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Images of pacific defense


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This briefing provides images of the challenges facing the US and its allies in shaping an effective defense and security strategy in the 21st century.

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Images of pacific defense

  1. 1. Images of Pacific Defense Key Elements for Shaping a 21st Century Strategy
  2. 2. Key Requirements• Presence• Credible Nuclear Deterrence• Coalition Interoperability• Scalability• Reachback of Forces• Leverage Strategic Depth for Dominance• C5ISR Connectivity• Shape Defense and Attack Enterprise• Maritime and Air Enabled
  3. 3. • The Chinese Perspective
  4. 4. The Chinese Nuclear Dynamic
  5. 5. • China and the Taiwan Straits
  6. 6. • Sovereignty Claims in South China Sea
  7. 7. China, Korea and Western Pacific EEZsThe Map shows the pattern of maritime appropriation across theWestern pacific and well illustrates the importance of the EEZs, and theshrinkage of “open” sea,”
  8. 8. The Bulk of Trade from the Pacific to the US Goes Via the Great Circle Routes
  9. 9. Source: ICC International Maritime Bureau.Encoding of piracy events by William Moreto.
  10. 10. Main Routing Alternativesbetween the Pacific and Atlantic
  11. 11. Main Routing Alternativesbetween East Asia and Northern Europe
  12. 12. Strait of Malacca The strait is the main shipping channel between the Indian Ocean andthe Pacific Ocean, linking major Asian economies such asIndia, China, Japan and South Korea
  13. 13. Shaping an IKC2 Defense Force
  14. 14. The Dynamic Defense of Japan
  15. 15. Extended Deense of Australia
  16. 16. The View from America
  17. 17. The Strategic Triangle and Quadrangle Facing US and Allied Forces
  18. 18. F-35 and Pacific StrategyShaping a Core LynchpinNetworked Fleet Significant InteroperaabilityEnabling the Wolfpack Economy of Force, Scalability and Reachback as Core Elements of New ApproachThe Inversion of the Tactical Multiple and DiversifiedWith the Strategic Basing A Globally Sustained Fleet
  19. 19. F-35 as Allied Pacific Lynchpin Hubs andTraining Ranges Hubs Pacific Dynamic Distances Covered Japan Hawaii Australia Approximately 25 Thousand Singapore Guam Canada Miles of Perimeter Coverage South Korea Alaska