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Air Commodore Robert Chipman, RAAF, on Integrated Force Design


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The Director General Capability Planning for the RAAF discussed integrated force design at the Williams Foundation Seminar on April 11, 2107.

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Air Commodore Robert Chipman, RAAF, on Integrated Force Design

  1. 1. Integrated Force Design – An Air Force Perspective AIRCDRE Rob Chipman, DGCP-AF
  2. 2. "We must operate as an integrated team...failure to act as such will incur unacceptable risk in future opera9ons"
  3. 3. Isolation Collaboration Cooperation Integration Augmented/Artificial Intelligence
  4. 4. “If we don’t design the integrated force we are commi=ed to a>er-market integra9on.” “Operations will become increasingly joint and ultimately, integrated and interdependent within a whole-of-nation approach to security” – Air Force Concepts for 2015, Nov 2000 “For the best effect and cost, a networked ADF must be based on capabilities that are designed to be interoperable from inception, not as an afterthought in the development process” – NCW Roadmap 2009 “The Australian Defence Force (ADF) now has a coherent vision and has made steady progress towards its goal of a networked force over the previous two years, due in no small part to more robust tri-service ‘joint’ structures” - The networked ADF— C4ISR Capability Summary 2010, ASPI “To ensure mission success, the ADF must be capable of the flexible application of coordinated effects across multiple domains… This requires a whole-of-force design, rather than simply combining single Service capabilities.” – AJOC, Oct 2016 “Articulating a vision of a seamless force—internally with each other (the three Services) and externally with the range of providers, supporting entities and the community—the ADF highlighted the fundamental need to transform from a platform-centric force to a network-centric one…the fundamental building block of networked operations would be a comprehensive ‘information network’ that linked the sensor grid (for detection), the command and control (C2) grid (offering flexible, optimised decision-making), and the engagement grid (for precision engagement)” – ADF Force 2020, 2002
  5. 5. “Design is about more than just plaCorms and systems – it is also about how we acquire, operate and sustain an integrated force in a more complex interconnected global context.”