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This presentation will explain our unique system.

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SFS Presentation

  1. 1. Welcome to Scale Free Systems Home of the patented non-chemical, non-magnetic water treatment, scale prevention andremoval, corrosion control, and bacteria and algae control system.
  2. 2. Brief History of SFS• Established the Scale Free process over 20 years ago in St. Louis under the name NoKem.• Scale Free Systems was bought out by Meeh Mechanical Contracting Co. in 1991.• SFS was redesigned with control systems, which included the copper/silver ionization control system.
  3. 3. SFS water treatment process Features• Eliminates & reverses scale/corrosion• Prevents bacteria, Legionella, & algae growth• Regulates conductivity control• Eliminate daily operating care• Protect against corrosion• Increase heating efficiency from 10%-20%• Water savings
  4. 4. Principles of SFS• Chemical – Uses chemicals to treat the water• Other non-chemical treatments – Uses magnetic waves to treat the water.• SFS – Treats the equipment, not the water.
  5. 5. Principles of SFS• Positive particles in the water are attracted to the negative charged pipes and equipment. This causes scaling and corrosion.• Electricity will always follow the path of least resistance.• By neutralizing the equipment, we can prevent scaling and corrosion.
  6. 6. Animation demonstrates effect of Scale Free System on Cooling Tower equipment. (Double click image to play if auto play does not activate.)
  7. 7. Animation demonstrates effect of Scale Free System on Chiller equipment. (Double click image to play if auto play does not activate)
  8. 8. How SFS works for scale and corrosion…• Galvanic action between probe and equipment.• Control panel regulates and controls the flow of electrical energy.• Ground connections to pipe and equipment.• Install a separate grounding system
  9. 9. How SFS works with bacteria and algae control…• Copper/silver ionizaton.• Copper levels don’t evaporate.• Control system regulates the time and usage of copper/silver ions into the water.
  10. 10. Standard Bacteria Water Test Results• Cooling tower water – less than 10,000 CFU’s• Drinking water – less than 500 CFU’s• SFS water test results – 329 CFU’s
  11. 11. The Service Program • Supervision of installation. • Start and test the SFS process. • Train maintenance staff. • SFS support service. • SFS rep provides service and training 1 time a year. • Lifetime warranty for SFS equipment.
  12. 12. Advantages of SFS water treatment process• Reduces- water treatment cost• Labor cost• Energy cost• Maintenance cost• Water cost• Sewer cost
  13. 13. Advantages continued…• Environmentally safe• Pollution Free• No EPA requirements• No chemical shipping or freight costs• No chemical storage or handling costs• No cleaning and disposal of chemical drums• No acid cleaning or rodding of tubes
  14. 14. Applications for SFS water treatment process• Evaporative Condensers• Boilers• Cooling Towers• Chillers• Heat Exchangers• Hot Water Heaters
  15. 15. Maryland Heights Government Center Scale Free Systems Installation
  16. 16. Scale Free Systems Installation
  17. 17. Open Testimonials folder on this disk to watch videotestimonials and interviews showing Scale Free installations on Chillers, Towers and Ammonia Condensers. Thank You Visit us at scalefreeintl.com