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Cocos2D Introduction (Melbourne Cocoaheads 20111013)


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A brief introduction to the Cocos2D game engine for iOS devices covering some of the basic architecture and usage.

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Cocos2D Introduction (Melbourne Cocoaheads 20111013)

  1. 1. Cocos2D: An introductionRob Caporetto (@rob_caporetto)
  2. 2. Caveats
  3. 3. What is Cocos2D?
  4. 4. Getting Up & Running
  5. 5. Installing Visit the Cocos Page & download Run the installer to install the Xcode Templates
  6. 6. Installing Visit the Cocos Page & download Run the installer to install the Xcode Templates
  7. 7. Concepts
  8. 8. Scenes, Layers, NodesScenes Conceptually a View Controller Managed by the CCDirector
  9. 9. Scenes, Layers, NodesLayers Logical Separation of elements in the scene
  10. 10. Scenes, Layers, NodesEverything is a CCNode Sprites, UI Items. Allows for Parent/Child relationships
  11. 11. Input
  12. 12. Touch InputiOS 3 Style Callbacks -ccTouchesBegan:withEvent: -ccTouchesMoved:withEvent: -ccTouchesEnded:withEvent: -ccTouchesCancelled:withEvent:Enable with isTouchEnabled on Layer
  13. 13. Touch InputNo Gesture RecognizersBest to dig up that legacy code…
  14. 14. Accelerometer InputUses existing UIKit callback -accelerometer:didAccelerate:Enabled via isAccelerometerEnabled property
  15. 15. Gyro Input?Not out of box :(BUT, CoreMotion is EASY!
  16. 16. Audio
  17. 17. AudioCocosDenshion Primary Includes SimpleAudioEngine wrapperAlternate is ObjectAL
  18. 18. SimpleAudioEngineObtain SimpleAudioEngine instancePreload, Play or Unlock [audioEngine preloadEffect:filename] [audioEngine playEffect:filename] [audioEngine unloadEffect:filename]
  19. 19. SimpleAudioEngine (cont)Obtain SimpleAudioEngine instancePreload or Play Music [audioEngine preloadBackgroundMusic:filename] [audioEngine playBackgroundMusic:file loop:YES] [audioEngine stopBackgroundMusic:filename]
  20. 20. The Demo Game
  21. 21. Conclusion
  22. 22. Resources (Code)Cocos2D:
  23. 23. Resources (Tools)cfxr: http://www.texturepacker.comGlyphDesigner:
  24. 24. Resources (Books)Learning Cocos2D: Cocos2D Game Development*: