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Med332 Britpop


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Med332 Britpop

  1. 1. Britpop #med332
  2. 2. Britpop as: Reac3on against grunge Reac3on against pop Reac3on against electronica
  3. 3. Nirvana – ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ (1991)
  4. 4. ‘If punk was about geIng rid of hippies, then I'm geIng rid of grunge’ Damon Albarn (Blur)
  5. 5. Right Said Fred -­‐ Deeply Dippy (1992)
  6. 6. Take That -­‐ Do What You Like (1992)
  7. 7. 2 Unlimited – ‘No Limits’ (1993)
  8. 8. Won't someone give me a gun? Oh well it's for my brother Well he writes the line wrote down my spine It says "Oh do you believe in love there?" So slow down slow down you're taking me over And so we drown Sir we drown stop taking me over Won't someone give me some fun? (And the skin flies all around us) We kiss in his room to a popular tune Oh real drowners Slow down slow down you're taking me over And so we drown, Sir we drown, Stop taking me over! Suede – ‘The Drowners’ (1992) "[I]f Britpop started anywhere, it was the deluge of acclaim that greeted Suede's first records: all of them audacious, successful and very, very Bri3sh” -­‐ John Harris
  9. 9. Suede – ‘Animal Nitrate’ (1993) Like his dad you know that he's had Animal nitrate in mind Oh in your council home he jumped on your bones now you're taking it 3me aaer 3me oh it turns you on, on, on, now he has gone oh what turns you on, on, on, now your animal's gone? Well he said he'd show you his bed and the delights of his chemical smile so in your broken home he broke all of your bones now you're taking it 3me aaer 3me [Chorus] what does it take to turn you on, on now he has gone? now you're over 21? now your animal's gone? animal, he was animal, an animal
  10. 10. 1993
  11. 11. 1991
  12. 12. Blur – ‘There's No Other Way’ (1991)
  13. 13. 1993
  14. 14. April 1994
  15. 15. Blur – ‘Park Life’ (1994)
  16. 16. Oasis -­‐ Roll With It
  17. 17. Blur -­‐ Country House
  18. 18. Brit Awards (1996) – Oasis win 3 Brits
  19. 19. “I hate that Alex and Damon. I hope they catch Aids and die.”
  20. 20. By rebelling against th[e] gradual dumbing down of a na3on, by openly championing a switched-­‐on, sophis3cated Britpop image [Blur have] defined a new Englishness. It’s an aItude based not on a nostalgic Carry On Mr Kipling Britain, but a Britain that you will recognise as the one you live in. A place where dressing well and having a good haircut maler. -­‐ Jones in Bennel & Stralon, 2010: p42
  21. 21. Brit Awards (1996) – Jarvis vs Jackson
  22. 22. Blur – ‘Song 2’ (1997)
  23. 23. Oasis -­‐ D'You Know What I Mean (1997)
  24. 24. “the term banal na&onalism is introduced to cover the ideological habits which enable the established na3ons of the West to be reproduced. It is argued that these habits are not removed from everyday life, as some observers have supposed. Daily, the na3on is indicated, or ‘flagged’, in the lives of its ci3zenry. Na3onalism, far from being an intermilent mood in established na3ons, is the endemic condi3on." -­‐ Michael Billig, 1995 p.6