How To Get Free Business Listing on Google


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Video shows you how to set up your own business listing on Google

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How To Get Free Business Listing on Google

  1. 1. empowernet Business Listing on GoogleCreating a f ree business list ing on Google is free and easy. Having a google business listing iscrucial for your local business.85% rely on the internet when looking for local information such as “Where to order pizza?”, “Howlate is the mall open?” or “Mobile Marketing in Atlanta”.Internet searches and tools like Google places havemade directories such as the yellow pages almostworthless.If your not listed or not listed in the top of GooglePlaces, then people are going to find yourcompetitors and not you. In order to rank at the top,you need to do a good job on filling out your profile correctly with effective keywords, goodcopywriting, pictures and videos.Setting Up Free Business Listing on GoogleSetting up your free business listing on Google is easy. Just enter your basic information includingphone number, hours and payment options. The more info you fill in, the better off you will bewhen customers looking for your type of business in the Atlanta area, come across yourinformation.Do not forget to add photos and videos if you have them. Not only does all of this make yourprofile more engaging for the people who find it, but the extra content and tag information willencourage Google to take more notice of you. So on that note, be sure that all of yourdescriptions and tags are all SEO optimized.Once you have your profile set up, you can access user friendly Google places tools to get adetailed analysis of how your business is performing in online searches such as how many peoplecame to your website today, did they find you through a search engine or did they click on a linkfrom another website and what keyword were they searching. This information will help youoptimize you places page to help people who are looking for the products or services you offer.How To Rank Free Business Listing on GoogleOne of the best ways to rank your free business listing on Google higher on the search results
  2. 2. page is to get reviews. One of the easiest ways to get reviews is to ask your customers to giveyou a review. You could also place signs throughout your business or pass out comment cardsasking for reviews.Free Business Listing on Google – VideoIf you have not taken advantage of creating a free business listing on Google, don’t wait anylonger. Do it today.If you enjoyed this please “comment , like & share” this page…Robby CoxSkype: robby.cox(770) 313-1835PS: Earn $500-1200 Per DayThe Easy Way Here!If you enjoyed this post about Free Business List ing on Google please comment below!About T he Author: robbycoxI am just a regular guy who loves life, and spending time with family and friends. I ama fitness fanatic and internet marketer. I love the ability that the Empower Networkgives me to express myself, share knowledge and make money just blogging.