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Eurofighter Briefing, June 2016

  1. ThisdocumentanditscontentisthepropertyofAirbusDefenceandSpace. Itshallnotbecommunicatedtoanythirdpartywithouttheowner’swrittenconsent|[AirbusDefenceandSpaceCompanyname].Allrightsreserved. Eurofighter Typhoon A Successful History With a Great Future Alberto Gutierrez 20th June 2016
  2. ThisdocumentanditscontentisthepropertyofAirbusDefenceandSpace. Itshallnotbecommunicatedtoanythirdpartywithouttheowner’swrittenconsent|[AirbusDefenceandSpaceCompanyname].Allrightsreserved. Programme Summary • The world’s most advanced swing role combat aircraft ordered by 8 nations • Combat proven and trusted security backbone of 6 Nations (GE, IT, SP, UK, AUT, KSA); • In service for decades to come • 599 a/c ordered – Europe’s largest military collaborative programme • 21 Eurofighter Typhoon units spread across a wide range of operational locations • 478 a/c delivered and over 340,000 flying hours achieved 15 June 2016 A Successful History with a Great Future 2 Effective
  3. ThisdocumentanditscontentisthepropertyofAirbusDefenceandSpace. Itshallnotbecommunicatedtoanythirdpartywithouttheowner’swrittenconsent|[AirbusDefenceandSpaceCompanyname].Allrightsreserved. 21 Operating Units 340 000+ Flying hours Programme Overview 15 June 2016 3 142 160 96 73 123 136 82 61 15 15 72 61 12 Aircraft Delivered Eurofighter Partner Nations (EPNs) Eurofighter Customer Nations Aircraft ContractedCountry 28 478 delivered to date 47 delivered to 5 customers in the last 12 months Trusted in production (01.06.2015 - 31.05.2016) A Successful History with a Great Future
  4. ThisdocumentanditscontentisthepropertyofAirbusDefenceandSpace. Itshallnotbecommunicatedtoanythirdpartywithouttheowner’swrittenconsent|[AirbusDefenceandSpaceCompanyname].Allrightsreserved. Secured Capability Growth Path and Achievements 15 June 2016 4 Adaptable Continuous upgrades and add-ons along the life cycle 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2025 2050+ P2 E P3 E P4 E Px E Px E P1 E Px E 2014 Active Electronically Scanned Array Radar (AESA) contract signed 2015 Contract for P3E signed, including Brimstone 2 integration 2016 Successful Storm Shadow and Meteor missile trials Common capability route for all customers, widening the collaboration and sharing principles to our new customers P4E candidates: • DASS enhancements • Low band extension • Enhanced jamming • Passive geolocation • Enhanced weapon integration • Additional stores and weapons • Avionics enhancements • Aerodynamic modifications A Successful History with a Great Future
  5. ThisdocumentanditscontentisthepropertyofAirbusDefenceandSpace. Itshallnotbecommunicatedtoanythirdpartywithouttheowner’swrittenconsent|[AirbusDefenceandSpaceCompanyname].Allrightsreserved. Proven in Action 15 June 2016 5 A Successful History with a Great Future
  6. ThisdocumentanditscontentisthepropertyofAirbusDefenceandSpace. Itshallnotbecommunicatedtoanythirdpartywithouttheowner’swrittenconsent|[AirbusDefenceandSpaceCompanyname].Allrightsreserved. Continuous Improvement 15 June 2016 6 • New 5-years Performance Based Material Availability Service Contract for Material Services and Repairs from 1st of August 2016 for Eurofighter operated by the Spanish and German Air Forces. Nationally optimized material services aiming to increase aircraft availability. • New 10-years Weapon System Availability Services in UK establishing the Future State Operating Model (FSOM) covering material services and further tasks such as training, fleet management, A/C repairs. • 5-years extension for Logistic and Engineering Support Services Contract from 1st of January 2017 for the 4 Core Nations. • New 8-years In-Service Support Contract signed with Austria, providing logistics, material and engineering support services. • Contract extension to support Typhoon’s Radar and Defensive Aids Sub System (RDSS), which forms the backbone of Typhoon’s advanced situational awareness and target identification capability. Sustainable A Successful History with a Great Future
  7. ThisdocumentanditscontentisthepropertyofAirbusDefenceandSpace. Itshallnotbecommunicatedtoanythirdpartywithouttheowner’swrittenconsent|[AirbusDefenceandSpaceCompanyname].Allrightsreserved. Kuwait Contract 15 June 2016 7 Kuwait Signs Contract for the Delivery of 28 Eurofighter Typhoons on 5th April 2016 The contract signature for 22 single-seat and six twin-seat follows the announcement of an agreement between the State of Kuwait and the Italian Government for the procurement of the aircraft on 11th September 2015. The aircraft will be of Tranche 3 standard and will be equipped with the E-Scan radar. The contract confirms the State of Kuwait as the eighth customer in the programme and as the third customer in the Gulf Region next to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Sultanate of Oman. The confirmation of this order is further testament of the growing interest in the Eurofighter Typhoon in the Gulf Region. It will enable Kuwait to benefit from the critical mass being developed in the Gulf and the many advantages that it brings to an Air Force in terms of interoperability, training and in-service support. (Source: Eurofighter Press Release 05th April 2016) A Successful History with a Great Future
  8. ThisdocumentanditscontentisthepropertyofAirbusDefenceandSpace. Itshallnotbecommunicatedtoanythirdpartywithouttheowner’swrittenconsent|[AirbusDefenceandSpaceCompanyname].Allrightsreserved. Future Combat Air System (FCAS) 15 June 2016 A successful history with a Great Future 8 A European / Multinational FCAS is the heart of the FCAS System of Systems approach.  a Next Generation Weapon System (NGWS) will be tailored to customer needs and budgets,  is scalable and adaptable to future needs and technologies,  gives operational sovereignty to the customers,  secures existing defence industrial base and promotes innovation and growth over a wider spectrum of technologies and  enables partnership. A Successful History with a Great Future
  9. ThisdocumentanditscontentisthepropertyofAirbusDefenceandSpace. Itshallnotbecommunicatedtoanythirdpartywithouttheowner’swrittenconsent|[AirbusDefenceandSpaceCompanyname].Allrightsreserved. 15 June 2016 9 Q&A