How Airbus Military Products Impact the Military


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During the Airbus Military Trade Media Briefing 2013, held on May 29th and 30th 2013, former Air Commander Ian Elliot, now head of Defence Capability Marketing, at Airbus Military provided some insights on how the A400M and A330MRTT can impact military operations in the future.

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How Airbus Military Products Impact the Military

  1. 1. May 2013Air Cdre (R´td) Ian ElliottHead of Defence Capability MarketingThe Transformational Operational Impact ofAirbus Military´s Products
  2. 2. Let´s go back in time to March 2011
  3. 3. Libya - Operational Timeline19 Mar 11First StormShadow Trail24 Mar 11Activation orderfor Sicily22 Mar 11Thirdtanker toCyprus8 Jun 11Third tankerrecovers fromCyprus27 Feb 11Second tankerdeploys to Cyprus17 Mar 11UN SCR 1973Passed26 Feb 11RAF deploysfirst tanker toCyprus20 - 27 Mar 114 Storm Shadow Trailsand 3 DeploymentTrails (6 x Typhoon &12 GR4 toGioia Del Colle DOB)23 Oct 11Libya declaredLiberated.25 Mar 11RAF tankersdeploy to Sicily28 Oct 1 NovAll tankers returnhome
  4. 4. What is Stormshadow?Air Launched Cruise Missile (by MBDA)Range – up to 250kmTarget sets – C2 Bunkers, airfields, ports,power stations
  5. 5. Drag = Fuel BurnStormshadow is a BIG weapon! Fast jetfuel consumption is increased dramatically5.1 metres long1.3 tonnes weight20 Tonnes of fuel passed to each Tornado GR4
  6. 6. Storm Shadow Missions2 VC10s and 1 Tristar tosupport 4 Tornado GR4s2 Further VC10s on enginesrunning standby and one onground alert3000nm round tripLongest UK bombing missionsince Falklands War3 refuelling brackets to Libyaand 2 to get back to UK
  8. 8. AAR Operating Areas
  9. 9. AAR Operating AreasCloser towlines = Faster response times andincreased endurance for receiversFirst Overland AAR Mission 24 Sep 11
  10. 10. Key Statistics•9 nations provided tankers•16 nations provided 27 types of receivers(260 aircraft in total participated)•Of the 26,500 sorties flown during the 8month campaign, 25% were tankermissions
  11. 11. Coalition Tanker Lessons• Need for Self Defence if forward deployed• Location of Tankers - the closer the better• Criticality of multi point tankers in busy tacticalenvironment.• Requirement for a robust supply chain – too manysorties lost through waiting for spares
  12. 12. So, what if A330 MRTT…?!DRAMATIC Improvements in Effectiveness and Efficiency
  13. 13. A330 MRTT will be far more:- Capable- Reliable- Available
  14. 14. Proven Air-to-Air Refuelling Systems111 tonnesof fuelAir RefuellingConsole tocontrol AARoperationsFuselage Refuelling Unit torefuel large aircraft with aprobe(e.g. A400M,C295)Enhanced Vision Systemwith 3D technologyAerial Refuelling BoomSystem to refuel fighterswith a receptacle(e.g. F-16)UARRSI to be refuellableby another tanker aircraftPair of under-wing podsto refuel fighters with aprobe(e.g. F-18)
  15. 15. Comprehensive Survivability PackageMWSMWSMWSAir-to-Air MissileMan Portable Air DefenseSystem (MANPADS)Armoured FlightDeckFuel InertingSystemOther Self-ProtectionSystems• Radar Warning Receiver• Laser Warning Receiver• Chaff and FlaresLAIRCMTurretsSmall Fire ArmsSurface-to-Air MissilePage 15
  16. 16. Strategic Transport CapabilitiesPermanent 120 m3 lowerdeck capacity for 8 NATOpallets with 36 tonnesCapability to transport 300 troops to 4,500nm or Medevacconfiguration with up to 130 stretchers or VIP configuration orany other usePage 16
  17. 17. Game Changing Effectiveness & Efficiency50 personnelUnmatched Versatility and Effectiveness mean significant costsavings: 20%-40% lower fuel burn per kg of fuel offloadedTODAY12 tonnes of equipmentSpare engine, ground handling,spares parts, luggageOver 2800 nm (5200 km) =Europe to AfghanistanDirect flight = no landingauthorisation requiredYESTERDAY++Various stopsVarious stops4 fighters
  18. 18. May 2013A330 MRTT will transform AAR operations…and A400M will have an equallytransformative effect on air mobility…and A400M will have anequally transformativeeffect on air mobility
  19. 19. So, what if A400M had participated in Mali?
  20. 20. Mali Logistics Overview (on 20 Feb 2013)BAMAKOTOMBOUCTOUDAKARNDJAMENALIBREVILLEABIDJANTOULONEVREUXPAU ISTRESSEALIFT3 x Ro-Ro rotations1 x LHD rotation1 x frigate (escort for every rotation)6500+ tonnes (est.)600+ vehicles (est.)STRATEGIC AIRLIFTC-17 rotationsAn-124 rotationsAn-225 rotationsIl-76 rotationsA310 rotationsA340 rotationsTACTICAL AIRLIFTC160 rotationsCN 235 rotationsC130 rotations10 500 tonnes (est.)6500 passengers (est.)2500nm
  21. 21. A400M is significantly fasterSealift enables large quantities of equipmentto be deployed but game-changingcapabilities such as VBCI heavy armouredvehicles could have been rapidly airlifteddirectly to the point of need by A400Ms.Ground convoys are slow and risky due to thepoor road infrastructures and ImprovisedExplosive Device(IED) threats. A400Ms couldhave rapidly airlifted the needed heavysupport to hold re-conquered positionsdirectly to the point of need in remotelocations in Northern Mali.
  22. 22. A400M fills strategic/tactical airlift gapThe very few costly Strategic Airlifters suchas An-124, An-225 and C-17 cannot airliftheavy and outsize loads directly from France(or even from Bamako) onto unpavedairstrips in Northern Mali (Tombouctou,Gao, Tessalit, etc).Airlifters such as C-130, C160 Transall havegood tactical performance (on short/unpavedairstrip) but cannot accommodate heavyand outsize loads due to weight or volumerestrictions.
  23. 23. A400M is the only airlifter with combinedstrategic and tactical capabilitiesTacticalCapability:short, soft,austerefieldsStrategic Capability: Payload-RangeTacticalTransportsC-130C160… fills the currentlogistic/tacticalcapability gapA400MStrategic AirliftersC-17, An-124, An-225
  24. 24. A400M has an optimised cross-sectionfor outsize loadsC-17A400M4.00 m3.85 m4.00 mC-130HC160
  25. 25. A400M can transport all the equipmentdeployed for ops in MaliCargo Hold: C160 Transall: C-130H-30 Hercules:1 x EC725 Caracal helicopter + 10 x troopsToo VOLUMETRIC for Transall & C-130H-302 x Tiger combat helicoptersToo VOLUMETRIC for Transall & C-130H-301 x VBCI infantry fighting vehicle + 10 x troops + 1 x palletToo HEAVY & VOLUMETRIC for Transall & C-130H-301 x SA.330 Puma helicopter + 10 x troops + 2 x palletsToo VOLUMETRIC for Transall & C-130H-301 x TRM 10 000 logistics truck + 10 x troops+ 1 x palletToo HEAVY & VOLUMETRIC for Transall & C-130H-30
  26. 26. A400M´s dramatic payload/rangeBAMAKOTOMBOUCTOUDAKARNDJAMENALIBREVILLEABIDJANEVREUXISTRESC160 Transall : 16 tonnes over 1000 nm (1850 km)C-130H-30 : 18 tonnes over 1900 nm (3500 km)A400M : 20 tonnes over 3450 nm (6400 km)A400M : 30 tonnes over 2450 nm (4500 km)A400M : 37 tonnes over 1780 nm (3300 km)A400M : Ferry - 4700 nm (8700 km)A400M offers twice the payloadover a similar rangeorthe same payload over twice therange
  27. 27. A400M is highly survivable
  28. 28. Delivering game-changing combatcapabilities to the point of needBAMAKOGAOKIDALTESSALITTOMBOUCTOUA400Mfrom France (1945 nm)
  29. 29. C-17s airlifted heavy and outsize loadsfrom Evreux PAVED runway BUT…
  30. 30. …only to Bamako PAVED runwaylocated 900 km from the operations…
  31. 31. …IMPOSING slow and vulnerable (IED)ground convoys…
  32. 32. …while C-130s offloaded light vehicles tohold re-conquered positions…
  33. 33. A400M could have airlifted heavy and outsizeloads…directly to the point of need
  34. 34. FASTER Faster than sealift for game-changing combat capabilities Faster than ground convoys Outsize and heavy equipment delivered from France directly to Northern Mali unpaved airstripsMORE EFFICIENT Independence regarding allies’ hesitance to provide airlift Avoid cargo leasing companies availability/price hiking Optimised logistics flow given the then concurrent operations in Qatar/Afghanistan/SomaliaSAFER No more highly vulnerable ground convoys with IED threats Better self-protection for operations over hostile territoryImpact of A400M in Mali?
  35. 35. There is no ´what if´ for CN235/C295“Canadian OlympicGold Medalist Rescuedby US CoastguardAfter Freak WaveCapsises Boat”
  36. 36. This month: Humanitarian relief in Peru
  37. 37. Multi Environment, Multi Role…..Current ops Afghanistan etc….!
  38. 38. May 2013Airbus Military:Providing Military Commmanders with theTools to Get the Job Done!
  39. 39. Thank youMay 2013
  40. 40. May 2013 2011 AIRBUS. Todos los derechos reservados. Documento confidencial. Este documento y toda la información contenida en el mismo es propiedad exclusiva de AIRBUS. La entrega de este documento o ladivulgación de su contenido no otorga ningún derecho de propiedad intelectual a su receptor. Tampoco podrá ser reproducido o desvelado a terceros sin el consentimiento expreso por escrito de AIRBUS. Ni estedocumento ni su contenido podrán ser utilizados con otro fin que no sea aquél para el que han sido entregados. Las manifestaciones expresadas en este documento no constituyen una oferta comercial. Están basadas enlas premisas mencionadas en el mismo y han sido realizadas de buena fe. Para cualquier aclaración dirigirse a AIRBUS.AIRBUS Y AIRBUS MILITARY, sus logotipos y los modelos A300, A310, A318, A319, A320, A321, A330, A340, A350, A380, A400M, A330MRTT, C212, C295 y CN235 son marcas registradas.
  41. 41. May 2013