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Career Development - Lauren Robak - Northwood University

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Career portfolio

  1. 1. Table of contents • • • • • • Introduction Goals Strengths Resume Recommendation Letters Samples of Work pg. 3 pg. 4 pg. 5 pg. 6 pg. 7-8 pg. 9-13 • Excel • Lab Work • Essays • Volunteer Work • Achievements pg. 14 pg. 15 2
  2. 2. Introduction • This portfolio represents all of my skills and achievements throughout my college career. • I am currently working in Business Administration with a main emphasis on Management. 3
  3. 3. Goals • Continue to grow and expand my skills to help me succeed in the business world • Find a job that will allow me to emphasize my strengths and abilities to the fullest. • Increase my knowledge of the business industries in other countries. • Continue to engage myself in community service to help the needs of others. 4
  4. 4. Strengths • • • • • • • Self-motivated hard worker Organized Teamwork Ability to learn new things Accept challenges and ready to overcome them Responsible Time Management 5
  5. 5. Resume L A U R E N R O B A K Email: Phone: (248) 882-0337 8493 Englewood Dr. Clarkston, MI 48346 Education: Northwood University- Midland, MI Bachelor of Business Administration Major: Management Oakland University Major: Health Sciences May 2015 Cumulative GPA: 3.6 May 2012 Experience: Boulder Pointe Golf Club & Banquet Center- Oxford, MI Summer 2013 Outdoor Maintenance Maintained orderliness and appearance of greens, fairways, tee boxes and flowerbeds at private club Operated mowers, string trimmers and hedge trimmers Worked with a consistent level of professionalism and pride Dairy Dream- Clarkston, MI Summer 2012 & 2013 Server Provided terrific customer service for all aspects of restaurant Prepared a variety of food items and maintained a clean preparation environment Entrusted to handle cash and credit card transactions Our Lady of the Lakes High School- Waterford, MI Maintenance Assistant June 2008- April 2011 Assigned a variety of manual labor tasks including washing windows, mopping floors and painting Responsible for maintenance and appearance of landscaping Completed all assignments efficiently and completely Administrative Assistant to Chief Operating Officer June 2008- August 2010 Used organizational skills to file papers, coordinated office procedures and Entrusted to make weekly bank deposits Keyed confidential student, parishioner and donor information into a computerized database Extracurricular Activities: Oakland University Women’s Basketball Northwood University Women’s Basketball Northwood University International Auto Show (Team Military) 2011-2012 2012- present 6
  6. 6. To Whom It May Concern: I am happy to recommend Lauren Robak for a position in your organization. She has the personal and academic qualities to succeed in any setting. Recommendation Letters Lauren attended the school where I am administrator from kindergarten through twelfth grade.I have literally seen her grow up before my eyes. I have observed her in many situations and can assert that she applies good judgment and a common sense approach in many cases. Lauren is a hard worker who is goal oriented. She showed tremendous leadership in her successful pursuit of a state championship basketball title for our school. She was able to lead our repeat championship her senior year when she provided even more leadership. Although she was our best player, she used that status to motivate herself and inspire her teammates rather than play a self-aggrandizing role. I observed her fight through injury to reach her goal. The attributes of hard work and team play will serve her well in the business world. I think that what Lauren has learned as a team player and in her role as a competitor bode well for future success. She works well with others and understands a team dynamic better than most. She knows how to work hard to reach goals. I think further that when she is challenged with something that interests her she succeeds. In closing, I am sure that given the qualities I have listed you will find Lauren to be an asset to your team. She is without guile and knows how to work with others. I hope that you will give her the opportunity to succeed. Sincerely, Carl Uberti President Our Lady of the Lakes Parish School 7
  7. 7. To whom it may concern: This letter is being written on behalf of Lauren Robak, presently a student at Northwood University, whom I have known for the past 8 years as an employee, a student, and as an athlete at Our Lady of the Lakes in Waterford, Michigan. As Parish Business Manager, Lauren worked for me and completed tasks and organized all in-house filing and record keeping pertaining to contributions and staff benefits. She was also a member of our maintenance crew that restored, cleaned, and prepared our school facilities for use. Lauren also worked to maintain parish and school landscape for beautification and safety for the parishioners, the public and our faculty and students. As a student, here at Our Lady of the Lakes, Lauren maintained a GPA of 3.6 in our college prep program. She was involved in various school activities, along with being an outstanding young lady in athletics. As Athletic Director and Football coach, I had the pleasure of having Lauren being the placekicker on our Varsity Football team. She was also a member of our Girls Basketball and Softball teams and played Soccer for a couple of years. She showed her leadership qualities by being selected Captain by her peers in Basketball and Softball. She was very instrumental in leading the various teams to a number of championships, as this leader. During her time at OLL, she was also involved with volunteer work with her athletic teams, as she worked with handicapped children and adults on a yearly basis. After graduation from Our Lady of the Lakes, Lauren was a student at Oakland University for one year and maintained a GPA of 3.7 in a Business curriculum. She is now a student at Northwood University and maintaining a 3.6 average in Business along with being a leader of the Girls Basketball team. She is also continuing her volunteer efforts by being involved with a reading program for young children. Through all of her time in work, school, and athletics, Lauren has been very diligent in obtaining excellence in academics, she has shown her character traits in being selected to leadership positions by her peers, and her numerous athletic awards have shown her work and dedication to perform to the best of her ability. She has shown to be a young lady of great integrity, by performing in an excellent manner, in areas of responsibility and confidentiality, and by maintaining high standards of appreciation from her fellow employees and fellow students. I would highly recommend, Lauren Robak, for any position that she many apply. She will be an outstanding asset to any organization, and they will reap the benefits of a young lady of high character and integrity. If you desire any further information about Lauren, please feel free to contact me at or by phone at 248-821-7294. Sincerely, Michael Boyd Business Manager/Athletic Director Coach Retired 8
  8. 8. Excel: Case Study and Graphs 9
  9. 9. Lab Work Lab 2: Cardiovascular Disease Lauren Robak HS 201 TR (8:00-9:47am) Dr. Dallo 3. INDIVIDUAL RESULTS (5 points) Cardiovascular Disease Risk Scores by Activity Level Name: Lauren Robak Gender: Female 1. PURPOSE AND HYPOTHESIS (5 points) Sedentary Individuals: 1. 10 2. 23 3. 17 4. 14 5. 9 Active Individuals: 1. 11 2. 6 3. 18 4. 13 5. 5 This laboratory exercise is designed to examine the significance of any difference in the cardiovascular disease risk of usually sedentary and usually physically active people. Have yourself and 9 other people complete the "Are You at Risk for CVD?" I was one of the active individuals and my score was 5. questionnaire. Make sure that, among the ten people who complete the questionnaire, 5 people are usually sedentary and 5 are usually physically active. For each person, total 4. CLASS SUMMARY RESULTS (5 points) the risk factor points. My hypothesis is that people who are more active will have a lower risk of getting cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular Disease Risk Score by Activity Level 2. METHODS (5 points) Category Avg Score Active 11.35 Sedentary 21.55 Analysis of Results 1. Enter your name and sex (M or F) into the computer program. 2. Complete the "Are You at Risk for CVD?" questionnaire (on page 470 of Current t = -28.88 Concepts in Health. Total your risk factor points. 3. Look up your estimated CVD Risk on page 470 of Current Concepts in Health. p < 0.05 4. Have 9 other people complete the "Are You at Risk for CVD?" questionnaire. Make sure that, among the ten people who complete the questionnaire, 5 people are usually There is a significant difference between the cardiovascular disease risk scores of active and sedentary and 5 are usually physically active. For each person, total the risk factor points. sedentary people in this sample. 5. Enter all 10 results into the computer program. Insure that you enter sedentary or active, and total risk factor points for each person. 6. Analysis of Results. After everyone in the class has had the opportunity to enter their 5. CONCLUSIONS (10 points) results (date/time specified in the course syllabus) go back into the computer program and calculate the average CVD risk scores of usually sedentary and usually physically Based on the results from the class summary, people who were sedentary had a higher active people. risk score for cardiovascular disease. There was a significant difference between people who 7. Prepare your Laboratory Report. Use the computer program to complete your Laboratory were physically active and sedentary. The average score that was taken from the “Are you at risk Report and bring it to class (submit it on-line for the on-line section) for evaluation on the for Cardiovascular Disease?” questionnaire, was active people scored 11.35 and people who are date indicated in the course syllabus. sedentary scored 21.55. So, people who are sedentary have a higher risk for CVD. 10
  10. 10. Section of an English Essay Listening to different kinds of music will put you in a particular mood. If you are sad and you listen to slow music, it will either reinforce the mood or build yourself out of it . Music is very powerful. Yoga teachers play music as a form of relaxation to help the participants calm their bodies and take away the stress (Barker, 2008). Also, in these kinds of settings, music will help to keep things organized. Many people count on the beats to help everyone stay in a rhythm (Barker, 2008). On the other hand, listening to a fast pace beat you will feel more energized and excited. Haile Gebreselassie, who is a long-distance runner, listened to the song Scatman while running(Lister, 2005). It is a fast techno track by Scatman John. He listened to this song while competing in 2,000 meters run. The beats of the music fit perfect with his world record pace (Lister, 2005). People listen to music for many different reasons, but why do majority of people listen to music before sporting events? 11
  11. 11. Teenagers need to be in constant communication with their friends. Most teenagers use their cell phones 6-10 hours per day. In a survey questioning 45 teens, shocking results were seen. Although they use their phone a lot, 70% of their communication is through texting(Robak). Rarely, do teenagers make lots of phone calls unless it is to their parents. It has become natural during the teenage years to always use your phone and the internet. Teenagers Cause and Effect paper including previous sampling results want to try and figure out who they are and having all this technology makes everything a little bit easier for them. Of teenagers surveyed 89% of teenagers had a social media website (Robak). Nearly half of them said they used more than one social media website. 40% of the teenagers surveyed said they go on their social media website at least every couple of hours (Robak). When asked what they do spending a lot of their time on the internet, majority of the responses was to see what everyone is up to and just to talk with their friends. The top five things on a social media website were to look at events, photos, tell people what you are doing, talk to friends, and to see quotes or songs. This can all be fun and help build self-esteem, but this isn’t always the case. 61% of the teens said they have seen a social media website used inappropriately (Robak). The majority of teenagers have also seen social media websites used for complaining, criticizing, and bullying. With all the advancing technology, the ability for people to bully other kids and criticize them has become much easier. They can type or write anything they want and send it to somebody. There is no face to face communication which is easier for teenagers. This is one big way in which technology is negatively impacting teenagers. To many adults, this is scary and unhealthy for their children. The technology from the previous generation of teenagers to today’s teenagers has changed quite immensely. 12
  12. 12. PowerPoint 13
  13. 13. Volunteer Work • I have worked numerous hours giving back to the community. Some things I have done on my own and others have been with groups. • Volunteer work I have been involved in: • Helpful Harvest- collecting fresh produce and vegetables for needy families in the area. • Fishing Derby- helping handicapped people on and off boats and with life jackets so they can enjoy a day out on the water. • Reading books to young children once a week at my high school. • Color Run- helped set up and organize materials for the race. • Serving food to homeless in Detroit. 14
  14. 14. Achievements • Dean’s List- Northwood University, 2012-13 Academic School Year. • Northwood University Varsity Women’s Basketball Team • Excel Credit: • Community Involvement- Midland Community Center • Student Organization- Transfer Club • Auto Show- Team Military 15