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Finding ebooks


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How to Find ebooks in the White Library catalog at Spring Arbor University.

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Finding ebooks

  1. 1. Finding ebooksat the White Library
  2. 2. Step OneIn the portal, click on the "Library" tab.
  3. 3. Step TwoClick on the “Find Books” button.
  4. 4. Step ThreeClick on the “Advanced Search” link.
  5. 5. Step FourEnter your search term(s) and select “eBooks” in the“Location” box. Click submit.
  6. 6. Step FiveClick the title of the book you would like to view.
  7. 7. Step SixClick on the link within the article record to access theEbook.
  8. 8. Step SevenIf you are off-campus, at this point you will be asked toenter a username and password. This is the sameusername and password you use to log in portal
  9. 9. Step Eight (Ebsco ebooks)Most of our ebooks at the White Library are providedby one of two sources, “ebrary” or “EBSCO eBooks”.If you have selected an ebook provided by EBSCOeBooks, it will look like this. Click on “ebook Full Text”to view the entire book online.
  10. 10. Step Eight (Ebsco ebooks cont’d)You are now able to read the book online by using the arrowsat the bottom of the page to scroll through the ebook. To theleft of the book is the ebook table of contents and to the rightare tools for searching by keyword, citing, taking notes, etc.You might need to create a free login and sign in to use someof these features.
  11. 11. Step Eight (ebrary)If you selected an eBook from ebrary, it will look like this. You are now able to readthe book online by using the arrows at the top of the page to scroll through theebook. To the right, is the ebook table of contents. The “Info Tools” button on thetop left includes features such as searching for keywords within theebook, copying/printing, citing, making notes, etc. You might need to create a freelogin and sign in to utilize some of these features.
  12. 12. Need Help?If you have any trouble accessing eBooks or havequestions, please don’t hesitate to contact alibrarian at 800-968-9103, ext 1742