Chip Berke on the 5th Generation Experience


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Lt. Col. "Chip" Berke, the only operational F-22 and F-35 pilot in the world, spoke at the Williams Foundation conference on 21st century combat capabilities in February 2014. He followed the only Aussie F-22 pilot and was joined by another Marine, Col. Mike Orr, the CO of VMX 22 to discuss the impact of the F-35 on the USMC.
This unique experience of three operators discussing the present and the future had a powerful impact It left the cubical commandos behind and clearly was well received by the Royal Australian Air Force officers in attendance, and there were many of them, as well The Chief of Staff of the RAAF began the conference with a thoughtful look at the way ahead.

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Chip Berke on the 5th Generation Experience

  1. 1. 5th  Gen  Experience   UNCLASSIFIED 1
  2. 2. •  F/A-18 – 2 x Carrier Deployments (OSW, OEF) – TOPGUN IP •  Super Hornet integration and instruction – 1 x UDP •  F-16 – USAF TX Course – TOPGUN IP •  FAC in Ramadi 2006 (OIF) 2 UNCLASSIFIED Background  
  3. 3. •  F-22 TX Course •  Commanded Operational Test at Nellis AFB •  4th Gen Integration – All USAF/USMC/USN TacAir platforms •  AEGIS Integration – USN ESG •  LO Stability •  F-35 ConOps Development •  F-35 Squadron Commander 3 UNCLASSIFIED 5th  Gen  Transi7on  
  4. 4. •  I love this (about a month) – I am so cool •  I hate this (about a year) – I don’t know what I am doing anymore •  I love this (about a year) – I figured it out •  Full circle – I need to integrate •  I make them better •  They make me better 4 UNCLASSIFIED 5th  Gen  Life  Cycle  
  5. 5. •  Skepticism is natural state •  Innovation takes time and is painful/expensive •  What are the measurements of an effective fighter aircraft? – Speed/agility vs information and access – Ability to integrate 5 UNCLASSIFIED Where  are  we  in  15  years?  
  6. 6. •  To realize its potential, need to completely change the way we view TacAir – Not just the role, but the capacity and potential – Easier said than done •  Not a replacement for any aircraft – Easy to look at it lineally – Aside from performance and size, there’s not much similar 6 UNCLASSIFIED Thoughts  on  F-­‐35  
  7. 7. •  How will the burden on the pilot change? – Legacy: Tactical missions and decisions that may have strategic implications – F-35: Need to transition between tactical and strategic •  Platform now can behave as a tactical asset and a strategic asset. •  Pilot must be able to know when and how to operate 7 UNCLASSIFIED Thoughts  on  F-­‐35  
  8. 8. •  Overwhelming advancement in breadth and depth •  Stealth means access, not just reduced detection – Pilots think tactically, it’s a strategic benefit – We dictate access, not the threat •  Integration with F-22 and 4th Gen •  MADL makes the world different – In the link or out of it 8 UNCLASSIFIED Thoughts  on  F-­‐35  
  9. 9. Questions? UNCLASSIFIED 9