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Connecting people and Mediums in businesses


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Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine
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Connecting people and Mediums in businesses

  1. 1. Connecting people and Mediums in businesses A Powerpoint Presentation By Robert Bridge
  2. 2. Fly on the wall :  In this section by giving businesses an overview from the public information and the facilities available as instructed through the various mediums then quantified by the originators and approved by the customers whom each service was designed then the data will help keep groups improve and change when and if need be.  Explaining and comparing a service is very difficult because people create their own reality.
  3. 3. The love they share and receive is cultivated over years of hard work and built on testimonies by people who have found value and not currently experiencing any disappointment from what they expected.
  4. 4. The fly on the wall principle is very difficult to actively push because all the information is there, the filters and links and connection of dots is what again is difficult to define because we each expect different modes of address. A fly on the wall has connotations of media camera’s outside your house for security or a little bug in the bedside lamp so I guess any pitch of this description will make people retract from any of this data. 
  5. 5. Nevertheless, statistically between marketers most of this type of data is essential but with the understanding of frames and databases the understanding and use of this type of individual consumer data is what prevents people from jumping in and getting involved. 
  6. 6. Pricing services and rebranding or publicly reselling and re-boxing this type of information is the art, and the pioneers of the new services are getting thinner this is why the landscape is more rapidly changing.
  7. 7. The amount of e-mail addresses we contact or friends and families changing, because we now have methods to aggregate all this information, we do dismiss and delete it a lot quicker though, because of the connection of dots within the pursuit of success.  This could be your entourage computer configured with separate accounts or online free e-mail devices like GMX that also login easily with a Facebook button.
  8. 8. The successful are seen repeatedly to display this traight.  Within the values of genius this could be described as humble and to the humble will be obvious but the ego is something that provides the content and takes away from the simplicity of the transference of this timely info.  Don’t worry this fly is not going to land on you and puke up its lunch but there maybe a few British clichés.
  9. 9. Connecting with people and Mediums in which businesses connect.
  10. 10. Structures in place to guarantee a safe place to not only train if need be, but has guarantee’s in place that offer unity and credit where credit is due for work done that has created success within that organisation .
  11. 11. Defining these structures of product services in conjoinment with the benefits of these communities . The validity of the process within the organisation that is recommended as a way to attract suitable, new members .
  12. 12. The reason why a comparison can help you understand how to suggest improvements within the community you play and have interests to improve .  The sense of pride you have for this community and how often you either receive a call followed by the doorbell ringing and visa versa.
  13. 13. In addition, what products are available that for your standards or needs i.e. future expected profit goals can you use on the backend of what your community already has to offer?  Physical products, shoulders to cry on, team experts to elevate you back into your knowing and identity. The guide, the sponsor, the mommy or granny role, the European advocate, the well voiced consultant to share your message, the video man, the insurance man, the lawyer, the doctor who is just secretly wanting to talk about holistic methods outside of his normal practise. 
  14. 14. The team players who knows, the list is endless they could have the best swing in golf, or hang out in the best places. Do they wear the nicest suits and partake in the games in which they have the most luck? They might even be people who do simple things regularly and do not even know they are potentially the worlds best advocates of continuity. 
  15. 15. Q uestions we all ask ourselves and could potentially be asked within any assumed community . ■ Did you read the local magazine then from there a conversation happens  ■ Or I seen you jogging at 6.00 am in the morning   And if you did not see them and you know this is something they said will help them have nicer days reminding them by asking this question will quite possibly by all measures help them keep upbeat .  This could also prevent these good practises from fizzling out completely and keep them healthy , upbeat and more positive . 
  16. 16. This is not to say when everything is obsolete and it seems that they are having problems that you realistically have given them a wide birth that you then disconnect.
  17. 17. These are the guarantee’s that we think most communities have in place and we just like saying it to remind ourselves .  The world is a team and if we all share the same space regardless of the amount of time we focus within books, studies and outside webinars. We still contribute to the heartbeat and the soul of the machine, the heartbeat of the drop and this quite probably is an alignment of the honesty and understanding we each share .
  18. 18. Find the drive that motivates and you have the hook that bonds the relationship.  Backgrounds are an important part of all of us as individuals and within every situation there is a positive perception as indeed some may find quite difficult to understand. 
  19. 19. However the shared commonality is what is learned from this, from this experience how can you realistically add it into your knowing for an inevitable amount of time to improve your daily routine.  The way that you interact with your team, friends and family and the guarantee’s to yourself that will be a great template for your futures monetisation . 
  20. 20. This is not something perpetual , nor is it exponentially increasing , nor should it be labelled as something that will improve and reduce the amount of paid work you receive, and the reach of customers , and interest in what you bring to the table .  For that would be none of your business , or mine; unless of course you are: family, a trusted partner or paid in full inner circle member.
  21. 21. Nevertheless, what it could be is more simply an improvement and willingness to learn everyday. This is not to say you should downsize your knowing and draw conclusions from your own knowing and dismiss anyone’s place in which they are at, because most of us these days;  and I say this to male, females, the elderly the young and middle aged are free.   
  22. 22. Free in the sense that the ego is not showing whether typed in your team communications copy, the lines and expressions of disappointment on your face to the dips in your voice as you judge a potential friend or realistically have to know when to let go and unsubscribe from some other type of distraction.
  23. 23. However, challenging anyone’s retention and challenging suitably their sensitivity should in all cases be acknowledged and reminded . This is knowing, the world consciousness has grown and by understanding we all share the same mediums and are all learning the new instructions and all taking initiatives in tiny sections of fundamental knowledge that may save time effort and or make organisation and focus much much better. And in that time whether sitting up standing to attention or lying down you are comfortably learning , exercising skills and practises and processing the flow of information we each share.