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Scented Apparel, Scented T-shiirts

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  1. 1. How to build apowerful brand For textile applications 1
  2. 2. smash your brand approachIndustry insiders have spent an incalculable amount of time and money in search of a viable technology by which scent may be introduced into products in a virtually permanent manner. Ekin EU, LLC has developed a patented technology which accomplishes this goal. Since 2000, Ekin EUs principals have been perfecting their scent introduction method called DuraScent® By way of an exclusive licensing agreement, Ekin EU will be engaging in continuous research and development of new applications of its scenting technology with the ultimate goal of revolutionizing various markets. Ekin EU, LLC with Patrick Watson, the inventor at the helm, has created all products needed, to support thesoon to explode, Scent Marketing Industry. No other technology exists by which scent can be added to textiles or fabrics in a extremely durable manner. Thus, the market opportunity is limited only by the imagination. The DuraScent® technology involves U.S. patented processs that can fuse virtually any scent onto or into, almost any product, both during the production phase or after such product has been manufactured. Such technology has applications in various markets spanning from clothing to home furnishings to automobile interiors, with many other markets, segments and products in between. Ekin EU, LLC has developed a patented method for companies to further endear their brands to consumers by way of scenting virtually any surface with virtually any scent. 2
  3. 3. how to build a powerful brand 3Source: Brand Sense
  4. 4. using the senses to build extraordinary brands 4Source: Brand Sense
  5. 5. using the senses The sense of smell emotionally You cannot turn affects humans up to 75% more than the smell off! any other sense 5Source: Brand Sense
  6. 6. aroma marketing technologies and its applications Just a few ways DuraScent® can enhance your brand appeal.• Introduce something new to the market giving you an edge over your competitors. • Yet another way to create a point-of-difference. • Reinforce your brand at every opportunity. • Create a new product or breathe new life into existing merchandise. “For the sense of smell, almost more than any other, has the power to recall memories and it is a pity that we use it so little.” Rachel Carson, author 6
  7. 7. what is DuraScent®?DuraScent® is a Out patented statusprocess that can ensures that no onefuse virtually any else can offer thisscent onto almost unique processany product withlong lasting results 7
  8. 8. applicationsWearing Apparel 8
  9. 9. applicationsBedding & Linens and pillows 9
  10. 10. applicationsSweet Calming smelling sleepwear 10
  11. 11. applicationsRetail; shirts, Tops, bags, trousers, hand bags, wallets. 11
  12. 12. applicationsRetail; Series – Fruit – Ice creams – flowers – funny text 12
  13. 13. applicationsPromotional or breath a new life in to existing products 13
  14. 14. applications Promotional 14
  15. 15. applicationsPromotional or breath a new life in to existing products 15
  16. 16. applications Opportunities 16
  17. 17. applicationsOpportunities; Scented Toiletries Bags, simply done by adding a DuraScent strip between Lining and Outer. 17
  18. 18. applications Fun 18
  19. 19. your opportunity Scented area rugs Hotel carpet thatthat keeps the house Keeps rooms always smelling great smelling fresh 19
  20. 20. DuraScent® ScreenScenting™ with special effects 20
  21. 21. your opportunity, turn the switch 21
  22. 22. leader in ScreenScenting™ technologyQ. How does DuraScent® work?A. DuraScent® is a patented process to scent a fabric.Q. Is DuraScent® different than other scratch and sniff products.A. First of all DuraScent® is NOT a "scratch and Sniff" product. This new technology DuraScent®, allows a constant release of the applied fragrance. To release the fragrance no scratch or touch is required. DuraScent® is a long lasting and constant process. DuraScent® is an innovation and an value added process.Q. How long does DuraScent® last?A. DuraScent® is designed to go through the washing and drying cycles (washing machines) and you will be able to wash your apparel 10 to 15 times if washed according to DuraScent® washing instructions.Q. How do I care for my apparel so that the scent lasts longer?A. To insure maximum effectiveness of the scent, wash separately in hand warm water. Air or tumble dry 30 degrees Celsius. Use a fragrance free detergent so that the DuraScent® fragrance is not masked by the detergent.Q. Is DuraScent® safe around children?A. All DuraScent® products are safe and non toxic when used as intended. * Anyone individual may have allergies even to strawberries or peanuts. If allergies are of a concern to you contact your personal Physician.Q. Can I iron DuraScent®?A. Ironing is not recommended on the DuraScent® application, not even if your garment is turned inside out. 22
  23. 23. leader in ScreenScenting™ technologyQ. Is DuraScent® available on any other products?A. Yes, DuraScent® designed for textile applications and its Sister Brand DuraScent® II are available on a wide variety ofproducts., paper-,PVC- and polypropylene products.Q. How many different fragrances are available?A. In our library there are thousands of fragrances available, even we can design a custom fragrance, just for you. Other clients will supply the essential fragrance oil to our specifications.Q. Are Aromatherapy scents available?A. DuraScent® designed a 25 DuraScent Aromatherapy fragrances, more fragrances are available upon request.Q. Is DuraScent Made in China?A. No DuraScent is manufactured only in Europe and the United States.Q. Why are some companies looking to use non-phthalate and non-PVC inks?A. During recent years, vinyl products have come to the attention of environmentally sensitive companies and environmental groups. Because of this, some companies who wish to do so have chosen to instruct their printers to evaluate the potential of alternative inks. DuraScent is committed to providing printing technologies to meet market demands. 23
  24. 24. moving forward Allow DuraScent® to work with you to add value to your products and help you stand out the crowd in this competitive marketplace. Introduce something new to customers that will have them talking. 24
  25. 25. DuraScent®Patrick L. Watson Graphic Scents DirectInventor Robbert A. KorenhofGlobal Marketing DuraScent®DuraScent® Europe - AsiaSkype – durascent Phone +31 (0) 655132225Phone +1 214-717-5313 robbert@g-supplies.comsmellme@durascent.com 25