise video scrubbing. • Zoom and pan videos during analysis to see just the details that matter. • Draw on videos using lines, arrows, circles, squares, and freehand tools. • Create analysis videos with audio commentary, annotations, and slow-motion.
  17. 17. Name: ianalyze Category: skills analysis IOS: YES Android: no Cost: $4.99 iAnalyze Features: iAnalyze allows in-depth video analysis of sports video clips, providing precise scrubbing, frame by frame viewing for 30, 60, or 120 fps video, a pop-out protractor that can be rotated for measuring angles, a drawing tool, and a stopwatch feature to time intervals in frame by frame or normal speed. You can also record from the app and save to your library.
  18. 18. Name: ubersense Category: Skills Analysis IOS: YES Android: No Cost: Free Ubersense Features; • Playback in multiple slow motion speeds and frame-by-frame. • Zoom and pan videos for access to every detail. • Use drawing tools to measure or highlight form. • Compare two videos either stacked or side-by-side. • Synchronize comparison videos for a more effective evaluation. • Add drawings and audio commentary to voice-overs. • Use Airplay or HDMI/VGA connectors to mirror to a big-screen for group settings.
  19. 19. Name: Sportstec player Category: Game review IOS: YES Android: No Cost: €44.99 Key Features • Work with up to 4 camera angles per event • Build customized views for each of your players • Put a spotlight on key moments with intelligent drawing tools • Swipe up and down to navigate video events • Swipe left and right to switch between camera views • Works with SportsCode Gamebreaker Plus, SportsCode Pro and SportsCode Elite • Easily manage and distribute all of your Player files with the Sportstec Command Centre! Exclusive Functionality for SportsCode Elite • Review SportsCode driven statistics with related video • View your customized output reports with related video
  20. 20. Name: ap viewer Category: game review IOS: YES Android: No Cost: free AP Viewer Features: Users can explore a timeline and matrix of their packaged footage to quickly review the key clips from their video, or watch it in its entirety. Each package on the app can support 1,2,3 or 4 different video angles so that users can swipe between these or use a hot-corner functionality to zoom into their preferred view.
  21. 21. Name: replay analysis Category: game review IOS: YES Android: No Cost: free Replay Analysis Features: Stream video over Wi-Fi and cellular networks -Your Replay Analysis video library is available to watch over 3G/4G cellular networks and Wi-Fi. - Explore your video analysis through an intuitive interface We are compatible with your existing analysis products and allow you to explore and instantly view your video analysis. - Powerful discussion tools Using the @symbol you are able to target key moments in the video (e.g. '@24:35' or ‘@now’). These become clickable links that take you to the specific moment in the video. - Browse and discuss your playlists All your playlists are available to view on the iPad where they are fully integrated with the discussion tools.
  22. 22. Name: axis coaching technology Category: coaching analysis IOS: YES Android: No Cost: License approx. €800 per year AXIS Features; • Complete a short online training package and a practice observation and you’re ready to go! • Creates optimal coaching and learning environments • Provides objective data about coaching performance • Creates individual and detailed coaching reports • Creates coach behaviour profiles and databases • Supports coach education and professional development with data and supporting video feedback • Supports coach education assessment
  23. 23. Name: tactics board playbook hd Category: coaching analysis IOS: YES Android: no Cost: $4.99 TacticsBoard Playbook HD Features: Plan and draw your team winning tactics in 22 different sports using TacticsBoard Using TacticsBoard you can explain your sport tactics drawing lines, adding objects to represent players, balls or explain the plays, as fast as possible. You can add notes, save your plays, send them to the TV output – which is perfect for lectures or creating videos–, and share them as pictures or PDFs with colleagues and friends – everything with autosave, so no play is ever lost.
  24. 24. Name: jumione Category: utilities IOS: YES Android: yes Cost: free JumiOne Features: Ultimate control for your iPhone and iPad Transforming your mobile iDevice into a centralized remote control for your entire PC with JumiOne today! This powerful mobile control hub has the value of six unique remote apps that let you control your desktop’s mouse, camera, as well as Winamp and other software from anywhere! Featured on numerous high profile media outlets such as CNET, JumiOne is one of the premier remote platforms for controlling PC’s fully tailored and optimized for use via iOS devices.