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  • Anamnesis, is a psychological thriller which focuses around the ideas of schizophrenia, deception and love. The opening shows a dark mysterious character who switches from a gentle romantic man to a threatening killer, alongside an alter ego journalist. Tom and Olivia
  • Teamwork- we disrupted the work between four of us, and we all had roles to do with production of the video, editing and the blog. We were all clear on what we had to do which allowed us to use our time effectively.Research- before we started creating our piece we made sure we understood the codes and conventions of a psychological thriller as well as targeting our target audience, using demographics and psychographics. We made sure we had a lot of information of what our target audience perceived as an interesting psychological thriller. Time management- a major problem we had whilst producing our thriller was time management, we found that we were not allowing ourselves enough time to edit the video to the standard that we hoped, there are small errors in our film such as the sound being added in, we expected to find a sound we wanted immediately however we found it very difficult to decide as a group on a sound we found effective, however there were problems with software All
  • All, these are the kinds of genre’s we are looking at to base our music video on
  • Close ups High angle/low anglePansLong shotWide shot Although we did feel that using the script, all the ideas seemed a bit generic and vague so we were contemplating choosing them for our idea.
  • Individual/ independentHoodies, t-shirts, neutral colours, naturalistic lighting, focusing on naturalistic themes, could be seen as retroHeavy focus on lyrics and meaningsTeenagers and commercial radio audiences, however they rarely reach high numbers in the chartsFocus on heart ache and emotions, more about the music than it is the fame.
  • Vintage interior in room, low lightning, and his costume is neutral coloured with browns, beige and green. He wears a leather jacket with a jumper and jeans, which meets the codes and conventions of an indie character. He is lying on the bottom of the bed which could mean he has disorganised thoughts, also shows a long shot of him lying on one side of the bed which shows that someone is missing from the other half, this leads the viewer to believe that the two characters are linked. . The girl is perceived to be seen as vulnerable by wear neutral make up with white, delicate lace night dress. Also the composition of the girl is slightly to the left of the white line, which could symbolise that the girl is not ‘on the straight and narrow’ and is lost, has given up on herself. Her hand on her heart could symbolise she has suffered an emotional blow and can’t see how she will overcome it. The spectators surrounding overlooking her lying on the floor show he pressure she feels, and could be her feeling the world is against her. Therefore alongside the lyrics meanings ‘I won’t let you go’, James Morrison becomes the hero to offer support, with close ups of the two showing him comforting her. There are also many cuts between the two scenes which also indicate that the pair was in a relationship. There is an aerial shot of James and the girl lying down beside each other, and James clasps her hand and places them on his heart, to show he understands her pain. The finishing shot is of everyone lying on the floor, which suggests that the purpose of the video was to show that everyone can be vulnerable and when the hardship gets too much a simple gesture of understanding or support is all that is needed in order to make an individual feel slightly better.
  • Presentation task

    1. 1. Olivia Grafton, Tom Williams, Robbie Windsor
    2. 2.  Our year 12 production focused on a psychological thriller, based on the themes of schizophrenia.
    3. 3. Strengths : - Team work - Research and planningWeaknesses : - Time Management - Limited technologyImprovements: - Make sure decisions are madecarefully and efficiently. - Make sure everything everyone isunderstands their role in the group.Why we chose to join our groups: --Both sides could bring skills the others couldn’t(Camerawork, editing, Photoshop, photography, etc)
    4. 4.  Indie pop  Deep lyrical meanings Indie rock  Teenage behaviours Pop rock  Acoustic Love story lines
    5. 5.  ‘ If you see kay’ – The Script; complicated love story, hidden relationships Shots Close ups Long shots Pan Mise en scene Low lighting, neutral costumes, props such as signs, various public locations Narrative Girl finds boyfriend cheating, leaves him but has secret relationships, use this as an excuse to leave boyfriend, girl leaves him with no way of contact, boy tries to find ‘kay.’ It fits Tordovo’s theory of equilibrium, disequilibrium to a new equilibrium.
    6. 6. Alternative rock Indie Vintage clothing, or unusual props Surroundings – Parks, beaches, cities, Bedrooms, personal meaning, etc. Simplistic ideas More lyrical than most similar genres Audience is mainly teenagers
    7. 7. James Morrison- I wont let you go 6A&feature=player_detailpage Key features: Mise En scene Cinematography Editing
    8. 8.  Peggy Sang The Blues – Frank Turner Alternative Rock Lyric meaning ‘Born Underneath a Glass Ceiling’ ‘Peggy’ Simplistic