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How To Get Traffic To Your Blog


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6 Tips on How To Get Traffic To Your Blog

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How To Get Traffic To Your Blog

  1. 1. empowernet To Get Traffic To Your Blogby robbycox | on February 11, 2012Blogs are loved by the search engines. A well researched originalarticle focusing on a highly searched keyword with lowcompetition will definitely allow you to rank well in the searchengines, however, there are some other steps you can take toget more traffic to your blog. Take a look at some easy steps onhow t o get t raf f ic t o your blog.6 Tips on How to Get Traffic to yourBlog1.The most important thing is to take your time to find keywordsthat people are looking for that are not to competitive. The twotools I use and recommend are the Google Keyword Tool and Market Samurai. Once you decideon a keyword, create a high quality article that is original that uses your keywords and phrases.This brings two main benefits. First, your high quality and useful content will keep your visitorsinterested and coming back for more. Second, fresh updated content will improve your searchengine ranking which brings traffic to your blog.2.An optimized title for each page you create is effective in driving traffic to your blog. You need tooptimize your blogs titles and use the keywords or phrases that people use when searching forinformation on the internet. As a result your website will be visible on search engines, and yourwebsite will also rank high for all your keywords, getting visitors or traffic to your website.3.Use email marketing with your blog. Offer your visitors something free in exchange for their emailaddress. Now you have an effective way of providing value to your readers bringing them back toyour blog and allows you to create a list. Having your own list is important because you can sellyour products and services to your list. By using an auto responder like Aweber, you can sendemails to your list about updates to your blog, which will result in traffic to your blog.4.Another powerful way to get traffic to your blog is to use social book marking. If you rank high onpopular social book marking sites, you can get large amounts of traffic to your website.5.RSS feed for blog traffic. RSS feed is a great tool that will keep people coming back to your blogbecause after people subscribe to your RSS feed, they will get updates. Every time you make anew blog post, your subscribers will be notified.6.Convert your blog post into articles and submit them to various article sites. All you need to do ischange your titles and re-word your article, then submit.These six simple tips should help you to get lots of traffic to your blog.
  2. 2. These six simple tips should help you to get lots of traffic to your blog.This entry was posted in Online MarketingTags: blog traffic, get traffic to your blog, how to get traffic to your website, increase blogtraffic, increase traffic to websiteAbout T he Author: robbycoxI am just a regular guy who loves life, and spending time with family and friends. I ama fitness fanatic and internet marketer. I love the ability that the Empower Networkgives me to express myself, share knowledge and make money just blogging.