2010 Trends In Recruiting 20100210 Canada (2)


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2010 Trends In Recruiting 20100210 Canada (2)

  1. 1. Agenda Welcome & Introductions Brief LinkedIn Overview Trends in Recruiting LinkedIn Talent Advantage Overview LinkedIn Recruiter Demo Local Recruiters’ Perspectives Q&A Trends in Recruiting & Recruiting Smarter with LinkedIn Breakfast Briefing - March, 2010 LinkedIn’s Mission Social Network’s Personality Profile… Friday & Saturday nights Connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful th d ti d f l Weekends Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm 1
  2. 2. LinkedIn Overview Company Overview LinkedIn is the world’s most LinkedIn Corporation powerful professional network Founded in 2003, HQ: Mountain View, CA Built upon trusted professional relationships & connections Offices in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Business-focused Omaha, London, Amsterdam, Provides P id access t people, to l Mumbai and Sydney jobs & opportunities 500+ employees Helps professionals be more productive LinkedIn Network Statistics LinkedIn Network Statistics (cont’d.) Network Membership & Reach Europe Top 5 Canadian Markets Top 10 Industries on LinkedIn Latin America (by % of members) (by % of members) 23% Over 60 million professionals* 4% 1. Toronto ~2 million members join 1. Information Technology & Services 2. Montreal per month 2. Computer Software 3. Vancouver Roughly 1 new sign-up Asia 3. Financial Services 10% 4. Ontario 4. Telecommunications per second 5. Ottawa 5. 5 Marketing & Advertising 200 countries i Africa 2% 6. Banking Languages: English, Spanish, 7. Accounting French, German Middle East 8. Real Estate 150 industries 1% Top 5 Non-NA Metro Regions 9. Education Management Oceania (by % of members) Members from all five hundred 2% 1. Amsterdam Area, Netherlands 10. Hospital & Health Care Other North America of the Fortune 500 0% 58% 2. London, United Kingdom 3. Brussels Area, Belgium 4. Copenhagen, Denmark 5. Paris Area, France *As of Feb, 2010 | Geo breakout as of 10/2009 As of Oct, 2009 2
  3. 3. How Professionals Use LinkedIn Share Business Knowledge LinkedIn helps you exchange Ask and answer questions knowledge, ideas, and opportunities with your trusted Recommend an expert business contacts. Build Personal Brand Join Groups Strengthen Professional Relationships Exchange information easily Share Business Knowledge Post & Search for Jobs Poll your personal network or the entire LinkedIn network Example of a member’s LinkedIn home page – a customized professional dashboard LinkedIn is fundamentally changing how How well do you know your industry? people succeed in business What is the #1 factor driving the decisions of corporate 1 recruiters to purchase recruiting solutions? Quality of hire produced – 86% of those we surveyed gave it either a 9 or 10 out of 10 in importance.. In what two popular areas do recruiters say that cutting 2 costs is a key long-term industry trend? Oracle’s CFO Lands Post through LinkedIn Profile Traditional job boards and staffing firms. 14% said reducing “Oracle’s executive recruiter staffing firm spend is one of the most essential and long-lasting initially found me on industry trends, while 11% said the same of reducing dependence LinkedIn. I was surprised on job boards. that something as simple as a profile on LinkedIn could Which of the long-term trends we mentioned were 3 lead to such a great recruiters least excited about? opportunity.” - Jeff Epstein, CFO, Oracle Using mobile-phone recruiting and offshoring sourcing were mentioned as a top 3 trend by just 2% of respondents. 3
  4. 4. Highlights from LinkedIn’s recent survey on Over 70% of budgets either flat or down in recruiting trends in Canada 2010 How do you expect your hiring tools and resources budget to change from 2009 to 2010? Online survey conducted in February 2010 In conjunction with the LinkedIn Research Network 34 58 201 respondents, roughly half of which represent SMB companies (<1000 201 100% I don't know I don't know 100% 31-50% employees) the other half Enterprise (>1000 employees) companies more than 51% All respondents: Increase 80 21-30% 31-50% 80 21-30% Either full-time recruiters or HR personnel who spend ti Eith f ll ti it l h d time on recruiting 60 11-20% 60 Work in-house at a company (no 3rd party agencies) 11-20% Stay Have at least moderate input into budget decisions (and 28% are about the 40 40 same decision-makers) 6-10% 20 20 6-10% I don't know Decrease 1-5% 1-5% 0 0 All respondents Budget decrease? Budget increase? Job boards currently #1 source of Passive candidate recruiting a focus for professional hire most organizations – though less than in US To what extent does your organization focus on passive talent? Which of these was the source of at least 15% of your professional hires in 2009? 100% 60% 59% 77% 75 51% 61% Very much so 50 Very much so 40 25 To some To some 31% extent 29% 28% extent 0 20 17% Not much Not much Not at all -25 -23% Not at all -39% -50 0 Job boards Company Employee Internal Internal hires Internet Canada US career referral candidate resume website programs database databases 4
  5. 5. Most people engage in at least some Quality of hire trumps speed for most pipelining activity recruiters To what extent do you keep track of interesting candidates even when you are not actively Which of these is more important to you when filling positions that are typically open? looking to fill a role? 201 Running list of previously 100% 71% interesting candidates Share interesting 80 candidates with colleagues who 52% Taking an extra two g are hiring months to find an List of people not yet 60 excellent candidate contacted who 49% may be suitable for future roles Active dialogue with 40 previously 44% interesting candidates Finding an adequately Don't track 20 candidates when not 8% qualified candidate actively looking to fill role immediately 0 20 40 60 80% 0 All respondents Respondents are nervous that competitors will …and top three trends relate to social crack social media and employer branding networks, branding and passive candidates What do you consider to be the three most essential and long-lasting trends in recruiting? What are you most nervous your competitors might do? 60 54% Invest in their employment brand 47% 44% Learn to use social networking and social media more effectively 42% 41% 40 Build and nurture a strong talent pool 36% 29% 26% 23% Improve their referral program 30% 20 14% 13% Invest in new recruiting tools (ATS, job boards, LinkedIn, etc.) 24% Hire recruiters to strengthen their team 24% 0 Utilizing Upgrading Finding Boosting Training Measuring Reducing Recruiting social and employment better ways referral recruiters and quality of spend on globally hiring professional branding to source programs managers on hire more staffing Prepare hiring managers to help ramp up hiring quickly 21% networks passive 'how to hire consistently firms candidates A-level talent' 5
  6. 6. We also asked about biggest pain points While some are not There are ways to within your control… overcome others! “Having to interview “Looking through useless unqualified people who lied resumes” on their resumes” “Finding great candidates quickly” “Indecisiveness of the executive team” “Quality – NOT quantity” “Getting the hiring “Building a pipeline of managers to be available qualified talent” for interviews!” LinkedIn Talent Advantage Overview LinkedIn Talent Advantage LinkedIn Talent Advantage Enterprise solutions to boost hiring of highly qualified, passive Product Family talent TALENT ACQUISITION Identify & engage Build your  Let the  hard‐to‐find passive  employment  network  talent brand  with  distribute your  precise targeting  i i jobs EMPLOYMENT BRAND Find and engage  Attract the best  Build a highly  Develop your  Position your  the best passive  candidates with  targeted talent  employer brand  company as an  candidates with  precise targeting  pipeline with  on LinkedIn with  employer of choice  unparalleled  and viral  custom InMail® dynamic, viewer‐ to high value  search and  distribution of job  campaigns communication  postings aware content professionals tools 6
  7. 7. LinkedIn Talent Advantage LinkedIn Talent Advantage Product Family- A Holistic Approach to Passive Talent Acquisition and Targeted Product Family- A Holistic Approach to Passive Talent Acquisition and Targeted Employer Branding Employer Branding • Quickly target ideal audience • “Project Folders” for future use/review (shared and private options) • Guaranteed InMail® response Find stronger candidates and save time as you fill positions faster Your faster. • Teaming portal page for team visibility job posting dollars will work harder, with uniquely effective distribution. • Product training to ensure best practices Target the right talent for every job • Integration and monthly Usage reports to track activity • Automated talent matching metrics • Target jobs to the right professionals • Auto-generate a list of strong candidates for the position. • OFCCP Compliance Reporting –standard • Powerful referral hiring LinkedIn Talent Advantage LinkedIn Talent Advantage Product Family- A Holistic Approach to Passive Talent Acquisition and Targeted Product Family- A Holistic Approach to Passive Talent Acquisition and Targeted Employer Branding Employer Branding Build a highly targeted talent pipeline with custom campaigns Develop your employer brand on LinkedIn with LinkedIn Talent Direct helps you reach all candidates most closely dynamic, viewer-aware content matched to your needs, quickly 1 Develop a candidate pipeline •Content dynamically adapts to the viewers, based on their 2 Reach active and passive candidates industry, job function, location, etc. •Recruitment messaging appeals t candidates on a personal R it t i l to did t l • Engage many highly-qualified passive candidates quickly level • Contact thousands of candidates at once with a customized opportunity •Polling invites interaction and engages your candidates immediately • Appears on the prospect’s LinkedIn home page for maximum visibility •Video clips showcase your corporate culture • LinkedIn Talent Direct InMails’ open rates reach up to 44% •Recruiter Profiles and Career Page links spur interested candidates to take action 7
  8. 8. LinkedIn Talent Advantage Product Family- A Holistic Approach to Passive Talent Acquisition and Targeted Employer Branding Agenda Position your company as an employer of choice to high-value professionals. Welcome & Introductions Brief LinkedIn Overview Trends in Recruiting Raise awareness. Get better leads. Land prized LinkedIn Talent Advantage recruits. recruits Overview LinkedIn Recruiter Demo • Unmatched reach Local Recruiters’ Perspectives • Ads can be targeted Q&A • Increase company/brand awareness • A less cluttered ad environment Learn More talent.linkedin.com Our blog: http://talent.linkedin.com/blog Twitter: http://twitter.com/HireOnLinkedIn Q&A 8
  9. 9. Thank you 9