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Connected Home Eu Tour Oct2009


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Published in: Technology
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Connected Home Eu Tour Oct2009

  1. 1. Anytime, Anywhere, Any media, Any screen Connected Solutions Demo iPhone and Blackberry Digital Entertainers NETGEAR Router Internet WNDR3700 “Ultimate Networking Machine” and Powerline AV Stora™ Home Media Server
  2. 2. Emerging Lifestyles and NETGEAR‟s new Consumer Solutions October 2009
  3. 3. Strong demand continues for connected products “One billion Wi-Fi chipsets to ship in 2011”ABI Research, Aug 2009 “28 M Xbox 360 sold to date, 17 M Xbox Live Users, 30% of Xbox 360 owners download/stream video each month” Parks Associates Aug 2009 Verizon Home Media DVR: 25% take rate (extra $4/month) Over the Top Video: Virgin Media estimates 10.5 Million views of iPlayer content in 1st month
  4. 4. Tied to the Home !
  5. 5. Stranded with cables !
  6. 6. Introducing…
  7. 7. Mobility Connected Entertainment Home Media Access
  8. 8. 3G Mobility
  9. 9. 3G Mobile Wireless Router Homes and Remote Locations • Events, conferences, special events – Share the Internet with your team • In Homes, vacation homes, remote locations - alternative to DSL/cable • Mobile Workforce – construction crew, emergency response • On the road – camp sites, in the car, etc. Share your Internet virtually Anywhere
  10. 10. Wireless-N 150 Modem Router (DGN1000) “The New Street Fighter” NETGEAR Advantages • • Push „N‟ Connect with WiFi Protected setup (WPS) • Energy saving features in WiFi and power on/off switches • New, easy multi-language Smart Wizard setup
  11. 11. • Simple – Low, Moderate, High Protection • Everything protected: PC, Mac, Game Consoles, iPhone, etc. • Advanced -- Per User, Time Based Custom Filtering • Manage remotely • Free to NETGEAR Customers!
  12. 12. Wireless-N 300 Modem Routers (DGND3300 & DGN3500) Dual Band Wireless-N Modem Router DGND3300 Simultaneous Dual Band 2.4 and 5 GHz NETGEAR Advantages • ReadyShare™ USB Storage Access • Push „N‟ Connect with WiFi Protected setup (WPS) • 8 (DGND3300) & 3 (DGN3500) Metamaterial antennas, reach and range • Quality of Service (QOS), WDS repeater functionality • Multiple SSID support • New multi-language Smart Wizard
  13. 13. Dual Band Gigabit Router (WNDR3700) „The Ultimate Networking Machine‟ High Performance, Feature Packed • Simultaneous Dual Band – 2.4GHz and 5 GHz 802.11n • Ultra Fast Gigabit Ethernet Ports • ReadyShare™ – high-speed USB Storage access • Secured Guest Networks (Multi-SSID) • Broadband Usage Meter • Video Quality of Service
  14. 14. New NETGEAR Remote Access DGs / Routers Internet NETGEAR EVA2000 • Fast Read/Write access (FAT16/32, NTFS, EXT2, EXT3) Pictures Music • Play any Media via Video ReadyDLNA to any UPnP XBOX360 or DLNA media player • Remote / Internet Access via HTTPS and FTP USB Storage PlayStation 3 DLNA certified HDTVs (Sony, Samsung, LG, etc)
  15. 15. Connected Entertainment
  16. 16. Digital Entertainer Live (EVA2000) Enjoy Home Media, YouTube, and Internet Video easy and affordable • USB Home Media • Network Home Media • YouTube Free Trials • Internet Websites & Live Internet TV • • PlayOn w/ Plug-in Content via PC –
  17. 17. Digital Entertainer Live HD TV Media Player, YouTube, Movies and More Optional: Wireless or Powerline (EVAW111) (XAVB101)
  18. 18. Digital Entertainer Express (EVA9100) Diskless, Wired Version of Digital Entertainer Elite, more competitive price • Same ID, UI, Feature set as Digital Entertainer Elite except: – No Hard Disk Drive Support – No Internal Wireless • Supports 11n USB Adapter • Free Trial for • Leverage the strong reviews & reputation of EVA9150
  19. 19. Powerline AV 4-Port (XAVB1004) “Home Theater Connectivity” NETGEAR Advantages • 4-Ports to connect Gaming, CE, and Set Top Boxes • Simple color coded Quality of Service • Pick-a-Plug – find the right plug for the best performance • Simplified Push-N-Secure for easy setup • Energy saving features (Idle Mode, Standby Mode) Connects TV and Gaming Products
  20. 20. Home Media Access
  21. 21. Stora™ Home Media Server (MS2110) The NETGEAR Difference  Easily share photos, music, and video with friends and family  Automatically uploads photos to Facebook  Remote Access from PC or iPhone,  Fast read/writes (up to 250 Mbps)  Second Drive for automatic backup (RAID)  Integrated DLNA Media Server
  22. 22. Stora™ Home Media Server New NETGEAR Remote Access DGs / Routers Internet NETGEAR EVA2000 Pictures Music Video XBOX360 PlayStation 3 DLNA certified HDTVs (Sony, Samsung, LG, etc)
  23. 23. Eco-friendly Products Range 100% Power •Transmit Power Control 50% Lower 75% Lower adjust power and range •Power On/off for WiFi & NAS save energy when not in use •Gigabit Green switch & router Long Base Power Gigabit Ports Medium Medium •Green Packaging and Energy Short Low Pwr Pwr Star Power Adapter No Cable - Sleep Mode
  24. 24. , Any media, Any screen easy and safe
  25. 25. Anytime, Anywhere Solution Demo Digital Entertainers Internet NETGEAR Router WNDR3700 “Ultimate Networking Machine” and Powerline AV Stora™ Home Media Server
  26. 26. Thank you!