The Rover System


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Lt. Col. (USAF) of the Rover team explains the key role of Rover in the "democratization of the battlefield. The Rover system has evolved from video downlink into an interactive system. It allows the ground and air forces to operate significantly differently in what Secretary Wynne called close combat support.

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  • Program Description/Overview – basic info on the What, How and Why of ROVERInteroperability – basic concept here is that ROVER is a very versatile device and the list continues to growHow Being Used Today – pictorial representation of how the scheme works
  • The Rover System

    1. 1. Remotely Operated Video Enhanced Receiver Capabilities Brief A2Q ISR InnovationsLt Col Chuck 1
    2. 2. DisclaimerThis briefing/presentation is forinformation only. No U.S. Governmentcommitment to sell, loan, lease, co-develop or co-produce these defensearticles or services is implied or intended 2
    3. 3. Wartime Innovations4 Days to test - 4 Weeks to combat 3
    4. 4. ROVER Program Description/Overview What: ROVER provides Full Motion Video (FMV) from an airborne platform to ground users via airborne, mobile, fixed, or man-portable terminals How: Airborne platform transmit signal containing FMV to ground user who use multi-band ROVER receiver connected to display (laptop or analog device) to view video and/or telemetry Why: Provides real time information allowing personnel to target from video, request close air support, directing aircrew to adjust aim to put bombs on target, provides flexibility, captures / records video, provides aircraft location/coordinates for orientation, etc…How Being Used Today Interoperability (list not all inclusive) Predator Liberty Litening Pod P3 Swift Pointer Tern AC-130 Shadow Pioneer Scathe View Raven Dragon Eye Fire Scout SNIPER Pod Mako / Tigershark Scan Eagle Hunter Strike Killer Team 5
    5. 5. What is ROVER?• Remote Operated Video Enhanced Receiver – Air Force answer to receive full motion video (FMV)• ROVER uses line of sight video downlink from a Varity of airborne platforms – Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) and Advanced Targeting Pods (ATP) – manned platforms – Unencrypted and encrypted - Analog and digital – Bidirectional and IP (coming soon) Managed by ISR Innovations Office (A2Q) and Big Safari - QRC 6
    6. 6. What is ROVER - NOT?• Not a Program of Record• Spiral developed over 8 years – Feedback from the Customer – Input from “Big Vision” People• Has not gone thru JROC• Or JCIDS• Not JTIC Certified• Not sure if it is JTRS Certified• Most request capability in the AOR• ….JTACS like it 7
    7. 7. First ROVER IIA Pretty Neat Story:On 17 Jan 02, CW2 Chris Manuel (Army Green Beret) pictured above, dropped in unannounced to visit 645AESG. He said he’d spent the past 3 months looking in caves in Afghanistan, had 2 weeks off, and thenwas to return to do the same. He said his unit desperately needed access to Predator video to enable themto “see what was over the next hill” before putting his people at risk. Key players were assembled, therequirement was discussed with the contractor, and a solution was developed that day, right in the Big Safarioffice. Eight days later (23 Jan 02) the solution - shown above - was demonstrated at the Predator testfacility at El Mirage. CW2 Manual deployed back to Afghanistan to put the ROVER into operations. TheROVER was credited multiple times for saving the lives of his unit and assisting in the killing or capture ofenemy combatants.
    8. 8. Factors Influencing ROVER DesignCompatibility- Across the services ROVER Family-With DHS Tac ROVER and ROVER 4Transmit Net ROVER- Net-T ROVER5 & 6 C2 ROVEREncryption-Type-1 All ROVERs have various-AES levels of encryption-TDESSizeWeight 9
    9. 9. L-3 Communications Proprietary ROVER Evolution ROVER 4 & CMDL ROVER 5 Predecessors ROVER 5 • Multi-band Capability • AES Encryption • Portable Handheld • Type 1 EncryptionC2 ROVER • International Version (2012) VORTEX• Type 1 Encryption• BE-CDL Waveform• DDL Raven Receive • Type 1 Encryption• Dual Link - Relay • Multi-band Capability ROVER 6 Tactical ROVER SIR • Type 1 Encryption • Receiver Only • BE-CDL Waveform •AES Decryption • Soldier Wearable ISR • DDL Raven Receive • ROVER 5 Waveforms • AES Decryption • MIL-STD Connectors • Environmentally Ruggedized
    10. 10. ROVER Compatibility/InteroperabilityPredatorSNIPER PodLiteningPodP3RavenPioneerPointerAC-130ShadowHunterFire ScoutScathe ViewLiberty/MC-12
    11. 11. Waveform Interoperability 12
    12. 12. Interoperability Challenge Dept of Homeland Security• Interoperability has been an elusive capability• Law Enforcement and Military have gone on divergent paths for ISR/IAA• Homeland Security/Defense and National Disaster Response have illuminated both need and capability gaps• New modem technology offers interoperable solutions, opportunities for convergence Lessons learned from 9/11, Katrina, Cal Wild fires, Haiti, Oil Spills
    13. 13. L-3 Communications Proprietary Remote Operations Video Enhanced Receiver (ROVER) 3/e/4• Revolutionized Ground Warfare by Bringing ISR Data to Ground Troops• Capabilities – Receiver – Frequency Bands – C/L/S/Ku – Waveforms Supported – CDL, Tactical, Analog, DDL – Encryption – AES / TDES – Operating Temp -20°C to +70°C – 10.25 lbs with Battery• Status – ROVER 3 – 2004, 469 Delivered – eROVER – 2006, 1,309 Delivered – ROVER 4 – 2007, 1,627 Delivered; – ROVER 4 Ease of Use Due 3/31/2011 – Production Line Ramping Down
    14. 14. L-3 Communications Proprietary ROVER 5 Capabilities Status• Menu-Driven Touch Screen • Capabilities Being Exploited in Theatre• Tactical White-boarding • Net-T Targeted Device• Type 1-1 / AES / TDES Approved • Production Line Ramping Down• Five Band Transceiver – UHF/C/Ku/L/S• Waveforms Supported – CDL, Tactical, VNW, Analog• Data Rates up to 44.73 Mbps• SWAP – 9.5” x 5.6” x 2.25” – Multiple Power and Battery Options – Weight – 3.5 lbs
    15. 15. L-3 Communications Proprietary Video ORiented Transceiver for EXchange (VORTEX) Capabilities Status• Type 1-1 / AES / TDES Approved • Flight Qualification Complete on• Five Band Transceiver – UHF/C/Ku/L/S Several Platforms – Both Fixed• Waveforms Supported and Rotary Wing – CDL, Tactical, VNW, Analog• Data Rates up to 44.73 Mbps• Spatial / Frequency Diversity• EMI/EMC 461E Compliant• SWAP – 4.75” X 3.7” X 8.6” – Nominal 45 W, 9 – 32 VDC – Weight – < 10 lbs Predator Kiowa
    16. 16. L-3 Communications Proprietary ROVER 6 Capabilities• Type 1-1 / AES / TDES Approved Status• Five Band Transceiver – UHF/C/Ku/L/S • Development Complete• Waveforms Supported • LRIP of 300 Systems – CDL, Tactical, VNW, Analog, BE-CDL, • FRP of ~2,500 Systems DDL • Developing Ku-Band• Data Rates up to 44.73 Mbps Directional Antenna• Spatial / Frequency Diversity • Developing L/S Transmit and• EMI/EMC 461E Compliant C/L/S Receive Antenna• SWAP – 6.25” x10.98” 3.80” – 10VDC to 32VDC Input – Weight – < 10 lbs PM UAS Apache MUMT-2 New Antennas Under Development
    17. 17. L-3 Communications Proprietary – Information on this page is subject to the restrictions on the first page. Tactical ROVER SIR v2.0 Tactical ROVER• Contract Award 7/22/2010 • Features Same as SIR 2.0• Delivered 73; 47 On Order • Contract Award 10/19/2010• Receiver • Battery Powered• Frequency Bands – C/L/S • Weight – 1.1 lbs w/o battery • Ku-Band Downconverter and • In production now Antenna; Due 8/31/2011; 6 On Order• Waveforms Supported • CDL, Tactical, VNW, Analog• Encryption – AES/ TDES• Weight – < 1 lbs• Auto Acquire• Production Line Ramping Down
    18. 18. L-3 Communications Proprietary – Information on this page is subject to the restrictions on the first page. C2 ROVER• Compact, Highly-Capable, Multi-Use • Status – Contract Negotiated Transceiver – 8 Deliverable Prototypes• Capabilities – Two Independent Bi-Directional Links – Full Link Interconnectivity – Relay – Transceiver – Frequency Bands – C/L/S/Ku/UHF – Waveforms Supported – CDL, Tactical, VNW, Analog, BE-CDL, DDL – Data Rates up to 44.73 Mbps – Encryption – Type 1-1 / AES / TDES – Operating Temp -20°C to +70°C w/cold plate – 10+ lbs – BE-CDL – Spatial / Frequency Diversity – EMI/EMC 461E Compliant
    19. 19. ROVER Metadata• Lots of attention being focused on metadata over the past few years. There are lots of formats out there, but two main standards: – Key-Length-Value (KLV) • Controlled by MISB (Motion Imagery Standards Board) – Cursor on Target (CoT) • Controlled by MITRE• ROVER supports and encourages KLV metadata over the link – ROVER 4s delivered with KLV capability – ROVER IIIs/eROVERs receive KLV capability with software upgrade• L3 working on KLV to CoT translator application that runs on ROVER
    20. 20. FMV FalconViewGoogle Earth ROVER
    21. 21. Lessons RE-Learned from 9/11,Katrina, Cal Wild fires, Haiti, Oil Spills
    22. 22. ROVER BLOS Dissemination 25
    23. 23. Digital Encryption• OSD will mandate a migration to digital waveforms – with eventual encryption of FMV – Interim solution TDES or AES – Follow-up with NSA Type 1• ROVER 5 capability includes Type 1• ROVER 4 has TDES• Common RVT with USAF/ARMY/MARINES – USIP 1 standards – Air – Mobile – Fixed 26
    24. 24. ROVER IP Network Capability Using Net-T Software ROVER 5/5i CMDL VORTEX Current Radios
    25. 25. Using Today’s Technology – Today!• Objective/Motivation - Provide a full duplex, IP based network capability to the tactical edge using existing infrastructure to support Information Dominance missions – QRC Capability - Establish ROVER as an IP Network node (RIPN) using Net-T software• Complementary and interoperable with any IP architecture – HAF A2Q is NOT offering a 100% solution - plenty of room for many other technologies
    26. 26. Net-T Main Points• Gov’t-owned-standard software load for existing and programmed radios – non proprietary• Securable using both Type 1 and AES• Backwards compatible with existing ROVERs• Multiband (C,L,S,Ku) - not limited to a single band• Wideband - up to 44 Mbps with the Vortex Using todays technology - today
    27. 27. What’s coming up next Tac ROVER Analog Antenna Thales Harris USB
    28. 28. Antenna Overview ROVER Ku Ku-Band ROVER L/S/C L/S/CUHF Down converter SIR v2.5 ROVER 4
    29. 29. Tactical ROVER-e “Kit” (Tentative) SIR v2.5 Kit  Radio  Operator Manual  Multi-Band Tactical Antenna (L/S/C-Band)  Cable Set  Power  Power & Ethernet  Power & USB  Power cables  BA5590  Flying Leads  Brites  BNC Video  RF  Vuzix Tactical display Plus Ku Band Down Converter &  Includes Cap Antenna
    30. 30. Cable Set (Proposed) Power/Connector Power/Ethernet Connector Power/USB Connector BA5590 Battery Cable Flying Lead DC Power Cable BRITES Power CableIdentical to SIRv2.5 – Full backward compatibility
    31. 31. Preliminary Connector Layout Battery ConnectorAntenna Port (TNC)10 Pin Keyfill Bayonet 26 Pin Video Out “Mighty Mouse” (BNC) Power & I/O
    32. 32. Preliminary Radio – Front View Power LCD Button/Standby ESC Backlight 5 WayCOMSEC NavigationBYPASS KEYS PadDecimal Point 12 Key Alpha Numeric Keypad Keypad Lock ZEROIZE KEYS
    33. 33. Preliminary Radio – Back View COMSEC Label COMSEC Not Installed Label
    34. 34. Preliminary Radio Assembly Keypad/Display Cover RF Card Septum Digital Card Rear CoverCOMSEC Module COMSEC Cover
    35. 35. SWaP Comparison (Size) SIR v2.5 Tactical ROVER-e (estimate)Dimensions 5.6 x 3.0 x 1.5 6.52 x 2.7 x 1.82Cubic Inches 25.2 29.2 2.7 1.82 1.5 3.0 6.52 5.6 1.6
    36. 36. SWaP Comparison (Weight) SIR v2.5 Tactical ROVER-e (estimate) With battery (lbs) 1.9 2.3• Tactical ROVER-e estimate is slightly heavier due to: – COMSEC module – Housing the COMSEC – Additional connector and room to house the connector – Volume increase to fit components on CCA’s – Isolation walls
    37. 37. Fielded ROVERsROVER I: (Pred to AC-130) ROVER II: (Aircraft to JTAC) ROVER III – Multi-band receiver C/L/KUTotal Delivery – 20 Total Delivery 147 Total Delivery 2331 C/L Band KU Band ToughBoo k Receiver ROVER V ROVER 6 FRP On Order 900 UHF ROVER IV + UHF= Antenna / 7000 on order ROVER IV Army OSRVT (2000+) Modem Total Delivered 1400 Total ROVER: 7241
    38. 38. ROVER Revolutionizes the Battlefield Over 14 NATO and ISAF countries use ROVER – UK France Australia Germany – Norway New Zealand Canada Portugal – Italy Spain Sweden Belgium – Netherlands85% of CAS mission donewith ROVER in OIF 41