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  1. 1. Rob Abbey Graphic Design
  2. 2. Ellipsis Magazine | Front cover & contents DPS | 2 days A BIG BREATH Florence and the Machine CAN WE WEATHER THE STORM? David Johnston LUX Dominate and control nature WILLIAM EGGLESTONE Master of colour photography AIR Jean-Benoit Dunckel talks about Air’s new album Spring 2011 UK £7, AUD $15, US $12 20 CEMENT TOWN Report by Hans Loos 24 ONE ON ONE WITH Jon & Annie, Rebecca & Marnie Mic & Jessie, Beci and Shauna 32 A BIG BREATH Florence and the Machine 38 CLOSET TALES Insider secrets on the box 40 TRACKSUITS OF ST MARY’S Scorned, adored, and defiantly immortal 42 THE ENIGMA Interview with photographer William Eggleston 56 ROLLING FLASH Revival of the ultimate four letter stone 60 SOUND AS EVER Two trashbags, four jailbait and one prissy miss 66 MATTIJS Dutch fashion designer Mattijs van Bergen 70 MARTIN GRANT The man who built his own house 74 CAN WE WEATHER THE STORM? by David Johnston 80 DELUGE 82 LUX Photography by Christina Seely 88 IRENE GRISHIN SELZER Concrete Lover 96 THEN by Christopher Ferguson 112 BLUEY by Kristina Soljo 118 HENRY MOORE by Harold David 128 EXIT by Derek Henderson 136 WHITE LIGHT by David Manelberg 152 NIGHT WANDERER by Pierre Toussaint 162 DRAWN by Bec Parsons 170 SON MEDIA by Derek Henderson 182 SECTION 6 by Christopher Ferguson 192 STOCKISTS 193 PERSONALS: WINTER READING Secrets and stories from our favourite people 46 AIR Jean-Benoit Dunckel talks about Air’s new album
  3. 3. British Film Institute | Gangster movie festival | A5 concertina brochure | 2 days Throughout the years, there have been hundreds of “Gangster Movies” that have hit the big screen. Movies about mobsters, drugs, drug lords, bank robbers, grand theft auto, robberies, and heists have had us all at the edge of our seat at one point or another, rooting for the bad guy. How many people, for at least a split second, wanted to be like Tony Montana from Scarface? The action and thrill of it all just gets our blood pumping. Is it the power, the money, the fame, or is it the respect? Regardless of what it is, the following list of movies is sure to put you at the edge of your seat. So get ready to “Say Hello to My Little Friend” because it’s time to enjoy the BFI Gangster Films. BRITISH FILM INSTITUTE (BFI) 21 STEPHEN STREET LONDON, W1T 1LN Tel: +44 (0)20 7255 1444 BFI SOUTHBANK BELVEDERE ROAD SOUTH BANK‚ WATERLOO LONDON, SE1 8XT Box Office: +44 (0)20 7928 3232 Switchboard: +44 (0)20 7928 3535 BFI IMAX 1 CHARLIE CHAPLIN WALK SOUTH BANK WATERLOO LONDON‚ SE1 8XR Box Office: +44 (0)870 787 2525 WHITE HEAT, 1949 Screening Jan 11 @ 6pm BFI IMAX Cody Jarrett is the sadistic leader of a ruthless gang of thieves. Afflicted by terrible headaches and fiercely devoted to his ‘Ma,’ Cody is a volatile, violent, and eccentric leader. Cody’s top henchman wants to lead the gang and attempts to have an ‘accident’ happen to Cody, while he is running the gang from in jail. But Cody is saved by an undercover cop, who thereby befriends him and infiltrates the gang. Finally, the stage is set for Cody’s ultimate betrayal and downfall, during a big heist at a chemical plant. Director Raoul Walsh Writer Ivan Goff Producer Louis F. Edelman Stars James Cagney, Virginia Mayo Edmond O’Brien CARLITO’S WAY, 1993 Screening Jan 12 @ 6pm BFI IMAX Carlito has just gotten out of prison due to technicalities with the help of his sleazy lawyer. After a life spent trafficking heroin he decides not to pursue the life of the streets. He buys into a night club and begins saving money to move to the Bahamas, but his presence as a known player makes it inevitable that he get sucked back into his violent former life. Director Brian De Palma Writer Edwin Torres Producer Martin Bregman Stars Al Pacino, Sean Penn Penelope Ann Miller John Leguizamo SCARFACE, 1983 Screening Jan 13 @ 6pm BFI IMAX Scarface (1983) follows gangster Tony Montana and his close friend Manny Ray from their trip on the Cuban Boat Lift for refugees to their arrival in Miami. After killing a powerful Cuban figure, Montana and company gain the ability to leave their refugee camps and roam around the U.S. After unsuccessfully trying to make it legitamately in the country, Montana and Ray resort to selling cocaine to dealers around the world. Tony’s rise is quick, but as he becomes more powerful, his enemies and his own paranoia begin to plague his empire. Director Brian De Palma Writer Oliver Stone Producer Martin Bregman Stars Al Pacino, Steven Bauer Michelle Pfeiffer Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA, 1984 Screening Jan 14 @ 6pm BFI Southbank Epic, episodic, tale of the lives of a small group of New York City Jewish gangsters spanning over 40 years. Told mostly in flashbacks and flash-forwards, the movie centers on small-time hood David ‘Noodles’ Aaronson and his lifelong partners in crime; Max, Cockeye and Patsy and their friends from growing-up in the rough Jewish neighborhood of New York’s Lower East Side in the 1920s, to the last years of Prohibition in the early 1930s, and then to the late 1960s where an elderly Noodles returns to New York after many years in hiding to look into the past. Director Sergio Leone Writer Harry Grey Producer Claudio Mancini Stars Robert De Niro, James Woods Elizabeth McGovern Joe Pesci, Burt Young LOCK, STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS, 1998 Screening Jan 15 @ 6pm BFI Southbank Four Cockney wide-boys are tricked into owing 500,000 nicker to the local gang-land boss and porn king, ‘Hatchet’ Harry Lonsdale. With the very real threat of finger amputation looming over them the lads come up with a plan to nick the cash from their next-door neighbours: a gang of hardcase drug-dealers… Meanwhile, ‘Hatchet’ ain’t none too pleased when a pair of antique shotguns wot he wants are sold on by a pair of Scouse thieves, to be used in a “job”… The involvement of a conscientious debt-collector, some public school “chemists”, a psychotic hash-baron, a lot of guns and knives, ensures that karma is surrealistically resolved (just!) before the end. Director Guy Ritchie Writer Guy Ritchie Producer Matthew Vaughn Stars Jason Flemyng Dexter Fletcher Nick Moran Jason Statham PULP FICTION, 1994 Screening Jan 16 @ 6pm BFI Southbank Jules and Vincent work as hitmen for crime boss Marcellus Wallace. Wallace is currently dealing with Butch Collidge, a boxer who failed to throw a fight after taking Wallace’s money and is now planning to flee the city, but can’t leave his father’s watch behind. Vincent faces some problems of his own when Wallace asks him to show his wife Mia a good time while he’s away. Some of these people redeem themselves and some don’t, and all meet an end appropriate to their choices. Director Quentin Tarantino Writer Quentin Tarantino Producer Matthew Vaughn Stars John Travolta, Tim Roth Samuel L. Jackson Amanda Plummer Bruce Willis GOODFELLAS, 1990 Screening Jan 19 @ 6pm BFI IMAX The lowly, blue-collar side of New York’s Italian mafia is explored in this crime biopic of wiseguy Henry Hill. As he makes his way from strapping young petty criminal, to big-time thief, to middle-aged cocaine addict and dealer, the film explores in detail the rules and traditions of organized crime. Watching the rise and fall of Hill and his two counterparts, the slick jack-of-all-trades criminal Jimmy Conway and the brutish, intimidating Tommy DeVito, this true story realistically explores the core, blue-collar part of the mob. Director Martin Scorsese Writer Nicholas Pileggi Producer Irwin Winkler Stars Robert De Niro, Ray Liotta Joe Pesci, Lorraine Bracco THE GODFATHER, 1972 Screening Jan 20 @ 6pm BFI Southbank Vito Corleone is the ageing don (head) of the Corleone Mafia Family. His youngest son Michael has returned from WWII just in time to see the wedding of Connie Corleone (Michael’s sister) to Carlo Rizzi. All of Michael’s family is involved with the Mafia, but Michael just wants to live a normal life. Drug dealer Virgil Sollozzo is looking for Mafia Families to offer him protection in exchange for a profit of the drug money. He approaches Don Corleone about it, but, much against the advice of the Don’s lawyer Tom Hagen, the Don is morally against the use of drugs, and turns down the offer. This does not please Sollozzo, who has the Don shot down by some of his hit men. The Don barely survives, which leads his son Michael to begin a violent mob war against Sollozzo and tears the Corleone family apart. Director Martin Scorsese Writer Mario Puzo Producer Matthew Vaughn Stars Marlon Brando, Al Pacino James Caan Richard S. Castellano Robert Duvall
  4. 4. Pfizer Annual Report 2012 | Front cover and DPS | 2 days Chantix Most people who smoke want to quit, and for good reason. Reliable estimates say that smoking-related illnesses kill more than 5 million people around the world each year. At the time of its approval in 2008, Chantix (marketed outside the U.S. as Champix) was the first prescription smoking cessation medicine to be approved in 10 years. A non nicotine-based pharmaceutical, Chantix is proven more effective in helping smokers quit than its leading competitor in the prescription-only market. In the U.S., Pfizer offers the GETQUIT Plan for free with a Chantix prescription. This tailored, 52-week, Web and phone-based behavior modification program helps patients prepare for a ife without cigarettes. It provides ongoing support with a hotline staffed with Mayo Clinic-trained Quit Coaches and daily support during the first 12 weeks to help smokers learn how to trade old smoking routines for new and healthier habits. 10 MILLION - Approximate number of people globally prescribed Chantix since its approval “I started taking Chantix thinking that it wasn’t going to work and that I’d prove my doctor wrong. But I ended up throwing my cigarettes away and I haven’t looked back since.” Stacy Berenbaum, New York 09 10 Pfizer-Wyeth will build a more diversified company The proposed combination of Pfizer and Wyeth addresses one of the largest concerns of Pfizer investors: the expected loss-of-exclusivity for Lipitor in 2011. No single medicine is expected to account for more than 10 percent of the combined company’s sales in 2012. Pfizer Today Total Primary 75% / Total Specialty 17% Capsugel - 2% Infectious Diseases - 4% Oncology - 5% Central Nervous System - 11% Cardiovascular - 27% Other Primary - 31% Combined Company: Projected 2012 Total Primary 55% / Total Specialty 30% Cardiovascular - 5% Inflammation - 6% Animal Health - 6% Other Speciality - 10% Infectious Diseases - 10% Central Nervous System - 11% Other Primary - 35% DOING THINGS DIFFERENTLY Pfizer Annual Review 2012 THINGSNTLY
  5. 5. Restock Property Redevelopment | Branding | 2 days PROPERTY REDEVELOPMENT restock 225 E,Grand Avenue Chicago, IL 60611 Tel: 312 512 1313 Fax: 312 512 1314 PROPERTY REDEVELOPMENT restock 225 E,Grand Avenue Chicago, IL 60611 Tel: 312 512 1313 Fax: 312 512 1314 PROPERTY REDEVELOPMENT restock 225 E,Grand Avenue Chicago, IL 60611 Tel: 312 512 1313 Fax: 312 512 1314 Jerry McCabe Chief Executive
  6. 6. Restock Property Redevelopment | Concertina brochure - 8 pages | 2 days PROPERTY REDEVELOPMENT restock 225 E,Grand Avenue Chicago, IL 60611 Tel: 312 512 1313 Fax: 312 512 1314 Jerry McCabe Chief Executive Our Story Having been based in New York and successfully built a mix of commercial and residential properties in and around the SoHo neighbourhood, Phoenix saw an opportunity to create the same dynamic in Chicago. Here, at Phoenix, we prefer to consider ourselves ‘environmentally responsible’. Location Our headquarters are based in Chicago's River North neighborhood. River North has completely transformed from it's simple beginning as an industrial area and warehouse district. The warehouses closed down in the 1970's, leaving large empty buildings. The area attracted various artists and writers looking for loft and studio space, thus creating a neighborhood that was artistic, but also struggling. Such was the River North neighborhood 30 years ago. Since then, however, it has grown into what is now a chic, cultural hub filled with art galleries, antique stores, boutiques and of course urban professionals. We felt this would be the most fitting environment for restock, as this represents who we are and what we do! “In the beginning there were factories that were not longer working. Yet we thought they were beautiful” What does environmental responsibility actually mean? It means reusing, instead of knocking down and building new. Keeping what’s good and improving what’s not. This uses less energy and leaves less mess than knocking down and building again. A place depends on the community that lives there and the people who work there. We fill the commercial spaces of our buildings with local businesses and independents, because we think they can do something a bit better than your average Mr Mega Coffee Hut. It’s all about creating something that’s lasting. Sustain-ability, you see, the clue is in the word. We don’t do short term. We don’t do cheap and cheerful. We want our places to keep working once the for-sale signs have gone down. It means making sure places can grow. We try to make sure our developments give something back, take less, last longer. We aim to prove that we can do it, and do it now. It just takes a little bit more imagination. All you have to do is move in. Mission Statement We wanted to restock them. We thought that they’d make good places to live, buildings with a bit of soul! We thought that we could make them into amazing homes with a bit of imagination and some top notch architecture. restock embraces a very wide agenda: established as world class architects we produce world class buildings and places; delivering mixed use buildings; marrying the old with the new; and finally and probably most importantly being environmentally responsible. We believe that there’s no conflict in being thoroughly modern and style- conscious while also being socially and environmentally responsible. In fact we think that one should inform the other. We design inspirational spaces, both commercial and residential. We want to create spaces for a new generation to make something worthwhile. Our Services Our expertise extends to every aspect of the real estate development process. We take care of the preparation and production of your entire project, working from your initial brief to take it through every stage to completion. Construction Services • Space planning & optimisation • Interiors specification • Amenity spaces • External facades & key elevations • Landscaping • Show apartments • Sales centers Marketing and Branding Services • Overall marketing plan & campaign structure • Brochure design & other hard print collateral • Press & public relations • Advertising • Hoarding • Website • Launch event “In the beginning there were empty warehouses. Yet we thought they were beautiful” Jerry McCabe is an award-winning architect and developer who served as President of the New York Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. He draws from over 20 years of experience while overseeing the design, bid, contract and construction management of all of his projects. McCabe also directs, administers and coordinates each project from the initial concept plans through conclusion of construction, allowing for maximum attention to critical details, time schedules and budgets. Prior to founding restock, McCabe formed Next Generation with Murray Butler, a 35-person architect firm which superseded McCabe’s first company that he started, Brim Braun Associates, a 20-person firm. McCabe has designed and built for such clients as Centrum Properties, Lexington Homes, Joseph Freed & Co., Fifield Development, Hyatt Hotels, The Shidler Group and Walgreens. McCabe served for several years as the chairman of the Appearance Commission in the Village of Glenview and while working at Harry Weese, McCabe designed the specifications for the Washington, D. C. Subway, Draper and Kramer and the K-Mart Corporation. Testimonials “We always enjoy working with Jerry because he get’s it, he is creative, has a can-do attitude, nothing is ever ‘too much trouble’ and he never fails to exceed our expectations.” Jacqui Moore Group Brand Communications “The condo’s Jerry build for Skyline in New York achieved incredible 15-20% premium prices over the local market, with sales largely complete within a matter of months of their release. We have not observed anything like it before.” David Pollock CEO & MD The Home Group “Studio 10 have enjoyed a very successful relationship with Jerry McCabe. We really value his help in achieving our goals and in particular his innovative creative thinking which transforms what is perceived as a derelict building into something utterly desirable!” Rex Sheehy Marketing Manager Studio 10 PROPERTY REDEVELOPMENT COMPANY OVERVIEW restock 225 E, Grand Avenue Chicago, IL 60611 Tel: 312 512 1313 Fax: 312 512 1314 Track Record
  7. 7. SOURCE Fashion Event | London Fashion Week | Folding brochure | 2 days Home Designed by Tracey Neuls Contact: +44 (0)20 7935 0039¬† Unadulterated creative play is truly only found as a child. For Tracey Neuls and Nicola Yeoman, design is rooted in this emo- tional freedom.¬† Together, the pair have rekindled the innocence explored in their architectural makings as children. An emotive explosion personal to the lives and work of both designers, Home plays with perspective and form. Stockists: Bread and Honey 020 7253 4455, Jezebelle 020 7935 7109, Hoxton Boutique 020 7684 2083 HOME Designed by Tracey Neuls Contact: +44 (0)20 7935 0039 Unadulterated creative play is truly only found as a child. For Tracey Neuls and Nicola Yeoman, design is rooted in this emotional freedom. Together, the pair have rekindled the innocence explored in their architectural makings as children. An emotive explosion personal to the lives and work of both designers, Home plays with perspective and form. Stockists: Bread and Honey: 020 7253 4455 Jezebelle: 020 7935 7109 Hoxton Boutique: 020 7684 2083 ARCHIVE Designed by Christophe Sawhney Contact: +44 (0)20 7834 0124 Spring Projects presents Archive, a exhibition of work by Christophe Sawhney. Archive will showcase Sawhney’s explorations into the body, movement and voyeurism and highlight his fascination with form and process. Stockists: Hub: 020 7254 4494 Santos & Mowen: 020 7836 4365 Start: 020 7739 3636 HOLD THAT THOUGHT Designed by Lee Klabin Contact: +44 (0)20 7613 1111 The hidden desires of femininity are exquisitely expressed through Lee Klabin’s Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection. Explorations in texture and tailoring with inspiration drawn from ‘Reflections From Within’. “Nothing in life is to be feared it is only to be understood”, Marie Curie. Stockists: Beyond The Valley: 020 7437 7338 Comfort and Joy: 020 7359 3898 UNTOLD Designed by Rashmi Shastri Contact: A Pandora’s Box of fashion, jewellery and art bursting at the seams with a colourful array of creative fashion and accessories. Stockists: Beyond The Valley: 020 7437 7338 Bread and Honey: 020 7253 4455 CABINET Designed by Gemma Critchley & Zara Braganca Contact: (+)44 (0)79 6640 1228 Tropical ornithology meets Brigitte Bardot. The designs have botanical undertones, flashes of sun-bleached brights cascade onto faded neutrals - whilst colonial militaria prompt historical references and timeless legends. Stockists: Bread and Honey: 020 7253 4455 KJ’s Laundry: 020 7486 7855 Shoon: 020 7487 3001 LOLA ROSE Designed by Nicola Gerwitz Contact: Inspired by Nikki’s childhood family holidays spent on the shores of the English coast, the collection concentrates on strong motifs such as florals, hearts and beautiful, tactile shapes. Stockists: Jezebelle: 020 7935 7109 Labour of Love: 020 7354 9333 Bread and Honey: 020 7253 4455