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Far from the Sanctuaries: Sustaining a Fifth Generation Fight in the Indo-Pacific


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During the recent Williams Foundation Seminar examining the approach and ways to sustain Australian forces in the evolving regional context, Donna- Cain-Riva. Director of Future Logistics Capability for the Royal Australian Air Force, provided an overview on key capabilities necessary to sustain the force for anticipated regional crises.

Currently, she is working within the RAAF, but has been working in a variety of logistics positions in the ADF since 2001, and the range of experience makes a great deal of sense given the focus within the RAAF on providing a joint capability for the ADF overall.

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Far from the Sanctuaries: Sustaining a Fifth Generation Fight in the Indo-Pacific

  1. 1. The Future… FAR FROM SANCTUARIES Sustaining a 5th Generation Air Force in the Indo-Pacific
  2. 2. THE NEED TO CHANGE OUR MINDSETS Bases will not be sanctuaries Global supply chains will be disrupted Lines of communication will be contested
  3. 3. CHARACTERISTICS OF FUTURE CONFLICT Anti-Access / Area Denial Physical and Virtual Effects Multi-domain Operations
  4. 4. NEW WAYS OF OPERATING Agile and Adaptive Employment Operational Reach, Flexibility and Resilience Battlespace Advantage
  5. 5. ENHANCING SOVEREIGN DEFENCE CAPABILITIES FOR COLLECTIVE SELF-RELIANCE BASE the force ARM the force FUEL the force SUPPLY the force FIX the force MOVE the force Command and Control