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What is a music video?


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What is a music video?

  1. 1. A successful music video For a music video to be successful, there are a set of codes and conventions, as well social expectations that are usually followed. These are extremely important, and should be considered when making a music video. If not, then the video may not appeal to the target audience.
  2. 2. Purpose The purpose of a music video is to promote an artist’s music, in order to increase sales. Music are often used for an artist to gain recognition, as music is commonly viewed on youtube. The video will often fit the stereotype, of that genre of music.
  3. 3. Video style - Performance Performance is when the artist ‘performs’ the song, by singing in the video. Some artists choose to use a live gig performance as their music video. An artist has their own individual persona that they will portray in the music video. Mise en scene can be used to help show an artists personality, such as a dress.
  4. 4. Video style - Narrative Narrative music videos follow a story or theme, often relating to the lyrics. However, some music videos do not have a clear narrative, and some music videos have no narrative at all.
  5. 5. Video style - Illustration The illustration can be a performance, or combined with a narrative. Most music videos have a performance at some point within them.
  6. 6. Media texts There are two types of media texts, technical and symbolic. Technical media texts are anything physical, ranging from cameras, to editing equipment. Symbolic media texts are things that are seen through the camera, such as facial expressions, or mise en scene.
  7. 7. Costume There are usually many costume changes within a music video, this is done to keep the audience interested. The costumes usually link to both the narrative of the song, as well as the genre. It may be used to show the persona of the artist.
  8. 8. Editing Editing is for important when constructing a music video. Many different editing techniques are used, anywhere from a simple fade, to a more complex style of editing. Most of the time, it will fit in time with the beat and tempo of the song. Some artists choose to use a very basic style of editing. This is done as a slow, emotional song would not look right with rapid editing etc.
  9. 9. Voyeurism Voyeurism is the idea that woman are sexual objects of desires. Directors will often use voyeurism to bring in a male audience. Women will sometimes wear revealing clothes, and if this is seen as controversial then the media will cover it, which in turn, brings in more viewers. An example of this is Katy Perry, or Lady GaGa.
  10. 10. Sound The music is used over the top of the video, but there may be other sounds such as character voices if the narrative requires it. The sound also depends on the genre of music.
  11. 11. Cinematography Cinematography is the camera shots that are used. Close ups are commonly used as it allows the viewers to see the expression of the artist. It also allows them to get recognition, and promote themselves.
  12. 12. Mise en scene Mise en scene is anything that is present in an event. A music video in this case. Mise en scene can be anything from locations, to props and makeup. Everything will be thought about and is used to set a genre or setting. For example, a club setting for dance music. Stereotypical locations are commonly used.