Why you should be using google plus


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Why you should be using google plus

  1. 1. ro bbyco x.co m http://www.ro bbyco x.co m/why-yo u-sho uld-be-using-go o gle-plus/Why You Should Be Using Google PlusI am sure most of you are aware that Google has a social network called GooglePlus. It is similar to Facebook, yet with a f ew dif f erent and unique f eatures.I just recently created an account on Google Plus and I am really enjoying theexperience. Google Plus provides a huge range of f eatures available to sharecontent, engage with other people, and build your personal brand while driving lotsof traf f ic to your site.Here is some great content on Google Plus that I recommendreadingWanna Hangout Why Google is Good For Your Business Google Plus is the best place to engage interact andcultivate business clients. If you’re not on Google Plus yet I highly recommend it.…T he New Google Plus Interf ace In the previous Google Plus interf ace you had a limited number of ways toknow which members of Google Plus were hanging out at the time when you were online. You could seeoccasional Hangout notif ications f rom your.…How Not to Do A Google Plus Hangout Today I had the f ine task in f ront of me of presenting some work stuf ff or a small group via a Google Plus hangout. I do not have the best history with the product but was eager towork with her to put aside our dif f erences so.…How To Get More Followers On Google Plus I want to share some tips and tricks with you that I havediscovered that will help you get more f ollowers on Google plus, because if you can get a lot of peoplef ollowing you on this network, you will increase your inf luence, and f urther create a greater amount of leveragewith the ability to drive a massive amount of traf f ic through your sites in a very short period of time.Google Plus will build your search traffic Google Search Plus Your World builds organic search traf f ic, big-time. Say what you want … My Google Plus prof ile occasionally appears in SPY World results f or ‘onlinemarketing’ and ‘internet marketing’. I’ve never gotten clicks or impressions f or ‘online marketing’ or ‘internetmarketing’. When Google Search Plus Your World showed up, I started getting both.As you improve and grow your Google Plus prof ile, you will see an increase in organic traf f ic. People who addyou to their circles will see your stuf f blended in the results of search plus your world.Check out my Google Plus prof ile and add me to your circles.Relat ed Post s: Social Bookmarking Backlinks – Blog Traf f ic Training… Easy Way To Get High Quality Backlink From Google Create Syndication Group To Increase Blog Traf f ic How To Use Social Media To Increase Blog Traf f ic Posting in Groups – Blog Traf f ic Training Lesson 4