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Brig Jason Blaine, Force Design, Department of Defence, Australia


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In this presentation given by BG Blaine to the Williams Foundation Seminar on Integrated Force Design on April 11, 2017, the focus on capability stream management as a way to get a handle on ways to design the integrated force form the outset rather than after market is the focus of attention.

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Brig Jason Blaine, Force Design, Department of Defence, Australia

  1. 1. Brigadier Jason Blain Director General Force Options and Plans Force Design Division 11 April 2017 Achieving An Integrated Force By Design: Challenges and Opportunities Williams Foundation Seminar: Air / Sea / Land: Integrated Force 2030
  2. 2. The Imperative "Integration is a force multiplier. All key systems and platforms of the Joint Force need to be integrated into a network. The networked force facilitates decision superiority and enables the force to generate tempo, be agile and manoeuvre. This is a foundation of how the ADF will remain agile and potent as a relatively small force" Australia's Joint Operating Concept 2016
  3. 3. If we don’t “design” the integrated force we are committed to “after-market” integration. Enablers/ FIC Siloed design leading to a federated, not truly joint force, or… Enablers/ FIC …an integrated force by design.
  4. 4. Force Design Division has developed the Force Design Cycle to enable an Integrated Force by Design Strategic Direction Collate & Understand our gaps & opportunities Prioritise our gaps & opportunities, & Develop options Design our force & Recommend our response to all gaps & opportunities Approve our responses to all gaps and opportunities & Decide our force structure Baseline our current force, strategy, & investment plan, & Assess our gaps & opportunities The Force Design Cycle
  5. 5. 6 Capability Streams 40 Capability Programs Achieving An Integrated Force By Design: Stream and Program Approach
  6. 6. If we’re not an integrated team from the design to the operation of the force, we’ll incur unacceptable risk in operations. •  Force Design must play the role of strong strategic centre, but equally must be a conduit for the expertise across the broader Defence community •  Our Service Chiefs now have a vital joint role in addition to their service role: Stream Leads. They will understand and prioritise their challenges in a joint framework •  Force Design will be coordinating a joint view of our gaps and opportunities across the whole of Defence, to ensure our solutions are always developed in a joint context Intel. Strategic Policy Cost & Finance RAN, Army & RAAF Industry & Innovation Force Design Whole of Govt. Exec Govt. Whole of Nation, & other partners Prepared- ness
  7. 7. Force Design Division will engage in dialogue across the industry and innovation ecosystem. G&O input Industry has the opportunity to input innovation opportunities into Force Design through Innovation Hub and through CMs Options Industry and innovation options are tested for suitability as part of force option development Priorities Force Design Priorities will be fed to industry, through the Innovation Steering Group, the IC and Government Force Exploration A Force Exploration function, coordinated by FDD and supported by DSTG, will explore revolutionary innovation over longer timeframes Maximising Industry and Innovation Opportunities
  8. 8. “Design” is about more than just platforms and systems … it is about how we design, acquire, operate and sustain an integrated force in a more complex interconnected global context. Force Design unified view of gaps and opportunities Stream view and prioritisation of gaps and opportunities Prioritise joint needs and develop force options Force Design analysis of gaps and opportunities must consider the complete Program Design, including understanding new integration challenges. The Stream view will drive deeper understanding of how critical these challenges are to the warfighter in achieving joint effects, and reinforce the joint understanding of our gaps and opportunities Force Options must be developed with Integration and Interoperability part of the upfront design
  9. 9. Achieving a Warfighting Domain