An Update on the Airbus Military Tanker, May 2013


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During the Airbus Military Trade Media Briefing 2013, held on May 29th and 30th 2013, Antonio Caramazana, head of Airbus Military Derivatives Programs, provided an update on the A330MRTT program.

The platform is now in service with four air forces in the world, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. It is a clear global program.

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An Update on the Airbus Military Tanker, May 2013

  1. 1. AIRBUS MILITARY DERIVATIVES PROGRAMS (MRTT / TANKERS)May 2013Presented by : ANTONIO CARAMAZANA(Head of Airbus Military Derivatives Programs)
  2. 2. May 2013A330 MRTT capabilityPágina 2Página 2• Universal AerialRefuelling ReceptacleSlipway Installation(UARRSI)FuelUnder-wing PodsCobham 905EAir RefuellingConsoleAMCM0034/02/2010Enhanced Vision SystemFuselage Refuelling Unit(FRU)Cobham 805EAerial Refuelling BoomSystem(ARBS)
  3. 3. May 2013A330 MRTT – Australia: KC-30A• Total order: 5 (all delivered)• MRTT #3 aircraft delivered May 2011• MRTT #2 aircraft delivered June 2011• MRTT #4 aircraft delivered Oct 2011• MRTT #1 aircraft delivered Dec 2011 and retained at AIM for boom enhancement program• MRTT #5 aircraft delivered Nov 2012 .• Configuration:• ARBS• 2 under-wing pods• UARRSI & Defensive Aids Suite• GE engines• 270 passengers in 2-class configuration (30+240).
  4. 4. May 2013Operational Experience: RAAF KC-30A• 4 A330 MRTT deployed at Amberley AirForce Base• Initial Operational Clearance achieved inFebruary 2013 for PODs• Clearance testing completed for both F18A/B and F18 F• Focus on AAR missions and ALSmissions.• Participation in international operationalexercises• Operational deployments with RAAF F18s• Operational Evaluation for Pacific’sAlliance operations
  5. 5. May 2013A330 FSTA United Kingdom (“Voyager”)•Total order: 14• Seven (7) in 2-point tanker -2PT- configuration (with under-wing PODs),• Seven (7) in 3-point tanker -3PT- configuration (with an additional centerline hose capability), ofwhich 5 are actually fitted with the Fuselage Refueling Unit (FRU).•Configuration:• AAR: 2 under-wing pods, 1 FRU• Defensive Aids Suite (DAS)• RR engines• 291 passengers in a single-class; Medevac capability.• Role Change capability (between military and civilian configurations and registers)•Deliveries: 4• Three (3) in military configuration, and one (1) civil• Two more aircraft (in 3PT configuration) are being delivered in May and June 2013• First aircraft (prototype) undergoing UK receivers clearance and testing activities• Conversion of the remaining aircraft in Getafe from 2013 to 2016
  6. 6. May 2013Voyager Entry Into Service• AirTanker fleet : 4 aircraft• 2 KC2 aircraft (2PT configuration) in service in the MilitaryAircraft Register, in operational servicesince 6 April 2012, have logged more than 1,700 hours, flying more than 470 sectors, carrying morethan 25,000 passengers and 2,000 plus tonnes of freight.AirTanker reports 98+% on-time record.• 1 aircraft flying in the Civil Aircraft Register, began operations with an inaugural flight to Akrotiri on 5Jan 2013, has since then flown more than 230 hours and 73 sectors, carrying more than 5,000passengers and more than 300 tonnes of freight.• First KC3 aircraft just received on 30 Apr 2013• AAR capability:• Voyager 2PT UK MoD Release To Service (RTS) has been signed on 16/May/2013.• Tornado has also received its RTS to refuel from Voyager.• InitialAAR in-flight operations have just started.
  7. 7. May 2013A330 MRTT – Saudi Arabia• Total order: 6• First aircraft delivered in Nov 2011 and retained by AIM until June 2013 for aircrew training• Second aircraft delivered in November 2012. In Operation in KSA since February 2013.• Third aircraft delivered in January 2013. In operation in KSA since January 2013.• Remaining three RSAF MRTT aircraft in production to be delivered between 2014-2015• Configuration:• ARBS• 2 under-wing pods• UARRSI• GE engines• 266 passengers in 2-class configuration (30+236).RSAF MRTT 2403 take off for theferry flight to KSA in January 2013
  8. 8. MRTT fleet enters RSAF serviceMay 2013March 2013RSAF MRTT Enter in Service Ceremony at Riyadh Air Base• Static exhibition RSAF MRTT 2• Flight exhibition RSAF MRTT3 flying in formation with two F15March 2013 – May 13RSAF MRTT in service operations with MRTT 2 and MRTT 3• AT• AAR with RSAF Tornado and Typhoon
  9. 9. A330 MRTT – United Arab EmiratesTotal order: 3• First aircraft delivered to UAE in February 2013 for conducting Initial Operational Training PodsPhase with Mirage 2000-9• Second aircraft delivered on May 2013. Ready to start the Operational Training with Boom LargeReceived• Third aircraft in preparation for delivery in July 2013Configuration:• ARBS• 2 under-wing pods• UARRSI• RR engines• 256 passengers in 2-class configuration (16+240).
  10. 10. UAE: Initial Operating Test &Evaluation• Initial Operational Evaluation (Mar/12)• UAE Mirage 2000-9• UAE F-16• Data Link & communications• Initial Operational Training Pods Phase withMirage 2000-9 Day and night operationaltesting completed (since Feb/13)• UAE Mirage 2000-9 used as receivers• 5 completed crews (2 pilots + 1 ARO + 1 MCO)trained• 17 missions and more that 250 contacts
  11. 11. Expanding operational experience• Continuously expanding operational capabilities and technologies• Testing multiple A330 MRTT operations:• mission avionics coordination• AAR testing with PODs (Tornado, Typhoon, F18, M2000) and with FRU (Tornado, Typhoon, F18,Hercules, Su-30, A400M)• Operational experience:• Australia:AT, AAR (F18 A/B and F18F)• RSAF: AT, AAR (Tornado and Typhoon)• UK: AT and AAR just commencing with Tornado• UAE: AAR with M-2000
  12. 12. Conclusion• A330 MRTT in service with four of the world’s leading air forces• Exhibiting very high reliability and setting new standards in troopcomfort• Advancing rapidly towards full AAR capability• Already benefitting from operational enhancementsThe A330 MRTT - redefining air-to-air refuellingin the 21st Century
  13. 13. May 2013 2011 AIRBUS. Todos los derechos reservados. Documento confidencial. Este documento y toda la información contenida en el mismo es propiedad exclusiva de AIRBUS. La entrega de este documento o ladivulgación de su contenido no otorga ningún derecho de propiedad intelectual a su receptor. Tampoco podrá ser reproducido o desvelado a terceros sin el consentimiento expreso por escrito de AIRBUS. Ni estedocumento ni su contenido podrán ser utilizados con otro fin que no sea aquél para el que han sido entregados. Las manifestaciones expresadas en este documento no constituyen una oferta comercial. Están basadas enlas premisas mencionadas en el mismo y han sido realizadas de buena fe. Para cualquier aclaración dirigirse a AIRBUS.AIRBUS Y AIRBUS MILITARY, sus logotipos y los modelos A300, A310, A318, A319, A320, A321, A330, A340, A350, A380, A400M, A330MRTT, C212, C295 y CN235 son marcas registradas.
  14. 14. Thank youMay 2013