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Free viewpoint concert


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overview of KDDI Free Viewpoint Concert solution

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Free viewpoint concert

  1. 1. KDDI R&D LABS@CES2012 Dec, 2011 Booth Number 35225 KDDI R&D Labs Prototyped a New Application for Playing Free-Viewpoint Media on a SmartphoneSaitama, Japan - KDDI R&D Labs has prototyped an Android™ application which is capable of playingfree-viewpoint media, where a viewer can enjoy the audiovisual content from any view-/listening- point,including where neither camera nor microphone is mounted. This application is especially suitable forthe music video; with this application, the content which was created after analyzing 3D spatial aspectsin advance can be easily delivered to mobile devices. On such devices as smartphones and tablets, aviewer can select his/her favorite viewpoint as well as can change the performers position and/or theconcert venue space. Such a viewing experience adds a new value to the existing video applications.Free-viewpoint media, following the deployment of 3D TV, is expected to realize more interactive TVstyle. KDDI R&D Labs prototyped a Video-on-Demand system for delivering free-viewpoint media toconsumer. In this previous system, pre-analyzed video and audio materials are stored on a server side,and according to the viewpoint selected by a viewer, the minimum necessary data is extracted anddelivered, which is then composed to reproduce free-viewpoint media on a receiver side. However,delivered data size and processing cost are huge at a receiver side and thus it is difficult to reproducesuch free-viewpoint media on a smartphone or a tablet.Towards the above problems, the optimal resource allocation to a server side and a receiver side hasbeen investigated. More specifically, KDDI R&D Labs has developed (i) commonization of datadelivered to a receiver device independently of the selected viewpoints, (ii) data size reduction bydescribing delivered data in an object unit instead of an image unit, and (iii) processing acceleration ona receiver device by the target data extraction from the received common data. These technologies solvethe above problems and also the new Android™ application has been developed for playingfree-viewpoint media on a smartphone. KDDI R&D Labs plans to develop more advanced technologywhere free-viewpoint media can be reproduced by capturing the generic venue space instead of chromakey studio, and to seek collaboration with content providers towards commercialization offree-viewpoint media delivery service.For further information, please contact:R&D Marketing Group,KDDI R&D Laboratories,
  2. 2. KDDI R&D LABS@CES2012 Dec, 2011 Booth Number 35225Fig. 1 Overview of free-viewpoint media creationFig. 2. Viewpoint/angle change; you can view/listen to content from any view-/listening- point.Fig. 3. Players position change; you can locate your favorite player at your favorite position.Fig. 4. Concert venue change; you can change the venue space and hear audio according to its geometry.