The usmc in the pacific


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The usmc in the pacific

  1. 1. MARFORPAC CY12 Operations & Exercises(1) Mongolia (15) RIMPACKhaan Quest (Multilateral 8 countries)(2) Nepal (16) CARATHA/DR CONOP Dev 100+ Exercises/Events Indonesia Malaysia(3) Bangladesh 1 Engaged 48 Countries ThailandENCAP 2 HA/DR Operations Brunei(4) IndiaShatrujeet 21 2 Contingency Responses (17) Australia MRF-D 22 3 Contingency Operations Pitch Black(5) Maldives Southern FrontierCoconut Grove 2 ~ 50K Marines Deployed in Support MTTs ISO Amphib Cap x 5NCO Development Gold Eagle 3 HAMEL(6) Thailand 23 OMLTCobra Gold (Multilateral)Freedom Banner 11 15 (18) New Zealand 42 X CPX 6 12 24 Alam Halfa Koru Kiwi(7) Malaysia 10 14 Galvanic Kiwi2 X CPX Pae Tata11th MEU MAREX 16 7 (19) NOLES(8) Singapore 5 8 New ZealandValiant Mark (Multilat: 17 countries, incl PRC, South Pacific Islands)(9) Indonesia 9KORMAR CPX (20) French New CaledoniaCoop. Health Engagement (CHE) 13 Croix Du SudPacific Partnership 17 (Multilateral 7 countries)(10) Cambodia Crisis Response (21) KoreaCambodia HADR CPX Thailand Flood Relief UFG/Key Resolve/Foal EagleCHE / Humanitarian Mine Action Ssang YongPacific Partnership 12 Typhoon Bopha (PH) 20 KMEP (8)(11) Laos Missile launch (TPS-59 x 2) (22) JapanHumanitarian Mine Action Yama Sakura Contingency Operations Forest Light X 2(12) Vietnam Keen SwordMedical SMEE CARAT 19 JSOTF-P Iron FistPacific Partnership JOEP 18 CENTCOM Special missions Amphib Capability(13) Timor Leste Terminal Fury (OKI)15th MEU MAREX (23) Taiwan(14) Philippines MTT x 2Balikatan Exercise ObservationPhiblexCHE / Pandemic Symposium CENTCOM EUCOM AFRICOM/SOUTHCOM (24) Guam/Tinian/CNMIPacific Partnership 12 UAE Native Fury, Iron Magic; Saudi Arabia Tidal Estonia BALTOPS; Norway Kocak Djibouti French Bilat x 2; Senegal Western Accord Aviation Training Relo x 4 Storm, Nautical Union; Kuwait Eager Mace x 2; UK Joint Warrior, Mountain Dragon, ; Liberia Onward Liberty Forger Fury (MAG 12) x 2 Jordan Bilat; Oman Sea Soldier; Pashtun Sabre, Black Alligator ODHACA – Multilateral 13 countries; CD/CNT x 3 MEUEX & CERTEX
  2. 2. Distributed Laydown IWAKUNI OKINAWA ~3,500 ~20,600 ~11,500“The US plans to locate MAGTFs in Okinawa, Guam,and Hawaii and intends to establish a rotationalpresence in Australia in order to establish a HAWAIIgeographically distributed force posture while GUAMsustaining the forward presence of USMC forces in ~6,100 ~8,800the region. ~4,700…approximately 9000 U.S. Marines, along with theirassociated dependents, are to be relocated from TODAYOkinawa to locations outside of Japan. USMC West of IDL…The authorized strength of USMC forces in Guam >22K West of III MEF: 15,251is 5000 personnel. Int’l Date Line MCI-PAC: 1,650…the US is establishing a USMC rotational presence per SECDEF guidance MARFOR-K: 55in Australia, with other US Marines moving to Hawaii Guam: 12to enhance operational capability there.” Total: 16,968Joint Statement of the Security Consultative Committee 26 Apr 2012 DARWIN ~2,500 “This year, Australia will welcome the deployment of U.S. Marines to Darwin and northern Australia for around six months at a time, where they will conduct exercises and training on a rotational basis with the Australian Defense Forces… The intent in the coming years is to establish a rotational presence of up to a 2500 person MAGTF.” White House Statement, 16 Nov 2011 2