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DuraScent Apparel application, Chocolate

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  1. 1. Scented T-Shirts on spot of POS or by Promotional Team to experience the Scent.
  2. 2. Samples of Scented Magnets – With MultiScent application
  3. 3. Sample of scentedClear Vinyl Stickers onwindow for fragranceExperience (Metro)
  4. 4. Scented Clear Vinyl Stickers in Elevator/ lift adds
  5. 5. illy coffee Street add with free gift coffee scented bags.
  6. 6. Graphic Scents Direct Patrick L. WatsonNetherlands InventorRobbert A. Korenhof Global MarketingT.+31 (0) 655132225 DuraScent®Skype: robbertgsupplies Skype – durascentE. Phone +1 214-717-5313W.© 2011 Graphic Scents Direct