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online policy primer for Dailymotion

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  • Net303 a2 online_policyprimer

    1. 1. Online Policy Primer Dailymotion: Terms & Conditions
    2. 2. Dailymotion enables members and visitors to view, share, upload and comment on personal videos.
    3. 3. What are your rights or restrictions as a Dailymotion participant?
    4. 4. If you have an account and are aregistered Dailymotion user, Dailymotiondoes not own any of your content.
    5. 5. However, for as long as your content is hosted onDailymotion, you have given authorisation to alterand reproduce that content as deemed appropriate byDailymotion.
    6. 6. By uploading content to Dailymotion, you areallowing other members and other users to viewand transmit your content on and through thewebsite for as long as it is hosted onDailymotion.
    7. 7. Any content hosted on Dailymotion is to be streamed ONLY on Dailymotion.
    8. 8. This means, no downloading, reworking orredistribution of other users content.
    9. 9. Dailymotion is by no means obligatedto monitor the content which is addedor uploaded to their sharing platform.
    10. 10. Therefore, as a member of Dailymotion, alwaysremember that YOU are the one responsible forthe content which has been uploaded.
    11. 11. This implies that once you have uploaded contentto Dailymotion you are assuring them the contentyou have uploaded is not breaching any propertyrights.
    12. 12. So if you plan on uploading content that wasnot created by you, then you SHOULD gainpermission to do so.
    13. 13. And it is also crucial to make sure the content you choose to add to Dailymotion maintains a certain ethical standard.
    14. 14. It is encouraged that you expressyourself, however always remember to becourteous to others.KEEP IT CLEAN!
    15. 15. When uploading or commenting on Dailymotion content donot discriminate or incite hatred in any way in regards to another users: • Ethnicity • Religious orientation • Age • Gender • Sexual orientation
    16. 16. Ensure that the content you upload to Dailymotiondoes not include any PROHIBITED content!
    17. 17. Prohibited content includes but is not limitedto any content containing any types of:
    18. 18. • Child pornography• Content containing dangerous or illegal acts ( including but not limited to drug abuse, animal abuse or violence) • Sexually explicit content
    19. 19. Dailymotion relies on its community to notifythem directly if there is any inappropriatecontent or comments in circulation.
    20. 20. Any reported content will be removed and couldresult in account suspension or deactivation.
    21. 21. Worst case scenario, relevant authorities may be notified!
    22. 22. So just remember to be courteous, tasteful andrespectful and you wont have to worry aboutaccount suspension, deactivation or theauthorities knocking down your door!
    23. 23. Also, some parents may wonder, is my childpermitted to use Dailymotion?
    24. 24. To register an account with to use Dailymotion youmust be 13 years of age of older!
    25. 25. If you are a parent or legal guardian of a child who is 13 years of age or under
    26. 26. Which you have discovered has registered account with Dailymotion
    27. 27. Simply email Dailymotion with details of the situation and the account will be deactivated.
    28. 28. So there you have it, if you abide by the rules setout in the terms of service (TOS), you will enjoy a hassle free user experience.
    29. 29. If you do not, your account may be suspended or deactivated. If you do not want to, maybe you should not use, or discontinue to use Dailymotion.
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